Miley Cyrus Naked Pictures For Nick J

Miley Cyrus‘ naked stripping pictures emailed to ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas. 10+

  • Amira

    Wow, I think she just wanted to copy Vanessa. I know
    that she knew that the paparazzi would find it. Only
    someone dumb wouldn’t be cautious of that, and she’s
    not dumb. I think she wanted people to know that she’s
    hurt, and mature. (even though doing THAT was NOT
    mature) but I feel like she has the choice to do what
    she wants. She should be seen as a regular person,
    and shouldn’t be judged around by people because she’s
    famous. I feel really bad for her…

  • Anonymous

    SLUT! and this is why noone has respect for her

  • justin

    shes not slut shes 17 she basically an adult but i understant where ur comin from but she is so fine i would love 2 meet her but its not cool 2 call someone a slut u dont know wat she gone threw!!!!!

  • jina

    bitch what a brat its soo fukingstupid that shetook this pics soo fucked up and dum butthe fact that poeple are still taking to to a hor makes them hoes fuck her

  • hilmer

    yesh it was for him

  • Anonymous

    to be or not to be…

  • Anonymous

    Mistakes like that always come back to haunt you.

  • banme

    miley’s awesome!

  • Anonymous


  • anonymously

    but really, she sent ALL OF THEM 2 Nick J?
    hmm.. wonder what he did when he got them.

  • heather

    big deal. and btw–only like 2 were for nick.

  • Anonymous

    she looks like a slut!

  • Anonymous


  • anonymously

    did she sent them to NICK JONAS?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    ewwww whos taking these pics?!?!?! because she couldn’t have taken the big pic, green bra pic and shower pic on her own. thats creeeepy.

  • Anonymous

    you guys shes 17 and half of you have probably sent pics like this to your boyfriends and some of these are her in her bathing suit and thats not bad just think about it

  • studs

    I actually do not love Miley Cyrus music and her talent but after seeing her half naked , I wish i could really use a wish right now and be by her side ….Ahhhh Nick JOnas , he is one lucky kid …