Justin Gaston USING MILEY For Fame?


Miley Cyrus‘ underwear model boyfriend, Justin Gaston may just be
using her for her fame
. Miley met Justin in
Nashville earlier this year after Justin appeared Nashville Star and have been spotted on several dates since.

A source close to
Justin revealed the relationship may not be  real: ‘He’s got more modeling jobs since he’s been with Miley and is
telling people they’re writing songs together so her fans will get
interested in his music. You start to think he’s in this for fame.

After her
photo leaks, she needed someone discreet and Billy Ray thought this
was perfect for her image. They talk up how he is a good Christian
like her and he won’t overshadow her like someone like Nick Jonas

Do YOU think Justin is just using Miley for fame?

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  • Izzie

    OMFG… seriously get over NILEY.. I think Justin Gaston is really using Miley for fame. I they were really so intimate in their relationship there would have been photos of her and him in bed like with thomas sturges. Justin Gaston is too old for her! WTH was she thinking??@@@

  • Anthony

    Oh wow Oceanup. If it’s not that obvious to you then there’s something wrong!

  • maria

    miley & nick belong.

  • Konstance

    lolz you just completly made my day

  • Eviie

    Who knows? I know as much as the person before me. I don’t like assuming things, and I’ll just hope he isn’t using her. But, if he is I feel really bad for Miley, shes young, and hes older every girl loves an older guy, it’d be horrible to find out hes just using her :(

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    Ewww, never ever use those kind of pictures!
    He is good looking, but still.

  • Cyn

    based on both of their actions i doubt theyre REALLY into God.
    so thats irrelevant.
    don’t bring God into their equation.
    Justin does seem like hes using her. I’m sorry but all of a sudden hes into her? shes 16, obviously he’d get press.
    Its not good press for either, but “no press is bad press”
    Its just an excuse for both of them to get some extra fame, him for dating a popstar and her for snagging an older underwear model.
    is it right? no.
    is it getting them more money and fame? bingo.

  • Anonymous

    He totally is!! i mean what would he see in her otherwise?? miley deserves better!!

  • Anonymous

    hhaahah IT reminds me of squidwards nose!!! lolllllllllll

  • Anonymous

    no! (sarcastic voice) you really think so?


  • VER

    Obvious statement is obvious

  • Anna

    the truth has been spoken (:

  • trina

    He’s penus is fucken big,man!
    I mean look at it! =O

  • Jane

    Wow, took you long enough. Why else would he date a younger girl? Because she, whether you like it or not, is a superstar. And he is a famewhore. End.of.story.

  • Teamtaylor

    its obviously stuffed haha

  • Anonymous

    nooo shittttt!

  • Anonymous


    it’s pretty obvious.

  • gabrielle

    damn dude!
    His dick is bigger than Joe Jonas’s!

    lmao :)

  • Anonymous

    kay he is clearly using her, no 20 year old guy
    (especially one that good looking) is gonna go out
    with a 15 year old. like a grade 10 and someone
    in their 3rd year of college? i dont think so. but
    whatever she’s using him too so i guess it works out.

  • wHeRe’S mY iPoD

    into god..HA,how many going on 21 underwear models dating a 16 year old do you know

  • wHeRe’S mY iPoD

    jonas brothers using people for fame…rightt sucking up all that fame from demi,honorsociety,selena,and Danelle(i dont know to spell that girls name..shoot)

  • ALLY

    first of all Oceanup this story is soooo old



  • wHeRe’S mY iPoD

    (sorry for being racist but..)White girls…*shakes head*He does NOT look that damn good..yall aint going to ever no originality in life with a guy besides white boys and long hair and six pack…”OMG HES SO HOTT”

  • um

    his dick is small u can tell lmaooooooooo um he is using miley i can tell man she gotta be smarter then that i luv miles but i dont kno they dude look shady

  • angel


  • ALI


  • asia macs


  • sha

    yeap! he is hotter than nick! he very good looking and has a great body and height and hair to go with it! and he is christian and play guitar,drums,write his own music has passion for music all the exact same goals of miley they match they are both gorgeous!
    they look like they are more into each other than concern of what people are saying which means this relationship might be what miley wanted this guy is too perfect to be true! he also has manners and knows how to treat his main lady! man i hope he is everything miley wanted in a guy and probably more she seems very happy with him!he looks happy with her as well!they make a great couple!the age doesnt matter. love comes thru admiration and we have notice he admire miley goal setting ways! he might fall for her according to his song because she is a happy upbeat person and has a great heart what not to love about her! and animal lovers are the greatest type of people too!!

