Abigail Breslin BOOTS, MARLEY & ME

Abigail Breslin donned large black boots to go out on a fishing boat for the premiere ‘Marley & Me’ at the Tribeca Gallery in New York City tonight. Photos: Fame. Do YOU think Ab will regret this look in five years? +1! Photos: Fame.

  • Anonymous


  • crazy girl (im back)

    she always wear those boots nothings diff oceanup and that was so rude i would love to see the owners of oceanup lol

  • Haylee

    haha, that’s a ghetto redcarpet.

  • http://myspace.com/lol Alison

    leave her alone oceanup!
    you jealous little idiot
    why don’t you do something usefull and stop hating on a twelve year old!
    I mean, it really is obvious how jealous you are of alll these stars. You are a nobody and you try to be mean like Perez to but manage to fail miserably, much like he has been lately.

  • http://myspace.com/lol Alison

    Why dont you try to stop being so jealous of a twelve year old girl
    It is obvious how jealous you are of famous people because you are a nobody. You try to be mean and keep hating on people like Perez does and you just fail miserably, much like perez himself has been.

  • Mrs.ZazWeiner

    to go out on a fishing boat


    Nice!, now we’re bashing a 9 yros sense of styly, huh, OcranUp?

  • Anonymous

    she’s 12 and she looks age appropriate. what’s your problem? go to justjaredjr.com instead. they’re nicer, post better quality pictures, and aren’t run by a-holes.

  • fuck fuckity fuck

    what a homely little girl

  • Anonymous

    rude much oceanup? leave this girl alone

    she’s pretty and cute I love this kid since princess diaries 2 :)) and may fav movie of her is Nim’s Island :D

  • jdf

    I think she looks cute, & now she wont regret it, but you will regret being an asshole one day.

  • http://www.myspace.com/chrissysavers shania

    When she’s 16, she’ll have great fashion.
    She’s clueless and rich. XD

  • Anonymous

    she’s so pretty, ! and she’ll be even more gorgeouss when she’s older ! she has good style for a 12 year old, shut up oceanup ! haha that’s rhymed ;)

  • joe

    oh please, she’s just a kid, a pretty kid who will be gorgeous when she grows up. Stop dissing her, she can w
    wear whatever she wants (:

  • laURENNN


  • Anonymous

    probably, but she’s quite pretty. she’ll be gorgeous when she’s in her 20s.

  • asdn

    HAHAHA to go out on a fishing boat. i’m sorry, i think that’s hilarious.