Secret Life of an American Teenager star Shailene Woodley was diagnosed with scoliosis [A severe curvation of the spine] at age 15. She told Us Weekly:

‘It was like wearing a tacky, disgusting, plastic corset for 18 hours a day. In the beginning, it was hard to eat or breathe. And I had to give up cross country running. But I needed to have it on to realign my spine.

Why didn’t viewers ever see it on screen? ‘I took it off for filming. My character, Amy, is pregnant, and I couldn’t fit a prosthetic belly over the brace. But usually it wasn’t for more than five or sex hours at a stretch, more than doable.’

  • Me`

    and that suxs

  • prettyxfamous

    She’ll be alright as long as she keeps her posture up. I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 13, now I’m 15, and I didn’t surgery, have to wear a brace, and I’m still fine. :)

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  • kelsey

    she’s gorgeous, btw

  • Anonymous

    aw :(

    my third grade teacher had that, and she was in a mobile scooter thing.

  • abby

    my best friend had it to.
    she just wore the brace under all her clothes.
    shes okay :]

  • jazmyn.

    five or sex hours haha XD

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  • Anonymous

    sex? or six?

  • Anonymous

    aww thats sad! I hope she fully recovers…

  • Anonymous

    my best friend has it :( it sucks.
    but, she’ll be okay!

  • Mandy

    I have it to. That and’s no fun

  • Anonymous

    I have the same thing! my collet Too! For me is kinda cool because,It doesnt make me difference.
    I have to spleep with it too

  • Anonymous

    she is super gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    I have it too.
    I have to wear a brace 20 hours a day.
    Hopefully in January I will only have to wear it when
    I go to bed. I’m hoping (:

  • seven

    i have to wear a brace too :( its pure agony! :( :( :( i hate my life sometimes bcuz of it! its so inconvenient! ugh. but im so glad i know sum1 else who is dealing with it too! my official role model!


    five or SEX hours?!??!?!? nice job oceanup

  • karen

    i’m 14 and i’ve worn it since i was 12

  • jessica freeman


    I really enjoyed reading your Blog. Recently I have been diagnosed with scoliosis, so I spend most of my free time researching and trying to find information on the internet. In my search I found and they have introduced me to the world of SpineCor.. a flexible soft scoliosis brace.. I was so relief that I did not have to wear the hard rigid braces and I wear SpineCor under my clothes and no one even knows I have it on.. anyways, I look forward to all the updates. Thanks again,


  • Anonymous

    Um….. you wrote sex instead of six lol Maybe you should fix that….

  • kelly

    I had to wear one too. One at night and one during the day. But i’m done now thank gosh

  • Anonymous

    wow its really inspiring for me that she has to go through the same thiing as me and she is still able to do acting and everything. i was diagnosed with scoliosis 3yrs ago. i had to wear a brace for 20hours a day. i personally found really hard to accept it and wear it. then i still had to have surgery. i had spinal fusion last year, im still recovering from it in a way. i have some nerve problems and i still get pain, but in the end i will be fine

  • Rachel


  • Anonymous

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  • nikki

    I had the surgery about 4 months ago!
    im 16 now and i had to have it cos i had severe scoliosis and people usually have it like 50 degrees
    or something but mine was 90+ degrees so it was
    pretty bad but im alot better now its not perfect
    but i feel more self confident.
    i never wore a brace and i found out i got it when i
    was about ten but im fine now!
    good luck to every one who has it!


  • Anonymous

    Tall people has scoliosis or girls that are going to be tall by 18 years old. thats why most model has that.

  • at least…

    at least she doesn’t have to have surgery.
    i had to have 2 of them because mine was so severe. out of school for 4 months… god, it was hell. i’m so glad i’m back.

  • Anonymous

    I have scoliosis. The doctor said that it mine isn’t that severe. I dance and I’ve danced for 10 years. I can do a back bend and a front flip. I don’t want to quit dancing because it is my life. All I can say is don’t give up.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for post :)


  • nikki

    Tall people has scoliosis or girls that are going to be tall by 18 years old. thats why most model has that.