  • ALI


  • clem

    yes well done oceanup
    of course he’s using her, hes an unknown aspiring model and musician and shes the most famous 16 year old in the world i dont think hes really in love with her
    especially if you see the way he acts around her
    shes always like holding on to his arm and gigling and stuff
    but he just looks so uninterested and only seems to care about posing for the paparazzi
    hes a fame seeking attention whore

    but dammit hes hot :P

  • Tyn

    Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do if you’re a fan? Idiot.

  • Anonymous

    no shit he’s using her for fame!

  • brooke


  • Anonymous

    You Miley fans are so pathetic. EVERY time there’s
    negative news about her, you automatically say that
    it’s false, as if you guys would know!
    Stop your obsession over this talentless, obnoxious bitch!


    im a HUGH miley fan and im definately not
    doubtingg this. this is not negative toward
    her-it would show that hes an assholee!

    maybe if all you haters would shut your
    fucken mouths and dont waste your time
    talking shit on miley, we would calm down
    a little bit. we can like whoever the hell
    we want to like so leave us and miley alone!

    and if hes using her for fame, which
    i kinda doubtt but maybe, that would
    be soo immatureee. i would despisee himm!

  • it’s me.

    I don’t think he’s using her, and man, just look at him!
    he’s so hot :)
    anyways, i love you miley and you have good taste for boys ! :)

  • Anonymous

    This story sounds totally fake!!!

  • Alyssa


    using her or not, he’s still super hott.

  • jas

    i dont think he is using miley this is not the type of press he would like.even a guy said leaving alone and he was yeah thank you when they went to a movie date! he hasnt said they are dating or anything!
    also they have a lot in common passion for music and they is no age limit on that!and they both play guitar and go to church he a christian and they are both goal oriented.
    if she helping justin she doing the same thing she did for nick! she was going out with him when he was drop and the then he got sing by hollywood record what a coincidence miley record company that is hard to get into! he would not be doing any different than nick! maybe thats why nick didnt want anyone to know they broke up or dated and how long they dated because people were going to put two and two together! because when last year she said they were dating on et or e news i forgot he didnt break up with her! he broke up with her right after the tour coincidence i think not he got what he wanted from miley and then broke up with her like she never meant anything to him! justin wouldnt be doing anything different than what nick did to her! i just hope justin is a better friend afterward then the jonas!i kind of feel sorry for her she goes out with this guys who have no money giving them her whole full heart and they take advantage of her. yeah! because nick played with her until he got rich now that he can actually afford to take her somewhere nice and drive her he is driving selena! i really hope that justin is not using her like nick did! and break her heart miley seems really nice girl and she very friendly and has a good heart! she always tries to help the people around her but god probably sees that and he is going to help her out this is why she getting ahead because she help people with an open heart! i kind of feel sorry for her it would be hard to trust someone on her status!
    well at least she giving herself a chance i think they go on dates and papz see her and she doesnt want to hide in a relationship and he doesnt like hidden she knows that one of the reason she was tired of a previous relationship so just let her have fun he is a gorgeous guy and so is she is not like they are going to get married! well maybe he is more on that age than she is!

  • Ilana

    YES! of course he is using her! wow oceanup..wow. HE IS! he will NEVER love her as much as nick did. And its pretty obvious. so YES YES YES! he IS using her!

  • monica

    i dont really believe this
    if it were true his own friend wouldnt
    just rat him out like that.

