Lucas Till & Meaghan Jette Do HOUSE


Lucas Till, Meaghan Jette Martin and Taylor Dooley starred on last night’s House episode ‘Joy To The World’. They played mean private school kids.
Did YOU watch it? A couple caps under. Thx Cath!

  • Melissa

    Lucas is so hot! And a great actor too! Miley was sooooooooooo dumb to have dumped him for that older guy Justin! Lucas is more her age and just seems so sweet. I remember those pictures of them on the beach in Malibu from filming the Hannah Montana Movie this past summer. Wow!

  • dbag

    that was a great episode.

    a lot of ” WHATS” and “OMGS”


  • lesha

    ha love House.

  • Anon

    God, it made me want to kill myself seeing a Disney bitch on one of my favorite shows…that girl cannot act and cannot sing…

  • http://amanda Amanda

    ahhh lucas till is my obesssionnn ;)

  • me

    i watched some of it. i saw lucas till, but i didn’t know it was him, i think he’s hot.

    don’t they play friends of that fat girl that was an alcoholic????

  • thebonedance

    Haha I watched it. House is easily one of the best shows airing at the moment, so I’m sure Lucas and Meaghan were glad to be in last night’s episode.

  • Anonymous


  • Maddie

    i LOVE house. SO much. it makes disney look like shit. favorite show ever.

    meaghan looked super cute, but she played a complete bitch who gave shrooms to the fat girl… and lucas knocked the fat girl up.

    nice, disney, nice.

  • am

    then close your eyes. i swear some of you people have no respect for those disney stars, you know some of them aren’t overated and stupid like miley cyrus or vanessa hudgens. meaghan isn’t disney bitch.

  • Anonymous

    miley nor vanessa r stupid….geebus
    ps. wowzaa they both are seriously attractive!

  • ilili

    meaghan was a bitch in that episode lolsz
    but i still love her

  • Anonymous

    love them both!

  • Anonymous

    i saw it! it was so good!

  • Anonymous

    im his type ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Danielle

    omg! i thought it was her! such a funny episode :)
    well done meaghan

  • melissa

    oh that’s cool
    i know lucas till,
    he & my big brother are friends,
    they went to highschool together and i now attend his highschool.

    i don’t care if you don’t believe me, lol,
    but he is a pretty rad person

  • Anonymous

    loooove lucas till :)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    hes so fine! i wish miley kept him

  • Anonymous

    omfg, i was watching house last night && i was “omggggggg omggggg OMG!! isnt that lucas tilllll?!!?” lmao.

  • Kate

    THAT WAS LUCAS TIL?! Had no idea! He was so dang hot in it. Was about to go look up who played Simon for last night episode.

  • Anonymous

    awww i didnt see meaghan =/ i love her

  • anonymous

    OMG i watched it! it was soooo good last night i love house!!
    i screamed when i saw lucas and meaghan! and omg taylor dooley was the one who played lavagirl in sharkboy and lavagirl! woah! she has grown up a lot and its hard to recongnize her without her pink hair!

  • Honestlyyyyy

    I saw itttttt. House is so awesome. He’s my fave grinch. :P

  • Anonymous

    ha i thought that was meaghan jette martin. but i didn’t know that was lucas till, i agree with kate he was super hot!!

  • Anonymous

    i looooove house

  • Anonymous

    omg seriously i love housee is incrediblee

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    That was an AMAZING episode.
    BK Cannon (the one Lucas Till “impregnated” on the show) was AMAZING!
    She graduated with me(:
    She also filmed some of Flight 29 Down when we still went to HS (which was just this year) in Honolulu.

  • madison

    omg i lous House that episode was soo good!

  • JhrPlm

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