  • Nazeefa

    she’s so nice and pretty! =D

  • nikki

    btw surgery wasnt that bad n careful what you look at
    on the internet because it can reeli scare you n just
    freak you out lol


  • Anonymous fighter

    To everyone with scoliosis,
    Don’t worry, it is not the end of the world. On August 25, 2006, I was diagnosed with scoliosis. I have an “S” curve and I had to wear a Boston Brace from October 31, 2006 to August 20, 2008. I wore it for a while at school then slowly started ignoring my back. That was a massive mistake that I made. If I could go back in time, I would wear it as much as possible. I know the things you think. For instance, when you hug someone, do you feel like they feel a big bump on your back? I did and now when I think back at that, it’s kind of ridiculous because if people judge you for something that’s not your fault and your decision to have, then you’ll just have to be the bigger person and forget about them. Don’t have people bring you down. Have confidence in yourself to be wonderful in life because you will be if you just have faith. I’m a Freshman in high school, trying to survive this crazy thing you call life and I’m going great and feeling great. All you need is 3 simple things; 1. An awesome group of friends, the kind of people who will be there for you in good and bad times. 2. A supportive family, they need to be the mechanical pencil to your notebook paper. 3. Just be stable and positive, when you want to break down, don’t. Write your emotions down and let it all out.

    Appropiate quote from my favorite television show, One Tree Hill:
    There comes a time when every life goes off course. In this desperate moment you must choose your direction. Will you fight to stay on the path while others tell you who you are? Or will you label yourself? Will you be honored by your choice? Or will you embrace your new path? Each morning you choose to move forward or to simply give up.

    Anonymous fighter

  • Shae

    you spelled 6 wrong

    and congrats to her on getting her brace removed(:

  • Natalie

    i have the same thing and i had to were it since 4 grade and i am in 6 grade now and i still have to were but i have fun with i also have straps on it to keep my posture stright

  • Lenieexo

    Awww Im so proud/happyyy for her =]

    she is amazinggg

  • anonymous

    i had my spinal fusion in 8th grade, and now im in 12th. its weird, im always like aware of my back. it doesnt always hurt. i just can always like. feel it. and i have nerve damage, so my left side is always numb. scoliosis sucks man. i knew i had a connection to her. and im not preggo so it wasnt that. it was scoliosis!

    btw the surgery is the worst pain in the world. they say it takes a year to heal. but i was playing in the championship bball game 3 montsh later. of course i was sick for a few days after but it was worth it. :)

    scoli sisters for life!

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry to correct you but you are somewhat wrong. There are varring degrees of scoliosis. I’m sure the degree she has isn’t that bad. As for me I’ve been living with deformation for 16 years now and the older I get the more pain I’m in. As a matter of fact I’m scheduled for an 8 hour corrective surgery in May where a highly specialized surgeon will place screw and rods bown both sides of my spine to straighten me out. I’m at a 40 degree curve and there are peolpe put there way worse than me. I couldn’t imagine, with how difficult it makes my life. Some forms of scoliosis are not serious, I agree, some people have it and don’t even know it. But for others it is life altering.

  • Anonymous

    i have scoliosis! i was 8 when they found it i had to wear a back brace till i was 13 ALL the time! well the brace really didnt work for me cause i had to have surgery when i was 13 now im 17 and im fine!and my spine it almost perfect!

  • erin

    ha anyone notice that they put sex instead of six

    i have it too and it sucks
    you have to get ct scans and stuff like that

  • Emma

    Yeah I started getting scoliosis two years ago and I’m 16 now but I wouldnt call scoliosis severe. It really doesn’t effect your life in anyway unless your an intense athlete so its not a big deal that she has it!

  • Anonymous

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  • aw

    My friend had to get a brace when she was around 12 and wore it for a year or two.

  • nessa

    I have to wear a brace and I’m 13. I’m happy for her! Can’t wait until I get mine off. Mine is soooo different from hers though!!!!

  • haha

    aww, she’s such a strong person and i feel so sorry for anyone who has any kind of disorder…I adore Shaielen AND HER SHOW

  • Anonymous

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  • ************

    wow, this is actually inspiring. i had to go through the same
    thing and its a nice change to see that she is coping with it
    well. back braces can be a real pain, and in convenience, but
    she is dealing with it so well. go Shaielene!