  • Anonymous

    And oceanup why must you always use these pictures of Justin??? Why dont you use one thats a little more appropriate!

  • Anonymous

    I totally called that he was using her from the start!!!
    No one believed me though.

    Now what haterz?!

  • Me

    well…yes tru more people know who he is now than before and people are keeping tabs on him.

    but i highly doubt he would use her… his into god and stuff so i doubt he is taht type of guy.

  • Anonymous

    mam, he’s hotter than nick, kevin and joe all toguether!

  • lol good one

    This story is totally false but IF it is real lmao. I fail to see how a 20 year old underwear model would be good for Miley’s image.

  • http://myspace.com/kaylaanicolee kayla.

    damn dude!
    His dick is bigger than Joe Jonas’s!

  • http://google.com haha

    I’ve been saying this since day one.
    It’s pretty obvious that he’s using them.
    He’s not a “good christian boy” either, there’s leaked pics of him drinking underage. and teh way he treats their family and kisses their asses is so obvious and fake, it’s disguisting. miley is not as mature as she thinks and should not be dating this scum…

  • it’s me.

    oh shit, i forgot joe packs socks.
    my bad.

    justin looks all natural and shizzz ;]
    haha. ‘joe pack socks’ :)
    kayla! you’re the ‘fucking sherlock holmes’ girl! lol :)

  • laURENNN

    *gasp* justin is just using miley for fame!? oh my!!
    NO DERR as if it werent obvious people

  • http://myspace.com/kaylaanicolee kayla.

    oh shit, i forgot joe packs socks.
    my bad.

    justin looks all natural and shizzz ;]

  • Anonymous

    isn’t it obvious enough?

  • http://google.com haha

    well…yes tru more people know who he is now than before and people are keeping tabs on him.

    but i highly doubt he would use her… his into god and stuff so i doubt he is taht type of guy.

    “his into god an stuff”

    do u know how many christians don’t actually care about their faith or what would morally please god. he’s sooo fake about his christianity, he wouldn’t have started modeling, a pretty low career, if he was rly a bible humper like the cyrus family prior to meeting them. it’s just a show

  • man

    i dont think he using her i think he could fall in love with her she has a lot of great qualities in her!any guy would be lucky to be dating her!
    if he were using her which i dont think he is he would be doing the same thing nick did as soon as he got as famous as he wanted he drop her! miley went out with him when he was broke and miley was already a millionare obviosly miley is very down to earth she doesnt care if the guy has money or not! now that nick is up to her standard he doesnt even treat her to a nice diner at least as friends! maybe he feels guilty he used her and dont want anyone to know how long they dated they would put everything together and would know that probably miley introduced them to hollywood record or who know disney and they auditioned! we would never know all i know or notice is true the jonas work hard but let admitted they had a few fans before miley and they open with a few artist and nothing as big as after miley tour did they really got famous. they even got their own tour i mean lets be realistic when did they get this big they never did with other artists only after miley which means she gave them a boost she didnt make them but she help them get more notice i think deep inside them they know it and they should be greatful to her for everything. and now they dont even mention her as if she never existed in their life and to me the is wrong never give your back to the hand that help you! at least she supported them!when they werent that famous why cant she help justin out the same nick with nick i guess nick was so serious about his band that he didnt care to hurt a girls feeling on the way and break her heart and then crushed by putting sel on her face and trying to bring her down by promoting sel and taking sides. i feel sorry for miley that believe in them and they treat her like this afterward! if nick love her when she told him she loved he would drop selena and gone out with miley or fight to get her back and this time go out in public so everyone would know he was taken and she was taken the way it suppose to be. they just want to stay single to flirt with girls!

  • Sue-Hailey

    You Miley fans are so pathetic. EVERY time there’s
    negative news about her, you automatically say that
    it’s false, as if you guys would know!
    Stop your obsession over this talentless, obnoxious bitch!

