This Mega Fan Meeting Post is brought to you by Chelsea Staub and her new boyfriend Matt Prokop [More on that later today!] 25+ of your fave people under!

An awesome One is Greater Than None Benefit Concert will be happening soon to help trafficked children in Ghana, Africa. Check their site for details.

Jonas Brothers are hosting a Salvation Army Online Red Kettle Team on their website on Thursday, Dec.11. In addition, the Online Red Kettle is also hosted on the band’s MySpace and Facebook pages.

The three people who join the boys’ team kettle and collect the most donations can each win an official Salvation Army Red Kettle signed by Kevin, Nick, & Joe. Details here.

  • my two boys

    David is so sweet and hot, and Kevin is just too adorable.

  • Anonymous

    they’re so lucky i’ve only met RBD but most of u probably dont know who that is

  • Mileyroxxmysoxx

    Cute :]

  • Luckyy!

    i Wish i Was in THEIR shoes (:

  • Anonymous

    lucky them!!
    ive never met anyone famous >.<

  • Izabella

    I don’t like how Joe has changed, he’s not as hot anymore :( and he’s not as funny anymore :(

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Frankie’s taking after Nick. :p
    he doesn’t look to happy.

  • Demi

    i love all of them (:
    i would love to meet demi selena the jonas brothers+Nicole from the pussycat dolls.

  • amy

    in the first picture ,, actually the one above chealsea,, ummm is joe starring at the girls butt?
    hahha it just looks like but maybe hes just looking at something else, i dont know

  • Anonymous

    i always get the girl from pcd mixed up with kim kardashian :x

  • Anonymous

    nicky’s brows drive me crazy xD!

  • Yvonne

    I see these bitches are too good for Kevin. Looks like they didn’t even want a pic with him, they even have one with Frankie

  • Emily

    good! So I’m not the only one who thinks they look a lot alike! I always get them mixed up too haha

  • anonymous

    me first glance I always think one is the other.

  • Anonymous

    damn frankie hates taking pics with fans he be looking pissed!

  • Anonymous

    the one with nick (a brown jacket)
    looks photoshopped.
    hah frankie looks so happy xD is that braison miley bro?

  • Anonymous

    the first picture with selena….SHE IS SO PRETTYYYYYYY!!!

  • Anonymous

    Godamnn sels gorgeous i miss her long hair :[

  • HeatherLayne

    Awww. Ames and the boys look so cute:]
    Poor Kev:[
    Damn, Braison is so hawt!

  • stephaneff

    Looks like Frankie’s taking after Nick. :p
    he doesn’t look to happy
    thats what i was thinkin.,

    ohh bayybe.


  • JonasDemileySelVanessaZacAshley DISNEY!!!!!!

    hahaah i loveee braison cyrusss

  • Anonymous

    Thomas and David look so HOT. Go Varsity Fanclub! : )

  • Mrs. Edward Cullen

    The only people on Disney that i can actually stand are the Jonas brothers… and sometimes Demi… I like them, idk why their getting so much crap on this site these days… their music is pretty good
    I’ve seen them on Jay leno and Jimmy Kimmel and they were hilarious..
    I think is great their doing this for salvation army, good for them…

  • Paula velasco


  • whhuuuttt

    omg that girl in the blue plaid shirt is gorgeoussssss!


    true dat

  • maddie

    HEY there’s me and mattttt <3 I was trying to make my lips as big as his ahahaha he is SOOO cute!

  • Anonymous


  • Amy

    HEATHER! That be me haha!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Lol! So do I!

  • Carol

    I love that guy! I can’t wait for Sonny with a Chance to premiere!

  • megan

    braison cyrus!
    he is so hot :)
    and my age.
    he used to live like 40 minutes from my house?
    to bad he is out in LA now.
    ilovee him.

  • megan

    i love thomas fiss too :)
    cant wait to go to their concert!

  • nicole

    hey guys add the 1>0 benefit concert on myspace!!!

  • Anonymous

    Dude whoever you are..lucky duckkkk!
    Braison is hottt! =)

  • marissa

    OMFG. kevin behind nick and tht one girl.
    that is fucking priceless ! lmfao. i cant
    stop laughing.

  • Nicole

    :( People need to give Joe a break already.

  • Anonymous

    heyyyyy !
    i know that laura girl.
    shes so lucky. she meets like everyone.

  • Sierra

    I know the girl in the last 2 picsss

  • Yvonne

    Give Joe a break? Its Kevin that is being treated as invisable in these pics

  • lala

    im friends with the girls in one is greater than none!!
    everyone should check out their website, it’s for a great cause

  • lolaaaa<3

    the girl in the 3rd pic, who’s about to give nick a hug is really prettyyy

  • Courtney

    WHERE IS KEVIN??? why dont any these people have pics with Kevin but have them with everyone else??

  • Anonymous

    everyone needs to take a chill pill about joe.
    seriously, everyone started to hate him because of taylor. SO WHAT?!
    seriously, they broke up GET OVER IT.
    stop giving him shit and stop acting like taylor is such a goddess. NO ONES GIVES A CRAP

  • monica

    woah, lucky (:

  • Anonymous

    ‘Sup, Kevin? Your jealousy is showing.

  • Nicole


  • olivivivia

    i always get the girl from pcd mixed up with kim kardashian :x

    – – – – – – – –

    OMG. ME TOO. i can never know the difference xD ahahaha.

  • Yvonne

    STFU! You know I’m not him, so can it

  • Anonymous

    omgoshhh, the jonas concert pics, i was there (:
    eeep. the best. (L)

  • Anonymous

    omg that girl in the blue plaid shirt is gorgeoussssss!