Corbin Bleu recently did an interview with Motocross Action Magazine to promote his new film Freestyle. How much training did you do for the film?
A lot, actually. About a year ago I started learning right here at Piru. My manager happens to ride, so he took me out. I surrounded myself with the sport.

I went out and attended quite a few different races and I learned as much as I could about motocross. We wanted to stay true to motocross. A lot of times in motocross movies people try to glam it up, but in reality it’s a sport that’s down and dirty and takes a lot of hard work.

How difficult was it moving from a musical based film to an action based film?
I’ve always been a very physical guy and I love learning new things. With ‘High School Musical,’ even though there is a lot of dancing, it still can be pretty hard on the body sometimes. So making the transition to riding dirt bikes wasn’t that difficult because I had to be physical.

As for the character differences, it was very different playing Cale Bryant as opposed to Chad from ‘High School Musical.’ Chad is a simple guy and he’s a jock. Cale is a troubled guy who has a bit of a temper. It was nice being able to do something different. Credit: MotocrossMag, Corbin Bleu Fans. +3!

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    Why the hell is Zac Efron so popular when you have people like him around. Gorgeous and Talented and he can ride motocross. Any one have his number? :S

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