Robert & Kristen AWKWARD Interviews

Really awkward Empire interviews with Kristen Stewart & Rob Pattinson under.

  • rylee


  • Emma Rose

    Uh for the record i ahve never smoked, just becasue everyine else has done it doesn’t mean you have to. I’m not that stupid.

    And even if she’s high, so thats her problem not yours. She’ll eventually get in trouble one way or the other.
    And to tell you the truth this really wasn’t awkward in anyway. :/

  • vivian!

    haha i love wen he said im not good at any subjects at school :)

  • Zebraaaaa™

    she seems like one of those theater geeks.
    like don’t get me wrong i love acting.
    but she seems like one of those awkward thesbians.

  • Me

    You bum, she’s intentionally using an accent!

  • Linsey

    They’re trying way too hard because they actually think about how they’re going to answer the questions instead of just spitting things out?
    OH, OKAY.

  • kamilah

    Why couldn’t it have been Kristen Stewart that cuts herself she looks like a cutter not Demi.

    wow did you seriously post that? wat hell is your problem. grow the hell up. why would you even wish that upon someone. “she looks like a cutter” how the hell did you come up with that one. dumb ass!!

  • Anonymous


  • Kayley(:

    they’re so down to earth & they just say whtever they want ((: rob is hilarious though ! & not to mention gorgeous !

  • Char V

    Wowww…Okay people alot of people stutter- and not just because they are smoking weed. I have friends who smoke weed, they don’t stutter. I know people who stutter, and they’re not on weed. Like c’mon people.

    Anyways I love the both of them =]

  • alexis

    ugh it kills me to watch her cause she is so…… i can even put my finger on it, she is def. akward in her interviews


    Robert is hott,,,ahha his hairrr omg
    kind of too greasy though like TAKE SHOWER BIZNOTCH
    I wonder if he smells he doesnt shower that much
    but im blinded by love so even if u smell like garbage ill still be in love
    but still shower PLEASE
    i mean like i dont wanna rape u and ur like not clean
    so u need to come make me dirty and rich
    so yeah sucks u dont shower
    but its kinda cool so hot omg

    but he has no abs
    but i guess thats ok hes skinny
    but i want abs though
    go get some abs betch
    like please i like abs
    but who cares
    and gay at the same time
    cuz ur not with me
    i wish u were with me
    but when u sing u sound so yummy
    has aynone hear him sing?
    but at the same time tone it down it gets kinda creepy
    but ur voice is beautiful fo sho
    but still CREEEEPPP I LOVE YOU
    and ahhh u smokeee u make it look so hot
    RAWR like i wanna sex u up right now
    ahh but QUIT THOUGH ur cheating on ur health
    like if u love me u will quit right hun?
    k sweet
    but i guess u can do what u wnat ur like 22
    and im like a kid
    but who cares in ur mind u are just as old as me like
    ur a big friggen baby
    but i love you

  • sarah

    lol, they spelled favorite wrong…..idk maybe thats how they spell it in the UK I guess (: anyways; they’re both awsome.

  • Rosalie Cullen Jonas

    He is so cute (: She is really awkward

  • Anonymous

    kristen is a crack head. She’s so twitchy. But we all knwow she does marijuana so no surprise there.

  • .JuLo

    that message is so funny

  • Anonymous

    Ha poor guys :-)

    i love rob :-x

  • Ale

    Haha I love Rob. He’s awesome. I love his laugh and how he laughed after EVERY sentence he said. [: Kristen is really twitchy, she stutters alot and she seemed nervous. She’s pretty and all but I dont respect the fact that she freakin smokes pot or wtfe.

  • Sophie

    how is this awkward ?????

  • angie

    East of Eden is pretty fucking awesome.

  • Hi

    I think theyre trying way to hard

  • devan Vasile

    i love his accent

  • stephanie

    robbbb :]

  • Jonasjunkie

    aww he’s so sweet lol.

  • MaybeNot


  • Anonymous


  • madi

    haha how is that awkward! haha aww rob is soo cute!

  • Anonymous

    uuhh uhhh ha ha uhh yea uh uhh :::shake hands wildly::uhh yea i mean umm uhhh::pull back hair:: haha uuuu um

    tanslation – yea i liked the movie im a great actress and i was the number one pick for bella

    hahaha total lie ^

  • ariadne

    God! why is everybody so mean? come on im a big fan of kristen, she’s great , she’s a great actress and she is so smart and simple.. she’s not like miley or selena who just jump everywhere saying “im rich and famous and i dated a jonas”.. its so stupid that just by the way she behaves in the interviews ur going to say that she is a drug adict or that shes a freak. come on shes just shy and in that case rob does the same so rob is a freak too.