  • Anonymous


  • Angela

    duhh. it’s so obvious that he’s using
    miley. i love miley and i wish her the
    best of luck. so with that being said
    miley SERIOUSLY needs to dump this fag
    before her purity ring flies out that
    window. D:

  • Anonymous

    but is he really THAT into god?
    I hate to be negative and doubtful about religion and stuff, but did you ever think he just got super involved in religion so her parents would buy into him and let him into their circle so he could use her for fame?

    You people need to start thinking like Hollywood hanger-ons.

  • Anonymous

    lol @ the source
    how can anyone believe that?
    (although i do think he’s using her)

  • L

    wow oceanUP… you are not doing good today!!!!

    no offense or anything

    but… get vanessa’s age wrong = bad

    now putting this up = terrible!!

    everyone knew it!! he would’ve never done anything else except show his huge dick around in underwear campaigns if it werent for miley!!

    thats just wrong of him

    it really is

    i hope when he becomes huge (i hope it doesnt happen) i really hope he doesnt dump miley on the side of the road

    seriously… she doesnt deserve that

  • laURENNN

    oh yea and i forgot to add that his dick is MASSIVELY HUH-YUGEE haha XD

  • Anonymous

    Yup. That’s what I’ve been saying from the beginning! He so doesn’t love her. He’s using her for fame and she’s using him to get back at Nick.

  • T

    Eh, I dunno. She needs to get back with Nick.

  • Mrs.ZazWeiner

    Yeah, thanks, but no thanks.
    I don’t have time to read all of that, sorry… :\
    But from what I’ve read, seriously, how do you know Miley has great qualities?It’s either guessing or you know her personally, which I doubt.This all could be
    true and from what I’ve seen.I think it is.He probably
    is using her, which makes me feel really bad for Miles.
    Nick and Miley were in love.they had the whole world
    infront of them.But then, things got rough.It happens when you’re young.That’s pretty much how all teenage love affairs end.Nick doesn’t seem like that kindof guy.
    Justin sure does.It’s the way of life…

    But then again, I don’t know them in real life, so what
    do I know?:P
    This is just how it all seems to me…

  • say

    miley is more of a role model now than she ever was you know why because she been throught a very difficult year and she on top! her boyfriend left her she got pictures stolen and she was a victim of someone without any morals obviosly to embarrased a poor girl! everyone stared calling her names for those picture which she doesnt deserve because she only showed her stomach please and they were at her house hello! nick made fun of her instead of helping stand up for her like a real man does! he said we were pretty cloth when we took the pictures and he laught it off joe didnt think it was funny neither did miley fans! he should had defended her by saying i think she looks beautiful and the pictures looks like art or artistic! also she went thru all that and she face problems head on apologice for something someone did to her and you still critized her! why dont you look at the good she help charities race money for cancer, she help a dog shelter, she help the power youth,she goes to hospital to check on sick kids etc. she a great role model because now teen can relate that she is not perfect but that you have to get back up and fight for what you want and go after your dream by setting goal and she didnt give up!

  • http://myspace.com/kaylaanicolee kayla.

    that would basically make my life.
    and joe get back with taylor.
    the world would be at ease.

  • melissa

    well, da…of course he is using her and she is using him to have a good looking guy on her arm and to hang out with. just heard from someone that he was with her at the private lawyer Christmas party in Houston on Sunday. Seems he just tags along everywhere she goes. Does he not have any other friends? Or maybe no friends with private jets or their own paparazzi following behind them for the publicity!

  • Anonymous


  • lola

    oh so true.
    fucking douchebag
    ps nobody wants to see his stuff hanging

  • Janna

    i hope miley does.
    i dont want to see her get hurt.

  • Anonymous

    he ain’t no jonas brother that only use people for fame!

