Kristen & Robert LATE NIGHT IN PARIS

Twilight lovers Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson make there way to a photocall in Paris late Monday night before the premiere. Photo: Fame. +7!


  • Alyson

    did she just like smoke more pot or something?
    she looks high

  • den

    yeah… Kristen is beyond gorgeous… all the time. Eh Rob has his moments lol

  • Anonymous

    I love Kristens hair that colour

  • eRRe

    they are gr8 toguether!
    they both are so fucking beautiful!!!
    i love kristen’s personality and i love he is so HOT

  • x

    both so ugly they ruin the movie
    love the books

  • micah

    haha they are so hot together.
    she needs to get a tan :)
    i loove him =P~

  • Kayla.

    uh ohhh
    what does camilla think about this?

    add kristen stewart to the “joe, taylor, camilla, rob” square. that’d be PERFECT.

  • Sel.

    i think they would be cute together,
    but i doubt they are.

    he is gorgeous.

  • taylor

    she has nice legs ! haha
    and he’s mine (:

    back off BITCHES <3

  • Carmen

    I think they did hook up!
    and they should if they haven’t! i know she has a boyfriend and they’ve been together for 2 years or whatever, but hello! It’s Robert Pattinson! He is so God Damn Sexy! And Michael is not that cute, sorry Michael, but you can’t beat a hot British actor with the sexy accent, lol.
    And they are both so gorgeous! they should be together. Rob Pazz is my love and Kristen is one of my favorite actresses, so, they rock!

  • Anonymous

    in the close up her pupils look so dialated.
    lol just saying.

  • megan


  • Anonymous

    hate kristen love rob

  • Aubrey Rainn

    I think that Kirstens legs look fantastic even though they ar SUPER pale!! :)
    i love Rpatzz and all but

  • stefanie

    i dont know if they have.. BUT THEY SHOULD AND NOT only beaseu they have good chemestry and get along very well but BECAUSE THEY JUST LOOK CUTE AND HOT TOGETHER and is pretty obvious the way they looks at each other ..i think there’re some feelings there

  • it’s me.

    I hope yes :)
    they make such a cute couple!
    kristen’s gorgeous and robert is so hot :D

  • Anonymous

    kristen is soo pretty

  • miss_mstc

    kristen is so paaaaale. hahhaa.

  • Anonymous

    she always does x]
    still love her anyways :)

  • Sneha

    Please Robert just take me now… ;]

    ahhh so HOT
    I love twilight…

  • Kristen

    lol what the hell is the director wearing???

  • kirstie

    i doubt they did. she’s been with her boyfriend for two years…so that would be quite a way to ruin that relationship.

  • Anonymous

    they should sooooo get together i think they’d b the cutest couple ever

  • Anonymous

    hey rob! m 22!

  • zel

    hope they can become real lovers…everything about them together looks very perfect. i love them both so much. i thik they are great character actors.

  • :)

    why is kristen s pretty? ITS UNFAIR!!!

  • Halle

    kristen’s legs = sticks.

  • niceeee.

    do they ever comb their hair? haha

  • Twilight!

    Imagine if Kristen and Nikki were hooking up…lol…what kinda qquestion is that oceanup?! :P

    Love kristen’s dress!

  • ArIz

    i think they are soo cute together!!!!

    I hope they hookup

  • Anonymous

    she has a boyfriend
    so i doubt they hooked up
    regardless she is gorgeous
    it depends on the day for robert but in that picture he looks good

  • Anonymous

    he looks so uncomfortable in the 6th pic LOL

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i think theyre both not very attractivee butt i lovee tht movieee

  • Anonymous

    i think she is very pretty and he has his hot moments:P but can’t sing and should stop trying!!
    however, i lvoe him regardless

  • JonasDemileySelVanessaZacAshley DISNEY!!!!!!

    love the books
    and the movie
    watching it now on
    hahaha not trying to advertise the site loll

  • Linda-Chan

    Love them together :)


    Wtf is up with Kirstens legs.. they have no shape! EAT WOMAN lol

    Shes a very pretty girl, R-Patz must have bangd her

  • catherine

    theyre both ridiculously good looking. kristen captivates me. she’s is totally my favourite actress ever.

  • Lindz-Chan

    I love them together :)

  • Anonymous

    Robert is beyond gorgeous and kristens dress is killer!

  • Kristen

    i love her dress.
    and he looks great as always.

    but why the poll?
    who cares if they hooked up?

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    What did he see in her?