  • aRa

    whoa!! everyone is so mean!! ghad! kristen’s great!! she picks really fantastic roles. at least she is who she is. and i think her stuttering is just part of how she talks, like adam brody, they just yap and yap and yap…

  • Anonymous



    mmmmm……ummmmmm….probably…. mmmmm…. HAHA i love Rober Pattinson!

  • Feist

    Naaaah .
    I’d have to go with Emmett ;)

  • Kelsy

    Kristen Stewart stutters way to much!!!!! But she is probably high! She has made some stupid decisions in her life!!!!

  • em-mazing

    yesssss! THe office is ah-mazing!!

  • Anonymous


    holy moodswings or something!
    so funny though @$!
    its funny cause its so true
    but i don’t get the beautiful clean poor part

  • trish

    kristen sounds and looks like a retard
    rob is hot

  • den

    Some things to point out:

    -just because you stutter doesn’t mean you smoke weed or you’re high *roll eyes*
    -she’s saying the Beatles with an accent…. lighten up
    -why would you say the girl is illiterate? Are you kidding me. This girl is more intelligent than the average 18 year old. I’m 100% positive she can read AND write.

    I’d rather her take the time to think about her answer before saying it, instead of just blowing it off and replying something shallow. You get what i mean?

    you guys are over analyzing EVERYTHING…. jeez just relax.

  • Feist

    -His interview made my day .
    I love him .

  • Anonymous

    lol i like his laugh

  • sarajonas

    haha when they asked him about his favorite cereal the first thing i thouught of was cinnamon toast crunch, and thats what he said.
    and im not even a rob fan.

  • ariadne

    come on i think that people is mean with kristen just ‘causse she kissed rob in the movie.. come on shes a good role model besides all those rumors about her smoking, ’cause she dont let the fame afect her and she is like “i dont mind what they say” she has that cool personality like bella shes just so shy! and thats the reason of that behavior on the interviews.. GROW UP! and stop of saying that shes a freak and all those stupid thing you say!

  • Anonymous

    nice face, kristen :/

  • me.

    becuase she was putting on an English accent, because the beatles were English.

  • Feist

    LOL !
    I best you she is high !
    Haha , I was like .. why is she stuttering so much ?
    haha .

  • jessica

    HAHAHAH omg i just love Rob, he’s like laughing all the time, and i love how he laughs, haha. He’s so cute ,and Kristen well she’s just nervous, she dosn’t know what to say

  • Courtney

    yeah americans spell favourite like favorite but in the UK and New zealand and other places spell in favourite. weird hah?

  • Anonymous

    i love when rob talks about cinnamon toast crunch!!LOL

  • Ya Digg

    After reading the book I think Rob is the perfect Edward with Bella I actually liked her a lot more in the book not so such the movie! I don’t know why maybe it was Kristen????

  • Anonymous

    rob is adorable.
    “in america they have this thing called cinnamon toast crunch”

    i love both of them

  • DNKD

    Rob is cool, nice & natural.
    Kristen tries wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy toooooo HARD to sound serious & intelligent, she’s a pain to watch.

  • ashley

    stop dissing kristen! shes an amazing actress and she just naturally stutters..and yes i know she smokes but stuttering doesnt mean shes high
    and rob is amazing
    haha …cinammon toast crunch! i love that cereal so i was like =O
    and haha..he played with cards and pretendeed they were other things
    gunna have to tease him about that

  • Janelle

    rob’s favorite song is “beside you” by van morrison. it’s a good song!

  • Anonymous

    hahah i didnt have many toys. i had cards that i played with

  • Anonymous

    that was excruciatinnnnnggggggg.
    she is ILLITERATEEEEE how was her favorite subject englishhhhhhhh

  • shania

    She’s always high.
    Rob always looks like a fucking retard.

  • Anonymous

    naww, its not akward.
    i think thats just the way she is.
    she stutters alot but i think its natural to her.

  • Anonymous

    hahah, omgg i love rob.
    hes so cute, i love his laugh (:

    annd uhh i dont really see how these are akward…?

  • Anonymous

    it’s an amazing song <3

  • Tiffani

    You know…
    its kinda disturbing to see how shallow you guys are..

    Kristen is just normal
    she doesnt act like an interview-trained actress..
    she’s simple and thinks through her answers before speaking.
    She acts like every other normal 18 year old wood..kinda nervous..stuttering alittle..

    but you guys tear her apart, like your so much better.

    its ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck ?
    what’s wrong with her why can’t she say the Beatles normally. =////

  • ellyne

    Kritstens gorgeous and a really good actress but ahs anyone noticed how she always studders and like is all weird in her interveiws its every interveiw and shes always moving her hands and fiddaling is she on drugs?
    not being mean serious question i know she smokes pot thats it tho lol. and Rob is Fing SEXYYY

  • olivia s

    ohhh my god..robs was hilarious that totally just made my day…about the bible and then the toys..! lmfao


    she stutters and he laughs.

