Taylor Swift, ‘My Crush Didn’t Notice Me’


Taylor Swift revealed to Tiger Beat that seeing her crush around school used
to make her feel like crying. ‘The guy I liked never noticed me. I ran into this problem a lot in junior high.

I always feel for the guys who only liked popular girls. I got sad that my crush didn’t like me back. It was that frustration that inspired me to write my songs.’

Advice on how to snag a boy: ‘I think the best thing is to not come right out and tell your crush you like him. Place little hints. Go up and talk to him, but never chase a boy. It’s their least favorite thing.’

On the best song she’s ever written: ‘I wrote the song ’15’ about what my best friend Abigail and I went through during our freshman year in high school. We both had our first boyfriends, she got her heart broke, and I broke up with my boyfriend to follow my dreams.’

  • http://xanga.com/HighHeelsRedDress woaaaah <3

    join the freaking club .

  • http://xanga.com/HighHeelsRedDress woaaaah <3

    Jonas Brothers all the way.
    I don’t belive I was once Team Taylor :/


    AYFREAKINGMEN ! sadly , i DID believe taylor at one point . i SOOOOOO regret that , cause she`s annoying as f*ck :P

  • Me`

    i knoow who she felt!
    i feel it everyday

  • http://xanga.com/HighHeelsRedDress woaaaah <3

    SO glad she`s not my friend or whatever , cause i freaking HATE IT when all girls do is b*tch about guys EVERY . DAY . GAWD , she`s annoying .

  • alexis

    hahahahah, wow can this girl be any more of an idiot? I have NEVER heard anyone talk about boys more than this girl does. And for everyone who is going to freak out and say “oh, it’s just Oceanup!” That’s not true, I used to be a really big Taylor fan until I realized how pathetic she was. Seriously, we get it. Everyone has hard times with guys and friends, it’s called highschool. The deepest topic she talks about is boys, and that’s shallow.

  • Anonymous

    It’s the same thing I said with Selena and Demi. Ther’es relatability, and then there’s self-pity. I really like Taylor but there is a reason she isn’t my favorite star. I’m not someone who thinks just because you’re rich and famous doesn’t mean you can’t have issues. But at least look like you’re enjoying life. Some of these younger stars seem to be confusing relatability with self-pity.

  • Anonymous

    i luv the song fifteen. its really good

  • Anonymous

    I’m starting to hate her.

  • YomOmma

    Freaking overrated

  • Anonymous

    I’m in love with carolina’s comments since yesterday XD.
    I just love it!
    Taylor is starting to bug me well she always did,

  • Anonymous

    If I were Taylor, I’d be like “Hey boys who didn’t like or notice me or treated me like. Thanks to you, I’m a freaking superstar.”

  • Anonymous

    you guys are such idiots. if your only source of knowsing whats going on in the world is oceanup, obviously your only going to see what they want you too see. just because oceanup decides to post his own conienent articles does not mean that is the only thing she talks about. this is tigerbeat; this is ALL they ask about. how many article have their been on what the boys like to see in a girl, what kind of girl they’d date, yadda yadda. you guys need to get your undies out of a bunch and get the hell over it.

  • Carolinaajobrosfan(:

    That didn’t make sense dude.

  • Anonymous

    she’s not a freakin superstar she’s getting overrated it’s the same story everyday.

  • Carolinaajobrosfan(:

    Probably those guys will still reject her because If they break up she will commit suicide or write a book about it.

  • Carolinaajobrosfan(:

    Thank You! :)
    If you have a myspace add me!

  • Kelly


  • Anonymous

    I’m hoping we’re just not getting the full story, because Taylor doesn’t come off as 100% sane, for lack of a better word, in some of these interviews. She says she doesn’t need a boy, but then says that she does or something. It’s confusing. She’s 19 years old now, and I’m a bit embarrassed for her that a 15 year old seemed to have a little more restraint and respect for the person she clearly loved. 7 Things never seemed like a diss to me. It’s a love song about a person trying to hate someone, but can’t. It seemed like the 7 things were trying to justify the hate, but couldn’t. IE, it didn’t really seem like she believed the 7 Things were true. In conclusion, Taylor does not make herself look all that mature in these interviews.

