Jonas Brothers E! True Hollywood Story

Jonas Brothers
on E! True Hollywood Story Young Hollywood along with
Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron, and Taylor Swift.
Thx Keira! P2 & 3 under the cut!

  • Anonymous

    E! did amazing with everyone’s story.

  • Anonymous

    LOL. The only showed a video Selena for like 2 seconds.

    They talked about Nick and Miley. :’D

  • Anonymous

    Selena Gomez was mentioned! Yay!

  • Anonymous

    Where’s taylor


    she had her own segment just like the jonas brothers did

  • lesha

    aaww that is so cute. nick already pimpin at 7. love it.

  • Yvonne

    They really went light on covering Kevin. That pissed me off

  • ingrid

    i love them
    its amazing how they grow up in their career

  • Anonymous

    oooh.. so mandy and joe dated? woah!

    oh hunny, where have you been


  • lisa

    AHHHH little tiffany soo funni!!!

    they def did have a crush on eachother

  • Anonymous

    lol me 2

  • tena

    I love that so much and it shows that they are still the same JB becasue of what the people said and if the haters don’t beleive them they should watch this :)

  • shania

    ‘I was actually dating joseph.’
    Thats cute. XD

  • Anonymous

    yo they only talked about nick hahahah mandy is pretty i use 2 think she was muck in the face but they changed last night

  • Anonymous

    joe is so adorable

  • Jayme

    I know that one dude on 1:20 is stryker from Ellen DeGeneres Show from last year, so that everyone knows.

  • Laaallaaa

    That was amazingg ! i love those boyss

  • kathy

    “its like super awesome! i loved when nick said that on living the dream.. i love him! :)
    and his voice makes me speechless! :O :D

  • Nicole

    It creeps me out every time I watch something about their real lives (dunno why), but I can’t turn the channel. Fail. -.-

  • Amber

    Anyone have the Miley or Taylor one? I can only find the JB segment on Youtube…

  • anonymous

    Selena Gomez was mentioned! Yay!
    It was all of half a second,wth are you so excited about?

  • Jayme

    I love the Jonas brothers and stryker!!!!!

  • ***Rachel***

    I watched this!!! It was sooo cute and it made me happy to see the old them…I miss those days='[[[

  • mafe

    I loveeed thee.. and their musicc..
    they are amaziiiing

  • -S-

    this makes me cry!
    and right now i just came from my ballet presentation and it’s afterparty so my makeup it runing mix with my tears!
    i love u boy and thankz for been my heroes!
    we love u in HONDURAS!

  • Carolinaajobrosfan(:

    I cried,

  • Anonymous

    Where’s taylor

    In your ass, Nobody cares where she is.

  • carla

    firstt? amazingg



  • asdkjk


  • Sneha

    I saw this on tv…
    I loved it and i love them :)
    Taylors part was really cute too..

  • sophieeee

    they are huge inspirations, good on them !

  • omg

    tiffany giardina was in it! she was marta in the sound of music with nick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ah so jeloussssssss

  • Anonymous

    eh, no they dont hav a long career ahed f dem!! ppl r alredi getin sik f dem

  • T

    Yeah yeah,I seen it! Wheres Miley’s?

  • Allie

    Ha, i love it. It sounds like one of those crime things on that one channel, does anyone know what i’m talking about? Like…the way that guy talks. Ha, I love the Jonas brotehrs so so so much.
    Aw, Mandy was on there. :) hahaaa, “Nick came up to me, and he’s like “Want to be friends?”
    xD Ahhh, girls would chase him in school too? so cute!
    Awww! “Nick, when you become famous…i never want you to forget the first person who paid you to sing.”
    Ha, “they had a little crush on eachother. There gonna kill me for saying this.” :)

  • wow

    cant wait for part 2, 3

  • Anonymous

    Taylor’s was the only good one because it was personal. I basically knew the Jonas brothers’ E! True Hollywood Story before I saw this haha.

  • Anonymous

    was taylor lautner on this too?

  • <3

    watching this right now on E!

    love these boys

  • alyssa
  • Anonymous

    somehow at the end it kind of gave me this sad feeling. coz nick has diabetes! we all
    support him!

  • Veronica Jonas

    That was good. =)

  • Jonas Sista

    Ahhh I saw this!
    The whole Nick getting chased by girls on the play ground thing was so freaking cute…
    I thought they did a great job with all the stars..
    especially the Jonas brothers =]

  • Anonymous

    wheres mileys????

  • michelle

    Is it me, or did this whole thing seem more of a nick THS? They barely mentioned kevin or joe separately..

    the thing kevin did to his teacher..priceless!

  • valleygirlxoxo

    oooh.. so mandy and joe dated? woah!

  • lesha

    now you’d think if they were up to date on the whole grammy’s thing, they’d be up to date on the fact that the Jonas plot changed from the whole spy thing. ha. way to be E!

  • Anonymous

    oooh.. so mandy and joe dated? woah!

    oh hunny, where have you been

  • Anonymous

    was taylor lautner on this too?


    umm Taylor Swift was on it.

    And my sister was like this is a Nick True Hollywood Story. Nick is the most interesting out of the brothers. I also feel like they did not even try to find information about Joe and Kevin. I wished Miley, Zac, and the Jonas Brothers would have talked like Taylor did. It would have been better.

  • Anonymous

    they are so down to earth

  • Anonymous

    i wonder if taylor is gonna mention the her-being-bullied-before thing.

  • Anonymous

    frankie seems like a brat.

  • mileyfana

    Where’s Miley’s?
    I don’t care about these fuckin jerks I want to see miley!!!

  • Sara

    Where’s taylor