  • Anonymous


  • Noah

    oh my god! i can’t believe it!
    C’mon, everybody knows that ¬¬

  • juicy

    it seems everyone is assuming that he is using her how do you know? maybe he is trying to avoid nick jonas mistakes he was friend with her and he probably know what happen btw them! He probably knows for a fact miley didnt want to hide a relationship she wants to breath he a man nobody tell him what to do unlike nick he has to do what every tell him he didnt have the guts to go in public with miley! i guess he prefer to break up than have her! justin is obviosly knows miley is rare type of girl to find and their are not a lot of girls like her and he doesnt want to lose her! the girl is very talented and beautiful and kind and positive attitude and gets along with everyone. a guy could see a lot of beautiful girls but only one is the one that makes your heart jump! they are just going out on dates and papz are there what you want him to do to hide miley he knows she doesnt want that! its not their fault they are followed around. let them be i think he really likes her he spend a lot of time with her obviosly he likes her company! have you seen him on the red carpet holding her hand no! you see them going bike rides and movie dates normal couple stuff! i dont see him trying to get attention he usually stay in the back except when he is protecting her from the papz and he father or body guard is not around he stays close to protect her ahh!

  • http://myspace.com/kaylaanicolee kayla.

    we all do.
    except selena’s two fans.

  • allie

    He always has been
    i know it

  • cece

    his friend would rat him out..if they were jealous

  • Anonymous

    everything about this sounds fake. how is dating a 20-yr-old “discreet”? but, damn, the boy is FINE.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a fan of either, but I agree. They were cute together, but he’s a douche now, unfortunately. Miley’s never really gone for the famous types. First Nick, when JB was just a band that had been dropped from their label and they struggled to fill a 100-seat club, then Thomas Whatshisface, now Justin. I don’t think she likes famous guys.

  • Alexis

    He most likely is using her

    I mean, there are plenty of other girls out there who are his age that he could be dating. Why else would he date a 16-year-old?

    Poor Miley, though

    I hope she finds someone who is actually good for her and dumps that jerk. lol That’d be a fun story for him to tell, he got dumped by a 16-year-old!

  • TAE

    everyone seems to be thinking justin is using miley i dont think that when he went into this relationship he was going to get so much hate mail!
    i mean nobody really knows what is on this guy heart but from what i have seen on video he does look very much into miley! he looks and stares at her all the time and when he is not been watch he smiles a lot with her! i think he truly cares for her i mean is miley what not to love about her! she has great qualities!
    i mean i think is doesnt bother him when papz see them because he knows for a fact that was one of the reason for nick and miley break up the secrecy and he is not going to be stupid enought to lose miley like nick did over keeping a secret he is older and he knows who he wants by his side. nick didnt know and he is not going to the same mistake nick did obviosly specially when a girl like miley wants freedom to go out with her man like any normal couple relationship! i think he is more concern not to lose her!

  • bbleh

    or maybe miley’s using him to get to his package :P

  • Lindsey

    I’m always really curious who these “close sources” are… but anywho, we can’t really judge him though cause we don’t know a thing about him. He might be, he might not be.. we may never know, but hopefully if he is using Miley, she won’t be naive about it and dump his a**…

  • christopher Pepe


  • Anonymous

    miley and nick will never be anymore.


  • Anonymous

    I hope this isn’t true. But it wouldn’t surprise me. I hope I’m wrong. She seems like a sweet enough kid. No one deserves to be used like that.

  • Maria

    YES !

  • ……

    miley and nick will never be anymore.

    how do u know theyll neva be…did u like go in their brains or sumthin :)

    and with the whole “team selena and demi” thing.. u like the idea of them bein together too eh :)

  • aaallleeexxx

    obviously he’s using her, what 20 year old wants to
    date a 16 year old for anything other than money
    or sex.

  • Anonymous

    well my theory is if miley cyrus didn’t have the status she did now, would this relationship still have happened. unfortunately, i come up with no. so eh. whatever.

  • man

    well i guess i get kind of passionate about things i didnt realize i wrote so much there! i dont know her personally but take a good look at the girl she can act,sing,dance,write songs,play guitar, be natural on tv and be funny,she positive attitude, she always smile, she knows how to match clothes,she beautiful,energetic,kind,believes in god,great family,present for charity,give back on her birthday,always help people around her,she sweet,smart and quick,passion for love as we notice,passion for music,play guitar,piano,loves her parent,business savvi,host, won awards,always up for a good time, not afraid to try anything and this is just the obvious on tv and what people say about her on personal level her friends says she has an amazing heart and she down to earth even jb said before they turn on her. even her enemies talk good about her that has to tell you something!