  • http://nada Tiffanyyy

    That would suck! Guys can be jerks and just worried about what everyone thinks. They need to not let others make a decision for them and at least be happy

  • http://myspace.com/kaylaanicolee Kayla.

    aw ):

    stupid boys.

  • http://nada Tiffanyyy

    guys can have such a sweet side to them but they
    never actually show it because there always thinking what would my friends say…and thn o wait they’d pick on me about it, its like hey we have feelings lol but really don’t worry bout wht everyone thinks just be

  • Anonymous

    taylor , hun , here`s the solution ;


  • MileyFan

    poor her, tell you why tay you are ugly and stupid, and obsessive,if you didn’t follow or obsesse boys so much maybe you would be more lucky.
    Hate you!

  • Anonymous

    i bet all those guys are thinking ohh crapp messed tht one up!
    go taylor!

    [[i love when she mentions guys names there probably uhh thts not me guys… the other drew..]]

  • Anonymous

    i love taylor
    but seriously.
    she needs to stop complaining about guys.
    its really getting annoying.
    we all go through it

  • http://myspace.com/kaylaanicolee Kayla.

    i’d turn bisexual for herrr.

  • Danielle Joy

    boys can be jerks and asses! but boy wat we do for them! its craxie rite? girls should get more credit for wat we already have!!

  • Carolinaajobrosfan(:

    Okay I’m kind of starting to get REALLY pissed I mean why doesn’t she talk about something else, I mean first Joe now MORE boys, this girl is retarded,
    We know the 80% of her life was being heartbroken by BAD BOYS but well I have the solution to your tragical problems.
    Become yourself in a lesbo, so many girls love you in here soo maybe you will be happier.

  • clem

    could all of you please SHUT UP!you are all so unbelievably rudeTaylor Swift is the most amazing honest real person out there.Its not her fault she gets asked the same questions all the time in interviews, and in case you hadn’t noticedSHE HAS STOPPED TALKING ABOUT JOE!it was somehting she needed to get out of her system, and she dealt with it in her own way which is really none of your businessso maybe you guys spend your time hating on people on gossip websites, Taylor spends her time writing songs about what she goes through in life, and the strongest feelings are often inspired by love/boys/breakups/heartbreaks/whateverand for your information, Tied together with a smilethe Outsidea place in this WorldMarys songthe best daychangeNONE of them are about boys or breakupsso you obviously havent got your facts straight if you are saying that she only writes about boys and stuffso please dont judge her if you dont even know what you are talking aboutand those of you who are saying shes like selena no2no shes not!Taylor has her own, distinctive style about her and the stuff she says is totally honest and unique to herI love Selena, Demi, Miley, JB, all of thembut out of them all Taylor is the most honest and real
    she talks about everyaspect of her life and is very honest with her fans
    i think she deserves credit and respect for this as it cant be easy sharing all your personal stuff with the world, she doesnt deserve to be hated on because of it
    and those of you who are saying you dont care?
    GO AWAY! no-ones asking you to look at all of this, no-ones making you comment, and tbh i dont care about if you hate taylor, so i think you should shut up, not taylor

    rant over


  • Gaaaaaaaaaa

    I agree with carolinaa.

  • selena rockz

    you are my hero :)

  • Anabel

    OMG Seriously, people are pissing me off. She’s been talking about boys WAYYYY before Joe came into the picture. She’s fucking gotten over it, it’s the fans that are still dwelling on shit, get the fuck over it. She’s not even talking about Joe.

