Fred From YouTube Homecoming Date

Fred Aka Lucas Cruikshank posing with his Homecoming date.

  • Lexi


    umm who is this?
    Go to youtube & type in fred looses his meds;
    & then you’ll find out who he is(:

    &+Awhh Lucasss(:
    he looks just like this guy in my
    6th period names donald;

  • D

    bahahah i heart fred :)

  • Anonymous


    umm who is this?


    He owns… it’s like a comedy show.
    But his real name isn’t Fred, it’s Lucas Cruikshank.

  • sarah

    he’s so cute; even though his show is kinda freaky(:

  • yes

    thats cute but im sure he’d like his private life to be kept, oh i dunno, PRIVATE? just i thought…
    anyways, i love him.

  • Zoe

    I agree 100%
    his show sucksss
    he DOES NOT deserve the game

  • <333


  • Anonymous


  • katiee

    psh. yall r just jealous he got famous from youtube fags!
    he is the flippin BOMBB. i bet thats judyy (the girl
    he always talks bout!) lol jkkk

    i LOVE U FREDD!!

  • Christina

    uhm.. the people that are saying that he doesn’t deserve to be on here are stupid. He is the #1 most subscribed user on youtube, and has held the spot for more than 2 months. That’s just people with youtube accounts! What about the hundreds of thousands of people who watch him without having to subscribe?

  • rosemary cynthia

    im not mean or anything but he looks gay

  • FredIsHot

    Lucas is so hot! I saw him on ICarly and i screamed. Thats supposed to be me! LoL! JustKidding! Still, hes hot.Post 123Fred if you think Lucas is smokin hot.

  • rileyy.

    lucas looks cute (:
    fred and his date scares me o_O

  • Anonymous

    gee, random much? lol

  • Shania

    His date’ teeth made my eyes bleed.


    That girl is Judy.. lol just joking.
    Love his youtube vids,
    but i think he might be gay? (not saying that as an insult, hes a great guy, i just think he might be gay.)

  • katee.

    i love her dress. it’s so pretty.

  • Fredsgf

    okay so Imma issue a challenge to you make a video and make one as popular and as subscribed to as Fred and then you can make that assumption

  • ashley

    OCEANUP, thats his SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • blajsdlfkjdwkls

    he completely deserves to be on here.
    hes from youtube.
    i love lucas/fred. =)
    hes so cute.

  • Anonymous


  • L

    why would you post this?? why does he deserve to be on this site? CORRECTION: he doesn’t. what a waste of a post.



    who is this kid?

  • Sam

    wait, hes not gay?

  • Anonymous

    aww how cute i love him <3

  • Anonymous


  • Cristina

    It’s so weird, they both look so normal here. Well I guess its not that weird
    because they are normal but still.

    Anyways, that is a really cute picture!

  • deanna

    haha cute couple…..jaykay

  • yasmine

    haha , i love lucas/fred
    his show is hilarious x’D
    JUDYYYYYY x’D where is fat kevin ?

  • gloriaaaaaaaaaaaa[:

    whos he O_O

  • ,,.

    i thought he was gay

  • Amber

    Fred from Youtube is AMAZING! =]

    He looks adorable.

  • Anonymous

    september 09 and you post this now….lateeeeeee

  • Anonymous

    why would you post this?? why does he deserve to be on this site? CORRECTION: he doesn’t. what a waste of a post.


    “Fred” is getting really famous.
    He’s starring on an upcoming episode of iCarly.

  • natt

    Fred is hillarious!
    I love him!

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE FRED.<3

  • asdfdf

    “im not mean or anything but he looks gay”

    Yet he’s on a date with a girl?

  • E.

    actually, he is pretty cute

  • shakira

    oh my garnet!lol did u know that miranda cosgrove said that he was gonna guest star on icarly?

  • UM

    ewww blah who cares gay faggot

  • karina


  • Anonymous

    >.< cutie.

  • Anonymous

    Aw cute!!!! my friend met Fred. I was so jelous.

  • Mariah

    Fred is awesome

  • nick

    fred is so gay, he doesn’t deserve shit.

    i can make a bunch of videos talking with a high voice and being annoying, he is nothing special

  • Ale

    He’s super cute,
    and shes beautiful.
    Thats so cute!

  • Erin

    He loves me, I know he loves me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • zanessa rox

    omg i think fred is kind of hott! haha lol1 go fred love his shows si funny!

  • elle

    he lives near me.Well like 30 miles away.

  • moo face rebellion

    hes so cute<3
    i want him.

    not a waste of post

  • moo face rebellion

    hes so cute<3
    i want him.

    not a waste of post

  • Courtney (fred fan)

    123Fred 123Fred he is soooo cute me and my friend had a fight over him
    and i won plus i belive that grl is his big sister uh duh!

  • Mimmy

    cool i want to hear his real voice

  • ali

    how cute.

  • Lindsay

    ahhh you wouldnt expect that! lol cute =]

  • fgd

    super cute :]

  • Anonymous


    umm who is this?

  • ilovenick


  • fred

    thats me

  • Anthony

    Of course he deserves it he is the MOSt subscribed person on youtube. He has more subscribers then the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus. He makes tons of money, he’s super famous on the online world.

    Just because it’s not the fucking fag jonas brothers doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve it.

  • sdafsd


    who cares?

  • Anonymous


  • tiffany

    why would you post this?? why does he deserve to be on this site? CORRECTION: he doesn’t. what a waste of a post.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Ladeeda

    He’s 15…wouldn’t he be a sophomore?
    So he wouldn’t even be at Junior Prom. I’m confused. 0_0 unless his date is a junior…which I guess would explain the height difference lol.

  • salsa

    i love her dress!

  • jff

    HE IS SO CUTE! I don’t think you wasted this. awww <33

  • maddie

    if you can READ, it says fred with his HOMECOMING date…not prom. hahaha.

  • Ladeeda

    Oops NVM. I wasn’t being smart…
    I just realized it’s homecoming, not prom. Duh.

  • well

    this made myy day

  • Anonymous


  • fred loverrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Fred i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve you o much please go out with me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

  • clonahi

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