  • Anonymous

    I have to say, I think that they are using each other. Just look at how much press Miley has gotten since she began “dating” him. As they say, no publicity is bad publicity… just look at Kim Kardashian. She was nobody before her sex tape. And he has even more to gain with this relationship. He will become a household name and many of Miley’s fans will start to listen to his music in “support” of her. This is how things work in Hollywood. If anybody is naive enough to think otherwise, they are going to get burned.

  • Anonymous

    duh! I thought it was obvious….

  • Alexis

    ‘Team Selena and Demi’?

    Why do there have to be teams?

    I like Demi and Selena AND Miley

  • joez baybie! <3

    yes of course he iz he is nasty

  • Anonymous

    lol, blame kevin jonas
    that being said, team miley!

  • kaila

    hes an idiot.

  • TAE

    he wrote that song before he met miley! he would had liked taylor he would had told her when they did the video when he didnt know miley that well dont you think!i think he does like miley a lot miley is a lot more mature than people think! everyone had said she a lot more mature beyond her years all her life she is mostly around a adult the girl is very smart she can held coversation on her own! she is business savvy so i guess she can advise him on things! she can help him the way she help the jonas get a boost so why not help him at least the jonas didnt complete destroy her trust in people she still got hope to help those close to her! i just hope if they ever break up he doesnt turn on her like the jonas did!

  • Anonymous

    um… i agree about the whole no publicity = bad publicity thing, but i highly doubt gaston here will become a “household name”. he’ll have to actually do something first. i hope miley dumps his ass before he puts out a cd or something.

  • anonymous

    wow which is more unbelievable,that you wrote all of that or that I read it? idk but I agreed so I kept reading.I get like that about this issue sometimes too because I want so much for them to be at least be friends again,it really doesn’t seem ike they ,definitely not back in the summer during the whole team demi and selena shirt thing.yeah that crap doesn’t sit right w/me either,how could they just turn on her like that after saying to the world very recently oh we love her she’s one of our best friends,we’ll ALWAYS have her back,wow I guess for them always means what? a few months?I like the music but I’d like them more as people without the backstabbing.

  • Prospekts March

    Anybody with a brain knows a 20 year old would have nothing to do with a 15 year old (yes, she was 15 when they started dating) unless he were using her. It’s not that hard to figure out.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Poor Miley. It’s so easy to be manipulated in Hollywood… hell, it’s so easy to be manipulated anywhere if you’ve got something that other people want. I hope that she wises up and dumps him soon. But, y’know, she’s just a kid. If I were 15 and this guy asked to date me, I’d be like “HELL YES!”

  • Anonymous

    I’m not surprised that her dad fell under his spell, but her mother seems really shrewd. I can’t believe she would fall for it if he was faking it.

  • Lindsey

    Blame Kevin Jonas wtf?! I hate how every single topic on Oceanup turns into being talked about Selena Gomez. Seriosuly I used to like her and I don’t dislike her, but I’m getting so annoyed with this.

  • hayley.

    well i guess i get kind of passionate about things i didnt realize i wrote so much there! i dont know her personally but take a good look at the girl she can act,sing,dance,write songs,play guitar, be natural on tv and be funny,she positive attitude, she always smile, she knows how to match clothes,she beautiful,energetic,kind,believes in god,great family,present for charity,give back on her birthday,always help people around her,she sweet,smart and quick,passion for love as we notice,passion for music,play guitar,piano,loves her parent,business savvi,host, won awards,always up for a good time, not afraid to try anything and this is just the obvious on tv and what people say about her on personal level her friends says she has an amazing heart and she down to earth even jb said before they turn on her. even her enemies talk good about her that has to tell you something!

