Emma Watson On Potter & Despereaux

Emma Watson
, looking super cute, talks about holiday flick ‘The Tale of Despereaux‘ and ‘excitement’ for ‘Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince’.

  • Anonymous

    i love her

  • KamSopSkarp

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  • Debbie Is A Tokio Fan

    Aww I love emma! Shes soo sweet!


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  • ashleeeee

    she is so sweet, i love her

  • aly likes dan

    She looks really cute, I love her.

  • devin cooper

    you got that right oceanup she is looking super cute

  • aww hahaha…

    she wanted to be an actress, princess and fairy. “If they do a remake, I’ll be Tinker Bell.”

    she looks like tinkerbell lmaoo how ironic

  • mandy

    i love her, she is so adorable

  • Julia

    thanks for posting, i love Emma, so appreciate that you post more about her

  • joe

    Emma is an incredible actress, and I love her accent

  • joe

    I agree thanks for posting, and I love her too.

  • alexander

    she is a gorgeous lady, and really stylish

  • vik

    i know i love her accent to and i’m an aussie

  • William

    I’m from the UK and I love her, she is amazing, not like some other British actress that are big time bitches, I’ve met Emma twice and she is really sweet and nice.

  • Anonymous

    haha awwwwh i love her so much
    who in their right mind IS NOT jealous?<3

  • amanda

    i am jealous, she is amazing, and really gorgeous

  • mac&cheese

    i love her!!!!!

  • amelia

    i’m from the UK too, and i love her too, she is really cute and pretty and i’ve met her once, and she was like super nice and super cute

  • JLuan

    shes mine!
    XD, cant wait til the next hp movie comes out…i wanted the “christmassy feeling” i had last year!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i love emma watson

    i love emma

  • Anonymous

    i love her

  • dfgfdf

    i wanted the “christmassy feeling” too, but the good thing is that she is in the tale of desperaux, i can’t wait to see it

  • Anonymous

    emma watson is a fine lady

  • Anonymous

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  • alex

    she makes my heart melt

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