  • Anonymous

    I had to wear a brace for two years. I stoped wearing i
    it right before high school. I think its really nice to see someone else who had what i had

  • hayley

    awww :(
    hope she gets better, and also that goes to everyone :)

  • Jayden:)

    Heyy! um ok i have scoli. too :p ya i gotta wack back!i found out i had it wen i was like 10.. n it was only like 11 degrees . but now im 13 and my curve is 22. n i just got my spincor brace like a month ago. it took me a few weeks to except the fact that i need to wear a brace n i wouldnt say i like it.. but you now you just gotta get over it n not let it take over your life! you gotta be thankful that its something fixable because it could be alot worse. i can still do dance n everythin. n the only problem id had with it so far is just having to get a new wordrobe. but thats not to bad! but i was really disapointed that i dont get to wear tank tops anymore:( but ya its GREAT to know that she had it and stil accomplished her dreams :) so ya :) its NOT the end of the world! n this is REALLY longg.

  • *-*

    i would call it severe. it changed my life so much. try having surgery. its the worst thing you will ever go through. i am still recovering from my surgery last january. i got so sick from it. now im still not aloud to do much. everytime my friends want to do something like ice scating i cant i just sit there and watch them have fun. dancing is a big thing in my life and now i cant dance anymore. i cant bend. and i get the worst pain.

  • o_o

    to all you brace wearers–
    wear your brace as much as you can!!! i know it is anoying and you are going to want to burn it sometimes but you dont want to have a spinal fusion. its horrible. the worst pains you will ever go through! but if you are planing a surgery its okay because you will get throught it. look on the bright side… you lose a lot of weight and get so many gifts. you will go through a rough time but in the end it pays off =]]

  • :D

    yeeeaaaah , i have that too , but i don`t wear a brace .

    five or sex hours at a stretch


    sex on the brain , oceanup ?

  • :D

    Wow. I thought I was the only one who had scoliosis.
    She’s my official role model :)
    I can’t wait till I don’t have to wear my brace anymore XD


    trust me , YOU DON`T :P i hate it . it hurts ):

  • Anonymous

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  • stephanieee

    i have it too.
    but its not that bad.
    so did my mom.
    but she didnt wear the brace and it corrected itself.

  • MIMI

    I know for real!
    wtf? lmao.

  • Anonymous
  • http://dgd Caitlin

    I had to have the surgery.
    People are making WAYYYY to big of a deal.
    She had to wear a BRACE.
    It is not that bad…
    Seriously, you can do everything else “normal” people can

  • anne

    Pahaha;she put “Five to Sex hours” its SIX. X]

  • yo

    oceanup ya late i been knew about this shes pretty

  • Haley

    You spelled six wrong :)

  • erin

    ha anyone notice that they put sex instead of six

    i have it too and it sucks
    you have to get ct scans and stuff like that

  • shannon

    im 14 and i have only now i have had scoliosis for about 5 months and i have to have an operation

  • denise

    um i have what you and i would like to meet you

  • :)


  • Clementina

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  • nataliee

    my cousin has that

  • rylee

    i had surgery. it will be alright if you are diagnosed. i still can do some things i love to do. but no bungee jumping hahah.

  • rylee

    i had surgery. it will be alright if you are diagnosed. i still can do some things i love to do. but no bungee jumping hahah.

  • yasmine

    whow thats random
    i’ll get mine wednesday :(
    but i have to wear it 3 months ecause i broke some thing in my back and it hurts alot when i sport and stuff but i hope it will get better :)

    she’s really pretty,& I hope she will get better =’)

  • Jewel

    oh wow i feel bad because my friend told me about this all like “hey that girl from american teenager has scoliosis” expecting it to be inspirational because i have it and it’s severe. but her spine isnt even severe and she doesnt need surgery. im not inspired at all sorry. but good luck. im happy for her. i love the show

  • filiiimmm
  • http://hi202 Christina Lane

    I had scoliosis….my curves were 32/33 we were going to do a brace, but then we heard about a new type of therapy…6 hours a day for two weeks…now my curves are 19/20….DO THIS THERAPY! my name is Christina, my e-mail is…please e-mail me if you have scoliosis! this will save you from bracing!