    That’s is the B-E-S-T thing I’ve ever heard about Miley in the past 6-8 months!
    And it’s sooooo true!!
    Maybe she is not the best, but she tries and LOVE what she does!
    But there’s always people taking sides, and bringing her down (it’s not only her, but selena, demi and Jb) but Miley went through a LOT of things this year, and now lives with the paparazzis on her face every day, and haters are looking for bad things about her, where there isn’t any!
    She has my respect, and besides I’m not the one who can judge her, and nobody here should.


  • Tru

    I think he is using her….But who are we to judge….I’m so serious to!

  • La la la la la

    justin “famewhore” gaston….Using miley?!?!?!?! Nooooooooooo! It just can’t be!!!!!
    *Cough cough* sarcasim *cough cough*

  • Jennifer

    I personally think he might be… I really hope he’s not though, Miley doesn’t deserve that to happen to her. She’s really sweet, and I hope he doesn’t hurt her.

  • http://www.roadrunner.com Lauren

    I personally think that he is using Miley for his own fame. I have been saying this ever since. Miley and Justin need to break up before Miley finds out that she has been used and gets seriously hurt. What would a 20 year old supermodel want with a popular 16 year old celebritity that has alot of money? Honestly, he is using her for her money. He doesn’t even love Miley. That’s the main reason why Miley broke up with her last boyfriend, Thomas Sturges. He was only using her for her money and to steal the spotlight from her.

  • Mary

    I KNEW IT!!!
    He’s SOOOO using her!!!!!!! Why else would he be dating her?!

  • Anonymous

    OH MY GOSH. he’s so damn hot !

  • http://xoxoxo.com me xoxo

    he is using her for fame…
    AND SEX!!!!

    ps. i can see her thing…. lol

  • hayley

    NOBODY should

  • Anonymous

    Ohhhh. Right.
    Mever in a million years would a guy who can’t get a modeling gig until he starts dating Miley use her for fame! It’s just.. perposterous.

    (Note: In case you didn’t catch it, I used sarcasm.)

    Oh, and I totally love the fact that the person said, quote, “Someone like Nick Jonas…”
    And what exactly is Nick Jonas like?
    Because, I, along with many others, do not think he a fame-whore. Unlike said current boyfriend of Miley’s. Nick Jonas did not purposely become famous because of Miley. It just happened. It would’ve eventually with or without Miley’s help anyway.
    Justin, on the other hand, will not become famous. I’m not sorry to say this, but he is, indeed, a fame-whore.

  • crissteen

    “F” Justin Gaston man. He’s so ew and hecka using Miley.

  • Anonymous

    mrpaparazzi.com is usualy reliable.The owner is a very
    famous journalist.

  • Anonymous


  • lala

    i wish i could believe nick ever loved miley because his action in the past couple months doesnt seem like he ever cared for her and if am thinking that miley must be thinking the same! i mean come on he kiss selena a month later after breaking miley heart umm!am beginning to think he used miley to get ahead and get some disney and hollywood record direct connections! i mean i know they work hard but people get desperated!i dont think justin is using her this is not the type of publicity a guy like him would look for because he is taking great amount of heat! i think he does care and they have a lot in common like the love for music,both play guitar,write songs, love to have fun, dont believe in hiding or stop living their live just because of some cameras. i really like them together!he does look like he likes her a lot! he is just not as stupid as nick to hide when he already know that was one of the reason of their arguments and he taking care of his main lady! i mean he is not making nick mistake he is not stupid! he knows she a great girl!

  • NickJLoveex3

    There is nothing Christian about that boy.
    He’s using her, considering he’s in her
    music video for it’s all right here.
    Miley needed to get over Nick, and that’s
    what Justins for, and now she’s attached.

  • Anonymous


  • b-is-talking-now

    he is using her and if u realy notice every picture different sizes. he is using her, she even got him to play guitar on hannah montana. he is another k-fed.

  • Anonymous

    How come there isn’t a source for this? Like OK, or Star, or NE? It’s just, a source with no magazine?