  • its all good :)

    I think Jasper Cullen is cuter than Edward :)
    anyone agree?

  • Krys

    Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the SHHIIZZZ

    and so is HE!



  • Anonymous


    kristen stewart is the biggest freak in the entire world. she’s so awkward how is she famous ughh

    rob…do me. he’s soo hot and his accent :)

  • chelsea

    i agree jasper is cuter xD

  • Zanessa_Luver

    i love them and Twilight! :) Kristen is all twichy and stuttery!, prorbably high.

  • Anonymous

    who gives a crap if kriten smoke, so many people do.
    so get over it. i love them both!

    and yuck. . . jasper. . :/

  • :D

    its Jasper Hale…

    not CULLEN…

    and EDWARD is THE HOTTEST of all the Cullens…

  • :)

    who gives a crap if kriten’s high! she probably isnt
    but if so who cares, so many people smoke. also its
    her own decision. i love them both.

    and yuck. . jasper. . :/

  • ellyne

    Robert and Kristan always have such wacky hair!!! and their always touching it, And running their hands through it but Robert looks more comfortable and friendlier like hes always smiling i barely see kristen smile. but the both rock.

  • Anonymous

    Why couldn’t it have been Kristen Stewart that cuts herself she looks like a cutter not Demi.

  • kamilah

    both of them acted the same way they do in every interview. that was not akward and just because someone stutters doesnt mean their high. its called being shy and not knowing what to say. stop hating on the girl damn! no ones perfect…yah that includes YOU!!

  • Anonymous

    I love both
    they have to date

  • stefanie

    ill guess ill be reading east of eden just to see what is about… rob is such a hot nerd lol he is sooo funny and kristen is nice too she sounds to mature for her age

  • grace

    what the fuck ?
    what’s wrong with her why can’t she say the Beatles normally. =////

    she’s trying to say “the beatles” in a British accent.

  • Anonymous

    kristen seems like a very awkward individual, but robert just seems goofy. i dunno its hard for me to figure kristen out. at first i didn’t like her because she seemed so arrogant and ungrateful but in reality i think she’s just one of those people that can’t help but put their foot sometimes. she also seems really shy and always seems to be on gaurd in interviews.

  • Anonymous

    Kristen is very pretty
    Rob is so hot and I love his accent

  • tiatia

    so pretty much cinnamon toast crunch is full of awesome !
    i like how they’re both awkward it’s really endearing. it’s alot better than predictable, predisposed disney stars haha.


  • Anonymous

    both are shy, I don’t see problem about that

  • ashley

    hahaha i luvv cinnamon toast crunch i just had that this mornin and i luv his hair in this

  • jamoaates

    im not defending her because im not a fan of hers or anything
    but so what if shes high?
    shes deffinantly not in that interview though
    she can do what she wants wihtout a bunch of 12 years ols coming on here telling her hoe “bad of decisions shes made”
    i mean come on how many poeple do you know under the age of 19 that havent smoked or done SOMEHTING like that.
    its like none of yall understand that about anyone.
    let poeple be who they wanna be and make decisions for themselves
    shes 18 she knows at shes doing
    and if she wants to so it
    thats HER choice

    (and no im not a pothead or any of that shit for that matter, i havent ever smoked but im just voicing my opinion because its rediculous how immature you guys think)

  • Anonymous

    you don’t like Kristen, just because she makes romantic pair with Rob
    this is called envy
    she is very beautiful too

  • Anonymous

    KS is stuttering from all that weed :)

  • <3

    robs laugh is so adorable (:

  • melissa

    lol…they really are awkward people.
    but it’s so cute. robert’s accent makes me melt.
    i love when he smiles.
    makes my day.

  • OneTreeHill <3

    i think kristen is just nervous all the time and not comfortable talking in front of people.

  • amandaa

    loooooooove robert,
    & cinnamon toast crunch :)

  • Emma Rose

    Wow, god they are both just comepletly awsome. I love Robert, he is so georges and theres actually a guy at school who looks exactly like him, well Edward, ha they are soo not the same people. Well, yeah. And I love Kristen, the only problem is that she over thinks the question, I mean sure think before you speak but she just needs to relax a little bit. But wow “they have this thing called cinnomon toast cruch.” woah, thats what i call amazing. I give them kudos, just for being FUNMAZING!! Ha.

  • Anonymous

    thats really smart, if he played Job.
    tragic crazy story. perfect for him lol

  • Anonymous

    ha ha ha