  • http://hi202 Christina Lane

    I had scoliosis….my curves were 32/33 we were going to do a brace, but then we heard about a new type of therapy…6 hours a day for two weeks…now my curves are 19/20….DO THIS THERAPY! my name is Christina, my e-mail is…please e-mail me if you have scoliosis! this will save you from bracing!

  • Ashley

    i have it too. i was just diagnosed with it..
    i get my brace on next week; im nervous.
    is it really scary? or not?

  • Anonymous

    i have scoliosis to, but i have a 52 degree curve. sadley i have to get surgery in april ):

  • Anonymous

    i’m sixteen and i also have scoliosis. i don’t have to wear a brace, but i’ll be getting the operation in the summer. i’m so nervous because i’m hoping that my back will straighten out so that i’ll be comfortable with my body and be able to wear a bikini and tight clothes. my degrees are extremely bad, around 60-90, i forgot. i’ve kept this a secret from everyone but my family, even from my closest/best friends. it’s such a burden to carry such a big secret and it’s really affecting my self-esteem and conscience. even in my dreams, the fact that i have scoliosis still haunts me. i haven’t had a boyfriend because i’m scared to have my back touched and for my secret to get out. i hate hugs because i’m trying to keep my hideous back concealed. all i can do now is hope and pray that my back will look normal after the operation.

  • I love DBSK

    Wow. I thought I was the only one who had scoliosis.
    She’s my official role model :)
    I can’t wait till I don’t have to wear my brace anymore XD

  • Germany

    in germany we have a special therapy.

    its made by Katharina Schroth

    she had scoliosis

    i can promise it really helps and its the best therapy by scoliosis

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  • Marissa

    I have scoliosis. i found out i had it when i was 12 and have had to quit every sport. now im 15 and i dont have a brace and havent operation. but i find out soon if i need an operation cause it’s to bad for a brace. This story has shown me that there are more people in the world than just me who have scoliosis

  • Me`


  • Anonymous

    Thank you,

    another fighter

  • Anonymous

    I was also diognosed with scoliosis at the age of 16 and now am 19, ive been so depressed for three years now,but after reading everyone’s comment I feel so much better to know that am not alone and now I have to start loving my self again.

  • Anonymous

    I SING!!! COMMENT ME $@#$$#@#%^

  • Anonymous


  • Amber

    I have scoliosis too, and did not wear the brace because my Dr. said it was not proven to help. But I DID hav eto have surgery when I was 18. It was not that bad, and I recovered fast and well. I started Beauty School 2 mths after the surgery, and now I am pregnant w. my third baby. Sitting actually causes me the most pain, especially when I’m pregnant. I know it would all depend on what curve you have, and where they fused your back though. Just know having scoliosis is not that bad!

  • msn
  • Emre
  • Anonymous.x

    i was diognosed today… i have only been to see gp i neva heard of it till today n my best friend sed she had it.. really inpired me, n made me smile instead of cry.. xD ..x

  • Ronnie

    I just got diagnosed with scoliosis about a month ago..and i had no idea that a lot of ppl had it…2 days ago i got my brace and its horrible..i know i will get uset to it its just a matter of time…But the brace sucks and feels sooo uncomfertable…i just keep thinking of all the things i have to wear it to…thank god i can take it off for basketball and volleyball!!And sleeping in it sucks too!!But i only have to wear mine for about a year…i was diagnosed with it when i was 13 and i justed turned 14 on sept.11 …But to think about the postive things help me…like how all my friends and family are supporting me…and hey the brace{{well my brace}} make your boobs look bigger hahaha lol..but anyway shes now my role model…and im sooooo thankful that there are ppl out there going though the same thing i am right now:)..but for all those ppl out there who have it….dont think about the negatives…your not gonna have the brace forever…and hopefully never have sugrey!…and i should take my own advice instead of feeling sorry for myself:)

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