Britney & Ellen Terrorize Neighborhood

So cute
. Britney Spears & Ellen DeGeneres spreading ‘holiday cheer’ in LA.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    hahaha i love them both, i’m glad Britney is doing so well, i really miss her, she rocks and Ellen rocks too

  • Anonymous

    hahaha I love it!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Britney is so lovely

  • pat

    Awwwwwww i love them

  • Jane

    that was ao hilarious and adorable! if they came to my house i would’ve been so excited!

  • ellenandbritneyrock!

    hahaha gotta love them, and it’s obvious that Britney is is singing bad intentionally, i mean do you really really think that she is going to sing bad in a show so people won’t buy her album, obviously is fake! She rocks and it’s so funny how Ellen tells her how to sing XD

  • Sarah

    OMGOSH that was so funny.

  • Anonymous

    agree Britney is amazing!

  • abby jonas :)

    I love them <3333

  • Anonymous

    LOVE THEM! <3

  • April

    Hahahaha I watched this on her show… it was sooo funny!!!

  • paula

    i know, i would’ve take a picture with them, i wish they put the B + E ? at my house with that pic =]

  • claudia


  • tonya <3

    i love them !!!

  • emily

    ellen’s hilarious, i love her.

  • Anonymous

    team britney now and forever! you can’t beat the original, ladies and gents.

  • britney+ellen

    hands down, obviously Britney is doing that intentionally, it’s so funny! She is amazing ?

  • lol

    LMAO I love Britney and Ellen.

  • -c-

    hahaa this is hilarious!
    i love britney + ellen :)

  • Taylor


  • Miffy.

    lmaoo, this made my day!
    their rap at the end was class ;]

  • Anonymous

    i love them!!!
    buy Circus its amazing!

  • Anonymous

    lmaoo i love them! they are soo funnyy

  • Anonymous

    LOL, I love them both.
    I’m seein’ Britney in concert! Whoo-hoo! <3

  • kaity.

    that was the most amazing video on the face of this planet.

  • TwilightRPattz

    that was so funny!! i love when Ellen rang the dorrbell and she said “it’s Britany Bitch”!! that was awesome!!

  • anonymous

    i LOOOOOOVE Britney Spears :D
    i saw her at an NSYNC concert as their opening act before she was famous
    & ive loved her ever since :]]

    Ellen is amazin too :]]

  • Anonymous

    here is the Extended Rap Carol! on Ellen’s Show (2008-12-17)

  • Anonymous

    yes!!! i love Brit and Ellen

  • Kayla.

    my two favorite peopleee.

  • Alaina


  • Amy

    haha they r so hilarious!

  • Anabel

    Lol Britney’s so adorable.

  • robbie

    yes she is amazing also ellen

  • Michelle

    hahaha! i love 5:29!
    Britney is so adorable.
    I love her & ellen.

  • Anonymous

    they are adorable and hilarious

  • Anonymous

    LOL love them

  • Anonymous

    sweet thanks for putting the extended part, britney is amazing

  • rachel

    that was so funny!! i love when Ellen rang the dorrbell and she said “it’s Britany Bitch”!! that was awesome!


    haha thats exactly what i was gunna say!


    Hahhahaahahhaahhaha omg!!!

  • tara

    i love them

  • Anonymous

    “it’s britney bitch!”

    HA i thought i was gonna die of laughter. i love ellen.

  • alexis

    hahahaha, i thought that was so funny. I saw it on her show the other day and I was cracking up.

    i love them

  • rosie

    loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it

  • claude

    love it

  • Anonymous

    hahahah they both rock

  • Anonymous

    that was hilarious
    aretha franklin hhahaha
    and then the jingle bells rap

  • gab

    really? sweet! she rocks =]

  • Anonymous

    i laughed when she put B+E cuz it = breaking and entering

  • Anonymous

    love it