Former drunk driver and Paris’ bro, Barron Hilton, 18, while sporting a bloodshot eye, hit up Hollywood’s new hot spot Bardot on Monday night. Former American Idol contestant Ryan Star was there too! Photos: Fame. More under!

  • laboy

    Whos the girl hes with? HOT!!!

  • tiffany

    he supposedly goes to my school… ive never seen him
    but i have seen his dorm room door hahaha ;)

  • Anonymous

    some people tattoo their eyeballs.

    my teacher had her makeup tattooed on

  • Morgan

    It is only bloodshot in one eye. Maybe he has
    pink eye or something? No body even knows him
    well at least I don’t. Haha, I know of Paris
    though ;]

  • ali02

    its a brust blood vessel in his eye sometimes it can be because of too much drinking!! WHAT IS THAT TELLING US?!?!… ///////

  • Duuuddeee

    That’s one messed up eye

  • megan

    the guy next to barron is hot.
    anyone know who he is?

  • JuBrazil

    poor him!

  • Anonymous

    awww… thats horrible. and gross. ewww-

    who the heck is he?
    does anyone knows the name next to that barron dude? he’s smoking hot

  • mia

    once again, who cares.

    firsttttt?! :P

  • tonya anne

    but i didnt know she had a brother, haaa.

  • team miley

    erm has no 1 her of conjuncavitace my m8 had it exactley the same as that ! DUH

  • Anonymous

    Haha. My brother went to school with him.

    He got kicked out.

  • cici

    i remember when Ryan was on AI i thought she was so pretty, but she is looking a little rough here. Then again I was alot younger when she was on the show. & for barron, maybe that is a glitch in the camera/photo like a weird flash spot or something?

  • Anonymous

    who arethe manly chicks in the 2n pic?
    lol it looks like he got stabbed or something?

  • omglolaishere

    hes so ugly just like his sister how can he even go out looking like that

  • vanessa

    hes blood vessel probly poped!
    that happened to me it sucks!!
    i was home all the time nd i didnt
    go to school for quite a while..
    its not contagious nd it doesnt hurt
    or anything.. wow ill nevr forget
    that day it was horrible well those 2

  • Emi

    ew what happened to his eye

  • Anonymous

    LOL best comment ever yet

  • alexis

    couldn’t be fucking put on some shades?

  • abby jonas :)


  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHHA “some people tattoo their eyeballs” THAT JUST MADE MY DAY! AHAHA that was soooo random I loved it. LOL XD

    but its true do XD

  • addy

    HAHAHAHHA “some people tattoo their eyeballs” THAT JUST MADE MY DAY! AHAHA that was soooo random I loved it. LOL XD

  • sera

    OH MY GOSH!!! megan took my words!! I was going to say he was hot too!! BUT I dont know who he is :((

  • Melissa C

    some people tattoo their eyeballs.

  • anonymous

    yuck,I would just stay at home if my damn eye was all gross like that!

  • anonymous O_O

    umm.. that looks like it hurts