As The Bell Rings star Tony Oller uploaded many pictures to Myspace from the Mother Goose Parade in San Diego last week as well as the Target Youth event last month. 15+

  • BigRobsForReal

    Oh, he looks so cute! We love As the Bell Rings!

  • Melissa

    You’re right, please put Savvy & Mandy and Mandy on here more, they are the nicest girls and super talented!!!!

  • Jane

    he’s not that hot. he’s completely average, and he seems like he has a HUGE ego, even though his show sucks .

    and whats up with this sterling knight kid? he’s not even famous

  • Anonymous

    is his head really small? o_O
    [Look at the last picture]

  • Anonymous

    Please more about S & M!
    We LOVE themm!

  • Nicole

    Hello Gorgoues[:

  • Anonymous

    this kid thinks he’s actually a well known celebrity? haha

  • JuBrazil

    sooo hot!!

  • Anonymous

    I wish i was the girl w/ da green shirt!

  • edkglk



    Tony’s hot

  • kelsey

    he is so cute.

  • kate

    hesss adorablee

  • Shanna

    Aw, he’s really cute. <3

  • jackie

    Omg its menudo…

  • mmm

    uhh hes ok? looking

  • 101girl

    DAVID IS SOOO HOT !!!!!!!!

  • wow!

    the lion she of ate his head off now thas funny news

  • Anonymous

    he’s sooo adorable!

    omg its lucy hale! and david henrie! and sterling knight<3

  • wowp:)


  • jonaslover

    tony is so cute!!!

  • shelbie


  • Avery

    Tony jumped out of his parade car all throughout the parade to sign posters and greet fans, He couldn’t possibly sign or see every one of them. By the way, I was at the parade too and didn’t see Menudo or NLT do that even once so quit whining.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah you wish! Tony’s SO down-to-earth!


  • Anonymous

    at first it looked like he had a tattoo!

  • avery!

    ew. he seems like he would have an ego the size of iowa

  • Anonymous

    Matt Prokop + Tony Oller = double the cute! <3

  • avery!

    ew. he seems like he would
    have an ego the size of

  • kayla

    aw savvy and mandy! those girls are awesome. im good friends with them cuz ive been to lotsss of their concerts. so we always hang when their in town :D
    haha they r so sweet.

    i love tony ollers song “could u be the one!”




  • Anonymous

    savvy and mandy!


    I love Tony O :D

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  • sara

    i kindof just want to hug him.

  • Anonymous

    awww i in love of david
    bur oliver is so cutee

  • laURENNN

    aww what a cutie!! :D

  • Anonymous

    dude he totally ignored my poster at the mother goose parade and he asked me to make him one…
    so it was like wtf…
    but whatever.
    i got hollers from menudo, michael copon, and nlt.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


    I love talking with Savvy and Mandy, they’re super cool!!


  • desirae

    i absolutely adore him <3333

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