Ashlee & Pete Wentz featured on Discovery Channel’s The Dog Whisperer.

  • Anonymous

    lol thats random.

  • hahaha

    i thought she had a dog of her own… like a terrier or something named Hula…

  • heyeheyeyey


  • Anonymous

    this isnt from the discovery channel.
    it obviously says “national geographic channel” in the corner.
    wow oceanup.. not very bright these days are we?

  • KC

    Wow they will do anything for attention won’t they? Not a big fan of either of them, but bull dogs are just too cute!

  • Mofo

    It’s going to be on t.v. on the 27 of December I think.
    I think Pete is so cool. Hell, I love Fall Out Boy.

  • Anonymous

    its not discovery… it national geographic channel. cant you read? it says i right in the corner!

  • Anonymous

    ew they have really bad posture!

  • naee.

    i love this show :]
    but it’s on national geographic. lmao.

  • yasmine


  • Anonymous

    fug and useless. both of them.

  • your mother

    when is it going to air on national television ?
    because i want to see it…

  • yasmine

    yay ! i was first

  • letshavefun

    fug and useless. both of them.
    at least they’re famous and better than you :P

  • Alicia

    Pete is so cute :)

  • Anonymous

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