David Archuleta JINGLE BALL Interview

David Archuleta

talks self-esteem issues and Kanye at Z100s Jingle Ball.

  • http://oceanup tami lewis

    you know there are alot of idiots in this world….and people that try there best to make someone look stupid are those people….I thank David is a grand young man that is trying to get comfortable with this fame..But yet there are always someone there to try an brake people down.. God Bless the ones!

  • Anonymous

    so trueeee his NOT gay

  • Anonymous

    So awkwardddd

  • kara

    awwwwww david :)

  • Anonymous

    he sing love lockdown very good

  • olivivivia

    ahahahahahahahhahahahah i love how awkward he makes everything. he’s so cute :D

  • ericaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Yea he’s gay!
    I can’t picture him being str8.
    He’s a dick sucker. Not a pussy licker.

    that was a BITCH move
    hoe, you don’t know anyhing\

    he is hot (:

  • David

    Awwwwww….him and kevin jonas would make a cute couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    his not gay!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bee

    i don’t really care for him….. but i don’t hate him! first!

  • v


  • courtney

    hes not my fav but he has goood songs

  • Anonymous

    wait… were the jonas brothers at this year jingle
    ball ?? if they weren’t then :(

  • Anonymous


  • shebee

    love this interview…the short little bit he sang of Love Lockdown was amazing.

  • lesha

    haha i love him.
    he is so adorable. his humbleness is so endearing. i hope that never changes

    and yea he almost makes me actually like that ‘love lockdown’ song.

  • lala

    Awww he is so adorable and humble.
    I love him!

  • mia

    i love him so badlyyy

  • David

    Yea he’s gay!
    I can’t picture him being str8.
    He’s a dick sucker. Not a pussy licker.

  • Anonymous

    so freaking adorable
    and humble

    aww i love it when he sings the kanye west song


  • Clarise

    then you prolly are demented.