TEAM JONAS CA Hollywood Palladium

Team Jonas California

interviews with fans documentary style with a special celebrity encounter and front row footage inside the Hollywood Palladium.

  • Anonymous

    why OH whyyyy can’t they come to hawaii :[

  • jury

    i got there like around 2 am on sunday… there was alot of people already there :( but i still got my way up to like 3rd row inbetween nick n joe :)

  • Anonymous

    we didnt cut, we were simply lost from our group. that huge mob was a joke. Official Team Jonas California are our friends and we got in line with them. im sorrrry :)

  • Sammy

    its pretty sad that they were in the front row and thats all the closer they were to the jonas brothers i mean come on if they realy liked their fans they would let them be a little closer then that its not like we want to kill them

  • delani

    I was there!
    front row baby

  • Anonymous

    omg this video is so stupid

  • Sonia

    joe is so amazing~!!!

  • tc

    sammmy- i was there too. front row center. and was mad about how far we still were from them. i met honor society (the opening band) after demis show and we talked about how far the stage was. and they said they hated it and so did the jonas brothers- they wanted it to be an intimate concert, but security at the palladium said that barracade had to be there.. it wasnt jb’s fault at all- it was the palladiums.

  • Anonymous

    I always see that guy comment their myspace, he seems so nice.

  • alejandra


  • alejandra

    first!! yay

  • Yvonne

    DAMN KEVIN@4:25 and 4:38! He has one fine ass!

  • Anonymous

    that guy was gay lmaooooooooooooooo

  • allie

    this is an amazing video!!(:

  • Kel

    omg all you guys waited that long to see them :-o

    it is so not like that in the uk

    i got to stand in the front row and met them afterwards and i only got to the venue like an hour before the concert

    wow americans are really dedicated :-)

    nothing like that happens here :-(

  • Lilyy

    Aww i lovee them

  • Anonymous

    eww stupid jonas fans!

  • Georgi

    I love them singing Close the book,
    it’s amazing:]

  • Georgi

    yeah, same :]
    i think it’s just because they aren’t extremely big here,
    they are getting bigger though,
    I keep seeing their faces on magazines :D

  • Mrs. Edward Cullen

    It was the security who set that up..
    JB and the other performers dont have much control over that…

    Anyways great video :)
    Go Jonas!


    very good video! well done.
    can’t believe you guys made it in disneyland! very awesome.. over 3000 people waited for wristbands (only 300 would be given out) and front row at the Palladium? awesome.. i was in the front where kevin was.

  • Anthon

    awh definition of pathetic

  • Anonymous

    wow, thats dedication.
    stuff like that doesnt happen in the UK.
    the longest ive waited is 4 hours for a signing!
    and i got front row for one of the shows and i turned up about 30 minutes before the show started.
    its not as mad here, everythings more chill, cos they’re not as big over here.

  • anonymous

    DAMN KEVIN@4:25 and 4:38! He has one fine ass!
    LOL!!!yeah he does.

  • Anonymous

    Look for Steven Morales in that video :)
    He is at 2:30

  • Mikayla(:

    OMFG those are alllll the girls that cut in front if me they girl whose talking saying it whatever time it as at downtown disney she cut in front of me in the big mob! now im pissed i talked to them whatevr being nice and ugh ugh ugh ugh !!! whatever

  • dani :D

    Now I’m totally convinced that I am so moving to the UK… But I would seirously do anything for them boys. Even if that means days… Unfortunatly I have never met them. They dont come near my area often. And when they do, the whole world knows. Haha no, but the closest place they come in NYC and that 2+ hours away. And it’s always mobbed there.

  • dani :D

    kevin has it going on, no doput.

  • dani :D

    Ewwwww stupid Jonas hater!
    Fuck you.

  • chay

    wow! stupid haters! way to be scared of say your name hahaha lame!

    anyways really great video!

  • Anonymous

    i love jonas!!!!!