Emma Watson Exposes Naked Truth

E! Online on Emma getting naked on screen. This Morning interview under!

  • jordin

    she has one of the prettiest smiles in the business, britney spears is other artist that has a really gorgeous smile

  • Anonymous

    she was all excited with the questions lol

  • lindsayyy

    theyre retarded..the final harry potter didnt even start filming.. theres two more left.. idiots.

  • sassy_sqooch

    ohoo first! ahahahahahaha

  • Anonymous

    she looks so pretty

  • 101girl


  • kenny

    thanks for the vids oceanup

  • ?


  • Anonymous

    she is the most beautiful girlllll

  • alicia

    emma you are so pretty and i’m so jealous lol! you are an amazing actress too

  • boo

    her accent is amazing

  • sisi

    4 !!

  • Anonymous

    agree no one can compare to her

  • flick


  • Aww shes really nice! Ive seen her a couple of times coz her grandad lives near me! Crazy huh!

  • thebonedance

    That reporter went overboard with the amount of puns and jokes she made. So annoying.

  • Georgi

    “aw, that’s gonna go on my wall.”

    hahaa, she’s so cute :D
    and she is beautiful! snhe’s grown up so much since the first harry potter :D

  • Anonymous

    woooooah she is fine

  • Anonymous

    she’s grown up so much to become a beautiful woman

  • Anonymous

    she looks cute with the rabbit ears

  • Anonymous

    she is so pretty

  • jessica

    hahaha the interviewer was really into the movie and ears hahaha i love emma smile and just liking the crazy ideas of the interviewer

  • selena

    she’s got no boobs! she’s got nothing to look at, and she willing to take her clothes off for an old man,whatever

  • lissie

    emma is gorgeous

    lis xoxo

  • me

    you thik emma look like the princess !!!!
    but welll the little mouse is so cute jajajajaj both cute jajjaja emma never change your friend…

    ps you know who iam jajaja

  • Anonymous

    she is the girl of my dreams

  • Anonymous

    i love her!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    someone is jealous

  • Anonymous

    i love her she rocks

  • hotchick

    Can’t wait to see that movie, and Emma Looks stunning, she is amazing!

  • Anonymous

    shes the girl of my dreams too

  • victoria

    awww she is so cute

    hahaha “mice to meet you” :P

    emma seem like “awww” XD

  • t0pf

    agree that’s a cute little wabbit XD

  • Anonymous

    she is so pretty

  • Irene

    hew quote reminds me of britney’s song “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman.”

  • tine

    she is so pretty i’m so jealous

  • Anonymous

    she is so beautiful

  • Anonymous

    i know me too, plus i love that song, emma rocks, and also britney does

  • Anonymous

    love her

  • matt94

    emma watson i love you

  • Anonymous

    she is really pretty