Jonas Brothers Lovin’ Feeling For Aunt

Jonas Brothers
singing ‘Lovin’ Feeling’ to their new Aunt Angela at her wedding in the fall. Nick was Best Man if I recall. Thanks RnestTwo! Nice family event! Vid of Frankie dancing under!

  • TAE

    their family sure knows how to party! that was so cute all the man singing to the bride that must be fun!

  • Veronica Jonas


  • Anonymous

    ooooh!!!!! i love jonas !!

  • Anonymous

    it ONE BIG ITALIAN FAMILY!!!!!:))) on which side of the family ..I wonder

  • ThataJonas Sz

    Jooe iis the hottest man dancing .. I luv Him .. Joooe Will u marry me, please *-*

  • Anonymous

    it ONE BIG ITALIAN FAMILY!!!!!:))) on which side of the family ..I wonder

  • Snoopy

    It was focused on the bride…
    They were singing to her and joking around.. my uncles did the same thing at my aunts wedding, it was hilarious
    Anyways very cute,
    and Nick Jonas… my God you turn me onnnn :] ahaha
    I love the Jonas brothers :]

  • Anonymous

    just AWWWWWWW. :D

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to be there!!
    I wish I’ve had some kind of relation with them :(

  • barney

    i love how they all kneel down…cute

  • Anonymous

    they are italian right??i taught they were hispanic because of their facial feature. kevin is soo hoooootttt and nick and joe!!(^_^)

  • Anonymous

    are they italian ?/? i know joe look like italian and kevin biut nick… sorta

  • heather


    and why the heck was nick best man and not one of the other two?? wonder why the uncle had his nephew instead of his brother..

  • Anonymous

    I love that song. :)

  • christine

    i thinkk thatt wass so sweet <3

  • JEss

    Tat Was Adorableee i Lovee Jonas

  • Allie

    That’s super cute. They all look super cute in there outfits, :)
    I’d LOVE to be there, i wanna be their cousin. That’d be awesome(:
    I love the part where it goes “lovely feeling, i get down on my knees”
    Ahhh, they all get down on there knees. I love how it’s just like, all guys in that little circle singing
    SOO CUTEE :)
    i never imagined nick joe and kevin doing this, but that just shows like they like to do things with there family…i love themmxD

  • abbey



    ohhhh wow. he looks sooooooooooooo good dancing. and in a tux too! wow wow wow wow wow

  • Anonymous

    lmfaooo joe looks so cute. i just wanna go up there and hug him.

  • katie


  • yo

    lmaoooooooooooooooo i hope its not hairyyyy

  • yo

    lmao who recorder this in put it on youtube
    just give me five seconds with joe && its ova sonnn that ass is mine

  • Anonymous

    lol joe was getting into it lmaooo they took it back old skool is that frankie crip walking in the second video lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooo i cant breath

  • http://nada Tiffanyyy

    That’s so sweet!! They really are good guys.

  • gabby

    why the heck was there so much press there?! its a darn wedding. gosh the paparazzi follows nick, kevin, and joe everywhere! unless it was aunt angie’s choice of course! :D then thats fine. but weddings are private and personal, not meant to be put on on the internet. id be like …why the heck is my wedding on the internet?! im so happy aunt angie finally got married though! ahh.

  • Emily

    That is so sweet of all the guys to do that! I love that video! Lol.

  • Anonymous


    I love the way Joe dances!?! I want him to give me lap dance! He is so hot and cute and way he moves and sings….guh.

  • Veronica Jonas

    Agreed. lol

  • Lexi4ever

    It was probably a photographer they hired for the

  • andrea

    where is the link it wont show up???

  • Yvonne

    I can hardly tell anything in that vid cause its so dark

  • dadaddad

    it ONE BIG ITALIAN FAMILY!!!!!:))) on which side of the family ..I wonder
    ITS THE MAFIA RUN!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i’m sorry but HOW did people find her account?
    talk about creepers. hahaha.
    speaking of creepers..
    i neeeeed to go

  • Anonymous


  • Raccheel


  • erin


  • Anonymous

    i don’t see them

  • Anonymous


  • http://cxvsfd Akl528

    uhm i totally sent them that email

  • http://dsfdewfd Allison

    Joe is right in front and kevin and nick are to the right. Frankie pops in and out too

  • jonas4ever

    6th!!!! i cant hear anything on this vid:(

  • Anonymous

    their so cute.
    and their in the circle.
    the circle is them

  • DemiandMileypones:)

    nick is right next to kevin!
    he is wearing white!

  • Anabel

    You can see Joe right in front of the camera Kevin is toward the end near the right & idk where Nick is lol

  • Krystiana

    I was laughing the whole time. Guy’s dance so weird.

    You can tell that thier whole entire family is close.
    My family doesn’t come to together even on holidays. So that means I only see my Aunt’s, Uncle’s, and cousins rarely.

  • carol

    I want to suck Joes big hard hairy dick :-)

  • Anonymous

    that’s weird… it’s like a concert at a wedding o.o not sure how i feel about all the people focusing on the boys instead of the happy couple.

  • Janese

    Oh my.
    I was laughing so hard the whole time!

  • =]

    Isn’t this personal?

  • Veronica Jonas


  • Anonymous

    that’s weird… it’s like a concert at a wedding o.o not sure how i feel about all the people focusing on the boys instead of the happy couple.

    its Not a concert, i mean, you dont pay to go to a wedding :S
    they were just singing to the couple, as a gift maybe


    the first video was tooo cute!!! their aunt looked so happy! joes butt was pretty awesome too ;)
    and frankie’s dancing- HE IS ADORABLE!!! OMJ!
    i cant believe that, they r all too sweet

  • Sonia

    joe back looks hot!! lol

    i love his dancing…sexy man!!

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