Varsity Fanclub BREAKING UP?

You can download VFC‘s new, last? Christmas song at

  • ViVi4N

    (: i was like SAY WHAAA?! thennn it was a joke and lauqhed it out(:
    haaha, thomas’s sideact is too juqqle, roffll(:
    nicee<3(: i love themmmmm :]

  • Anonymous

    how can u think they’re serious when tom’s like.. come check out my JUGGLING lol ..

    i love these guys !! the xmas song is amazing.. everyo

  • http://JRR REBECCA <3

    Oh my gosh! That was so crazy! I feel really gullible right now. I’m happy for them and their success!

    P.S. “The hardest part of breaking up is getting back your stuff” is a line from a really funny song that’s actually called “Hardest Part of Breaking Up” by 2Gether. HAHAHAA That’s so funny!!

  • Laura


  • Anonymous

    PLEASE God . . .

  • sumy

    omg, haha why is everyone taking it soo seriously?!?!
    hahahaha, i love them and i was worried too because they’re good actors but just because they pulled a prank i wouldn’t say it was mean, haha!

    hope they have a good holidayseasonnn

  • taylor

    lmao i don’t even like them
    and i felt horrible when they said they were breaking up…

  • A

    UGH!! Not cool. But you knew it was fake when you heard about the juggling video. lmao. I’m glad it was fake! I just became a fan.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, that was really mean, and they like, make fun of the Jonas Brothers all the time, I like their music and all but not them, at all!

  • Anonymous


  • ahhaha

    suck bobby dick

  • Alexi


  • Anonymous

    that was so mean,

    if i was a fan of theres
    i would be crying.

    and then id be mad.

  • nicole g

    well wow

  • gabrielle

    uhh who are they?

  • Anonymous

    It was joke. It was not a funny joke. I thought they were serious.They are not really breaking up. They are just going home for the holidays.

  • Anonymous

    I felt like crying until they said it was a joke. That was not funny.

  • Anonymous

    i love them
    jayk is sooo nice.
    i met him in august.

  • Anonymous

    that must be horrible.
    giving up on a dream, when you really have no choice.

  • Anonymous

    good actors

  • Anonymous

    cant be bothered watching the video

  • lmfaooo

    lmaooo omg I was like about ready to burst
    into tears until he said JUST KIDDING!
    whatta idiot! whatever love them forevssss<3

  • tiara

    omg i love that song
    i didn’t think a lot of people still remembered that

  • mebesol

    i was happy they were breaking up…….til it was a “joke” goodness…

  • Adam J

    [u][font size=10] me me me [/u][/font]