Disney XD, the network geared towards boys that will launch in February, has greenlighted a live-action pilot, I’m With The Band, from creators Michael Kaplan and Ron Rappaport.

The show centers on a tween boy who gets hired as the lead guitar player for a
Spinal Tap-type band that was popular in the ’80s and is looking to
make a comeback. All roles are now being cast. Addresses at Acting Info.

  • Anonymous


    just kidding.


  • em


  • Anonymous

    2 second!!!!
    :D XD

  • Anonymous

    woah. i actually was first.


  • Anonymous

    so what exactly is XD?

  • Anonymous

    i wonder what channel number it will be!
    i kinda hate this, why do they need two channels. guys are not gonna watch this anyway! it will still be girls!

  • Anonymous

    i think its dumb that all these new shows are about people being/getting famous. like, thats not real, i wish it wasjust a normal show about normal people about normal things

  • Anonymous

    i agree disney needs a new show about NORMAL people.
    not wizards.
    or popstars.
    or actors (Sonny With a Chance)
    or heiresses (Suite Life On Deck)
    i mean i love disney, but i think it’s time we have something that we can actually relate to.

  • Andréa


  • Anonymous

    I remember the only Disney show that guys ever watched or ever admitted to watching was Even Stevens. Remember when you actually relate to shows like Even Stevens and Lizzie Mguire.

  • ally

    hahah Wtf

    what a random idea

  • Anonymous

    … lame

  • http://myspace.com/3iob Nicole

    Disney always goes through phases like this. Remember when all the DC movies were about sports? Hopefully, this trend will be OVER soon.

    This sounds funny though. I actually think this might be better than some of the crap they play now. DEF better than Jonas.

  • Kat

    OMG I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!
    haha, NOT.
    wtf, who cares?

  • xoChloexo
  • xoChloexo
  • Olivia

    omg! I just did an audition class using this script yesterday!

    The scene was super funny. Can’t wait to see who is going to be in it.

  • lissssa

    oooooh im working on this show next week! as an extra haha :D

  • Anonymous


    I thought it would be gay because i’ve seen those before but I started DYING hahahahah

  • Anonymous

    oooooh im working on this next week! as an extra haha :D

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  • Anonymous

    I remember the only Disney show that guys ever watched or ever admitted to watching was Even Stevens. Remember when you actually relate to shows like Even Stevens and Lizzie Mguire.

    Haha, yes, those shows were bomb.

  • ily

    another famous show??

    why not another lizzie mcguire type show? (:

  • ily
  • Mimmy

    I hate disney wtf is wrong with it now venessa hudens?