Chelsea Staub dished on her May-debuting Disney Channel series JONAS: ‘We’re shooting our 10th episode already. It’s just flying by. I can’t believe we’re this far along. It’s been a roller coaster, at least for me. When I first found out I was going to do the show, it was before the guys were on the cover of Rolling Stone, before the Burnin’ Up tour.

The next year, these down-to-earth guys had become huge. They were everywhere, on the cover of every magazine. Between that and being delayed by the writers’ strike, and the fact the show went through a major storyline change with the idea of them as spies being dropped, well.. we’re here, and it’s finally happening, it’s really nice. We’re just continuing to work and hope for the best.’ On her recent trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina to visit friends: ‘I met the kids I was going to visit at the Disney Channel Games. They all film a TV show that’s seen in Argentina and lots of other countries, Mexico, Brazil..’Chels visited the studio where her Argentinian friends shot their show,
and found to be very different from the ‘quiet JONAS set': ‘It was loud. Cell phones go off. Cameramen are
part of the show. And they get everything in one or two takes. That, to
me, was incredible. I did a guest cameo on their show.

walked in, and they said, ‘Oh, you should be in this shot.’ It could
never happen like that here. It was like a theater company with one big
hair and makeup table , no ‘I’ll be in my trailer.’ Chelsea
and her girlfriends also just booked a New Year’s trip to Paris.

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    hmm is her in that picture???? cuz i dont think so :s

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    why are you using her pam anderson halloween photo for this story oceanup?

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    I love her go chlsea! Ps I love demi she’s not a cutter

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    she is a cutter, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t love her. people who hurt themselves need more love than mentally sound people.

    back to the topic, i think that i liked the spies idea better. this just seems like hannah montana: now with y chromosomes!

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    Why is the JONAS set quiet? Do they not get along?

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    Perez posted to confirm that Demi isnt a cutter Guyss

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    omg! i live in paris, shes going to paris for new years and im going to NY! too bad :(

  • Hannais

    omg! i live in paris, shes going to paris for new years and im going to NY! too bad :(

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    am i the only one who is annoyed to death by her?

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