  • deanna

    Okay I’m kind of starting to get REALLY pissed I mean why doesn’t she talk about something else, I mean first Joe now MORE boys, this girl is retarded,


    no, the only things you hear her say are what oceanup decides to post. if you ever went to her fan site, or anywhere else, youd see in many interviews she doesnt talk about boys.

    shes the most real girl out there, hands down

  • Anonymous

    Taylor, please stop hanging out with Selena Gomez, you’re starting to sound like her. I wish Taylor would branch out just a little more. I’m a huge fan, but there must be more to her than heart break. What about friendships? Interests? Childhood? She’s a bit two dimensional as it stands.

  • Anonymous

    i knoww,
    the story is getting old,

  • mia


  • Anonymous


  • jbhb

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sick of her bitching and crying! get over it-damn! that’s why i am glad they are cutting her out of the JONAS BROTHERS 3-D movie-she is so boring!

  • Anonymous

    She does talk about them ALL THE TIME,
    All girls go through that, and It’s annoying.

  • molly

    I love taylor

    She’s asked about these kinds of things, seriously some of you need to grow up.

    It’s not like she walks into the studio and just starts telling magazines about her guy problems.

    They ask these questions dumb asses

  • Anonymous

    So true she’s always complaining.

  • Disney Supporter

    OMG im so sick of hearing about her stupid pathetic love life, damn why doesnt she just become a les or something I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    okay i love her but everyone goes through things like that it’s something called Adolescence period and boys are all immature at that age but we won’t cry and make drama about it and we won’t go telling the world that he hurted us.

  • Anonymous

    shes a little bit too obsessive of making guys look like mean people. just cause she likes jerky guys, doesnt mwan that all guys are jerks. get a life taylor. weve all been through it. what makes you so special?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Emm taylor selena has already said this, I mean selena 2?
    I think so she changed a lot.

  • Anonymous

    i got an i heart question mark written on the back of my hand!

    (its a taylor swift song btw)

  • jonasjonasjonas

    Oh poor her :(
    I feel so sorry for her, poor girl guys make her life so miserable!
    I’m just very interested in her love life because It’s always the same!

  • kasjfg;asuhc.kja;

    that’s why i am glad they are cutting her out of the JONAS BROTHERS 3-D movie-she is so boring!


    is this really true like for real? cause i love the jonas brothers but if they did that, it would be really mean and jerky. i hope this is a lie.

  • Anonymous

    Not againn!!!

  • Cami

    Aww, I love Taylor! I completely understand what she means!

  • Anonymous

    I love the songs she makes, but there’s little variety. I mean on the one hand I do love her for having the balls to call people out, but when practically all the songs about a boy being a jerk, it seems a bit fishy. I don’t like the lack of variety. I know most of the young girls do sing about breakups(Taylor, Miley, Demi, etc), the other two do have a bit of variety. Miley’s got the Full Circle, Breakout, FOTW, Wake Up America thing going on where that wasn’t about boys really. Demi has the song about her best friend. Taylor’s all seem to be about breakups or never was’s.

  • Anonymous

    Fame *cough cough* whore

  • jb

    yay-she’s not going to be in the movie? she should get cut off-why the heck what she ever even involved in it-TEAM JOE!

  • Anonymous

    Annoying much?

  • Anonymous

    Please taylor do me a favoure…
    We are not here to listen to all your complains about boys.

  • demilov

    i love you!!

  • Anonymous

    And you talk in your bedroom everything is old You talk when you are sad and you talk when you’re alone
    Cause I was there when you said I was heartbroken,
    You are so annoying baby
    I do think so.

  • Anonymous

    This is bitch is annoying.
    Team Joseph>3

  • Anonymous

    thats so typicall.

    liking a guy who doesnt notice you!

  • deemi lovato love

    hate herr :)

  • Anonymous

    Jonas Brothers all the way.
    I don’t belive I was once Team Taylor :/

  • Anonymous

    Umm taylor FAILED.
    I’m sorry but I don’t admire you anymore, You are not that great.

  • Anonymous

    whatever,she’s getting old.