‘Emma Watson Has A Kate Hepburn Grace Or Grace Kelly Countenance.’


Producer Gary Ross praised Harry Potter actress Emma Watson in a recent Sudbury Star TTOD article: ‘I think she is the most talented young actress of her generation. I think of everybody coming out of the Harry Potter movies, with all due respect to them, she’s the one you go, ‘Oh my god, this is a classic movie star and will have a very, very long career.’

She has a Kate Hepburn grace or Grace Kelly countenance, in terms of her style and bearing and how articulate she is, and at the same time she is a hell of a good actress.

She’s somebody who has complete control over what she’s doing and amazing facility. The girl’s 18 years old. You’re seeing someone who’s going to be an enormous movie star. You’re seeing someone who just brings so much craft and dignity in what she does and approaches it. Look at her contemporaries..

..and look at how this girl is handling both her career and her attitude toward her craft, and how in control of her craft she is. I’ve worked with a lot of actors and can make complex adjustments on a dime. She has tremendous control.
This is a very sophisticated actress already.’
Photo: Fame. Thx Lauren!

  • jazmin

    she is wonderful

  • Anonymous

    i love emma too, and yeah thanks for posting oceanup, you didn’t posted anything about her in some days but that’s okay, just keep posting

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    she is amazing

  • a

    she makes me feel alive inside

  • Anonymous

    ahh!!! ENOUGH WITH EMMA! you can only have so many stupid posts about her!

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  • clem

    im sorry, but i have this thing about her
    she annoys the hell out of me
    in my opinion she realy cant act for toffee
    i mean watch her in the fourth HP movie, her eybrows look like they have a life of their own
    she is quite pretty though, and seems intelligent and graceful enough
    but shes not the great actress of our generation that this article makes her out to be

  • add
  • typical

    of all the actresses out their, she’s the one that i love the most.
    over all disney, non disney, whatever.
    her skill is amazing
    and she is so pretty

    it actually makes me happy that oceanup is posting all this stuff about her :)

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  • valeria:)


  • laURENNN

    wow…she sounds pretty good

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve been thinking this for a few years now…

  • Anonymous

    ew why would she dye her hair blond?
    shes so pretty natural, and dyed hair is disgusting

  • Alexis

    Emma Watson’s amazing

    She’s really gunna go places; Hermione (sp?) Granger doesn’t define her

  • crissteen

    Should it matter? She’s beautiful and amazingly talented, so what?

  • Anonymous

    i do see her becomming really successful in the future. she seems really mature and together for her age. i just hope she maintains her youth so that she does not feel as though she missed out on something.

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    agree thnks oceanup for posting

  • blake

    i love her and i do see her becoming more succesful

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    wow nice article she is gorgeous

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    she is gorgeous thanks for posting oceanup

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    i love her

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    yes! she is an excellent actress we should keep track on her

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    I AGREE…!!!…she’s so beautiful, talented, a very good model, and has a good fashion sense! I LOVE HER!!I LOVE YOU! I LOVE EVERYBODY!!!!???/eh?/?/HAHAHA…lol…im obsessed…sorry…anyway,,,,have a nice day ^_^..


  • rii

    honestly, i think she is one of the better teenage stars as a person, but not the greatest actress. out of the HP trio, rupert grint is probably the best. i like emma, but yah shes not the best young actress

  • afsafafd

    aw. she is AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS.
    there is NOONE in their right mind that IS NOT jealous.

  • mattie

    hahaah agreeeeeeeee, she is amazing, beautiful, incredible gorgeous!!!! i love herrrrrrrrrr

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    she’s so beautiful, talented, a very good model, and has a good fashion sense, in my opinion

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    thanks for the post oceanup!!! i love emma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    i lover her

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    i’m in love with her

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    i do see her becoming huge

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    she rocks

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    i love her

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    emma is so beautiful and talented