  • Anonymous

    i dont think so
    he doesnt seem like that sort of guy
    and miley seems smart enough to keep those kind of people out of her life

    but then again justin could be that kind of guy but who knows cos we dont really know who he is
    he hasnt done any interviews so we know nothing about him but i think miley would know that justin is that sort of guy and if she thought he was using her she wouldnt be helping him

  • jndjf

    Ewww, what the fuck is he wearing?, this guy is so gross looking, & of course he’s using her. DUHHHH

  • anonamus please… ha

    ok miley u…. u r just a … a… BRAT! i used to like u u were my role model until u turned into a little skanky person! geeeeeze miley PULL! YOURSELF! TOGETHER!

  • Anonymous

    When you talk about God, captalize the G please(:
    && i dont really care about miley and justin, none of our businesss.

  • Mikayla

    hm.. of corse he isnt using miley! hes a wonderful angel! a christian! one thats modeling UNDERWEAR. yes. of corse he isnt using miley. at all.

  • KT

    hahaha hes kinda lackin in the packin in you know what I mean …hes an inch worm …..HHAHAHAHAHA

  • Anonymous



    NILEY <3

  • Anonymous





  • bojo

    Ew do we really need to see his dong hanging inside his shorts? Miley can do better than this chump, and of course he using her for his own career. He is a leech.

  • melani

    LOL!!!!Seriously,that comment was perfect!!!

  • Jake T. Austin fan

    yeah me too i want niley justin is just using her

  • brooke-leighne

    obvipusly he is using miley
    why would a 20 yr old want to go out with a (15 yr) she was 15 when they started..they’
    i dont want miley to GET HURT again she needs to back off that guy and get some DIGNITY.

  • team everybody

    of course he is.
    when have you ever heard of a 20 year old underwear model wanting a 16 year old pop star?

  • majajjaejea

    heck yeah! from the very beginning.

  • Mrs.ZazWeiner

    LOL at people saying he’s not using her.
    Have you seen those pics with him drinking and partying?
    (While wearing a cross: FAIL).He’s not the ~innocent
    christian he’s pretending to be.As if.Why the fxck
    why a 20 yro like him date 15 yro knowing he can’t get some sexy taahm ;)?Oh yeah, fame.That could be the amswer…
    Everyone is underratting religion these days, sad, but true…

    P.S:He’s not hot.He’s fug and you know it…
    P.P.S:Trying to look sexy is not sexy..
    P.P.P.S:What The Buck?!

  • kelsie

    hHES USING HERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i thought this post was about miley not selena.

  • Anonymous

    He is definitely using her. Look him up on youtube
    He has a song he wrote and dedicated to Taylor Swift
    Look up his name then type in Miss Swift…that is
    the name of the video he made for her.
    HE’d drop her in a heart beat if Taylor Swift called



  • Anonymous

    OBVIOUSLYYYYYY but w.e she’ll have 2 learn the hard way.

  • Debbie Is A Tokio Fan

    Honestly guys there is nothing wrong with Oceanup posting these pictures. Is there a rating for the website? I don’t think so(correct me if I’m wrong).
    Yes he’s hot, but he’s not that great…
    And goodness… he’s got a big “family”.

  • AJ

    niiiiiiiiice weenie

  • Anonymous


  • AJ

    nice schlong

  • Mrs.ZazWeiner

    Sorry about all the spelling and general errors.
    I was in a hurry..



    Im guessing there is some photoshopping happnin down there on Justins crotch.. dont think even black guys dicks are tht big

    I think he uses socks like our dear Joe Jonas.

  • Cami

    Who didn’t know that?
    What 20 year old goes out with a 15 (now 16) year old?

  • Anonymous

    haha yeah i know :D
    selena has what two fans?
    not including the disney obsessed 5 year olds that
    think shes perfect

  • Tori

    I don’t think he’s smart enough to know how.
    But in case he does have something up there
    instead of, down there, then “yes”

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if he’s using her or not but I am really just mad at the fact that someone called Cyrus a GOOD christian???? What!!!! She’s a freakin slut how does that score points with God??? And isn’t it forbidden to sell your body for unholy gains? Last time I checked both her and Justin were at it!!!