Alyson Stoner Dancing In The Moonlight

Preview of Alyson Stoner‘s new music video for the upcoming
movie Space Buddies. Good job Stoner! Thanks ebbs172.

  • joez baybie! <3

    oohg i cant wait to see da rest its soo cute

  • aly

    Her dancing is amazing…

    she distroyed the song and cant sing.

    so she should stick to dancing and acting.

  • Monica

    Is that her voice? If it is, it’s pretty good.

  • rachel

    its cool cuz she actually knows how to dance. so its not just like her signing to a camera. the songs ok though.. but she looks pretty :)


    snakes are sexy

  • Anonymous

    Alyson is an amazing dancer but i don’t really like her voice… maybe she’ll prove me wrong.

  • Lateef

    I like this song she can
    Sing and Dance

    This song is Pretty Catchy

    Go Allison.

  • Anonymous

    I like her voice but I don’t love it. Her dancing makes up for it though. She seems like shewould be actually enjoyable to see live unlike Selena(not dissing her just saying).

  • Anonymous

    She is such a good dancer!

  • Anonymous

    not baaadd i like her voice and her dancing is awesome acutally both her singing and dancing is rockin! gooo alyson she rocks! if take a look on your right, well alysons left that’s the choragpher from camp rock! awesome!!

  • Anonymous

    how come everyone thinks that they can sing?

  • Anonymous

    i fisrt thouut eww…. why would i want to hear alyson stoner sing.

    but when i saw i was like wow!!! not too shabby!
    and the beat was catchy.

  • Anonymous

    her dancing is really cheesey..

    I perfer demi’s twitchy dancing over this rubbish

  • Jm

    she is an amazing dancer
    i am pretty sure she has been in an Emeinem (no idea how to spell it) and Missy Elliott Elliott music video
    for her dancing.

  • Prospekts March

    Hahah, this girl is just a joke.

  • Arielle

    Alyson Stoner is amazing. Seriously. If you heard her sing when she was younger
    (9 or 10), you can definitely hear a HUGE improvement in the quality and tone of
    her voice. And, unlike many other teen stars that are beginning to sing and record
    songs and cd’s- she truly is a triple threat and can incorporate all of her talents
    into her performaces since she (obviously) is an amazing dancer and skilled actress.
    She has grown, and will continue to do so as she gets older, and I personally am very
    excited to see where her career takes her. She’s been in the game for a long time,
    and she’s finally starting to get the credit she deserves. You go Alyson!

  • Anonymous

    I hate how every disney star has
    to come out with a song or album…


    song ruined
    orginal version is by toploader
    they would go and fluff up everything

  • Anonymous

    how come everyone thinks that they can sing?
    lmao thats how disney works

  • typical

    i love her dance moves.
    she’s got such incredible talent.
    and her voice sounds so good!

    i’m jealous she got to star with channing tatum in step u, haha.

  • Linda

    Alyson is a good girl, i like her, but i liked the real version of the song more.

  • lalalalala


  • Anonymous

    everybody disney star can sing now smh um i miss the old aly she used 2 be in missy elliots videos in stuff she went pop teeny bopper pop lmaoo ahhh this is wack

  • Anonymous

    i did this song for a dance show in October(:
    i likes the original song better; but this one is alright

  • Georgi

    it’s a ’90’s song,
    but she did a good job.[:

  • Anonymous

    why does every disney star have
    to sing , and have an album comming out!

  • Anonymous

    this is wack….she was better when she was the “littlwith pig tails in the missy elliott videos” now, she’s trying hard to be something she’s not. she’s not a pop princess, she’s a hip hop dancer!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    space buddies?
    sounds like a soft core porno. haahahaahah

    great job stoner.


  • Anonymous

    Shes more talented dan selena!! go alyson!!
    SELENA SUX(nicks)DICK!!!!

  • DemiOwnsMiley

    her dancing is great,
    but she shouldn’t have remade this song.
    the original is a lot better.

  • Mara

    Jordan Pruitts twin!!! LOL

  • mebesol

    I think alyson would be enjoyable to watch on stage. She’s really entertaining and she obviously has good stage presence because she’s a really good dancer. Her voice is so-so. Very Disney star it will do. But future wise? i see this “singing” thing she’s doing to last 2 more years max, then she’s gonna just stick to dancing…which she should do.

  • Demeh Fan!!


  • ontheDL

    I’m diggin the dance routine… but the OG is where it’s at. Haha.

  • Anonymous

    I say,

    leave the singing on Disney to DEMI AND MILEY.

    All others are ok, but not singer material. They should just stick to what they do best.

  • alyson’s lover

    i loooooove video,and i think you’re sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty.