Lesley Patterson SEE YOU AGAIN

Miley Cyrus‘ former friend Lesley Patterson called up on stage at her cheerleading competition when ‘See You Again’ started playing. Les
looked happy
. Thx MCF!

  • http://www.roadrunner.com Lauren

    I was there and Lesley was pissed off. You can obviously see that Lesley did not want the attention. She wanted to meet new people as “Lesley” not as “Miley’s best friend”. Miley and Lesley are not best friends anymore. Miley replaced Lesley with Mandy and now Mandy is Miley’s new best friend.

  • http://www.roadrunner.com Lauren

    I was there and she was pissed off.

  • NaTiShA

    Umm are you kidding me??
    Mandy IS NOT a famewhore.. i have no idea where you got that from…

  • http://www.roadrunner.com Lauren

    she was pissed off I was there

  • Anonymous

    thats sooooo old. its like from 3 years ago

  • Victoria


  • Anonymous

    i feel kinda soz 4 her since shes probs sick of being known as “miley’s best friend”

  • Hayley

    Aww,I feel bad for Lesley. She was there to cheerlead and do her own thing, and this announcer has to call her out and put her in Miley’s shadow. That was really unnecessary, but I think it was really nice of Lesley to go along with it even though she was pissed.

  • Anonymous

    this is REALLY REALLY old

  • alyssssa

    ahh i love cheerleading worlds. but anyways this is from may of last year a little late dont ya tihnk? okay but i was there and i felt so bad she like didnt want to go up there and she was like forced, and everyone just wanted to be friends with her because she was ‘mileys friend’ but shes really sweet. i met her :) what cheer teams are you other people on that were there ?

  • Anonymous

    lol wow

  • ashleyyy


    yeah she was super pissed off about that.

  • natx3

    Wow I’d be pissed if i was Lesley. Hah no one gives a shit thats like embrassing. And she did not look happy at ALLL!

  • Anonymous

    I see my cheer team! Hell yeah! Worlds 2008!

  • Anonymous

    miley didn’t just dump her.

    ohkay she’s across the entire country. oh yeah,they’ll
    be closer than ever.

    i am not a miley fan.but people find stupid reasons to
    hate her. i don’t hate her,she is talented. But i’m
    just not that into her.

    My old BFF moved,we still talk but we aren’t as close.
    I guess miley has new friends,is different. And
    if she tell lesley things she’ll just be like
    oh,ok. well thats nice. lol

    That guy is an asshole. “MILEY’S BEST FRIEND YA’LL,

    i would’ve been pissed.

  • it’s me.

    LOL man, she gets all that attention just because she’s one of miley’s BFF! haha :)
    I love miley, and lesley seems to be nice ;)

  • Abby

    wow.. those girls are so lame screaming over
    a person who knows miley wow…
    and that guy is really annoying he was like
    ” is lesley here is lesley in the room
    lesley come on uup here” so she walked up
    being nice and whatever and hes liek “are you really
    like honesly who gives a shit?
    i bet she hated it, i use to be friends with
    lesley until i moved away but we still keep in
    touch but she told me about the whole
    publicity thing and she said she hated it
    she loves miley but she hates all of the luggage that
    comes with miley liek the papz and all the media and fame
    she just wants to be herself and not famous because
    she has seen what miley has gone through
    with all the rumors and shit and she doesnt want that
    at all she just wants to cheer and not be swarmed by a zillion losers

  • em

    i was there hahah
    with ultimate athletics

    she wasnt happy..
    they had to call security didn’t they?

  • Anonymous

    lesley seems to be a really sweet girl, you can tell she didn’t wanted all that attention :)

  • Anonymous

    thats sooooo old! its from worlds last year. and yeah she was actually really angry that she got called up, she didnt want all of the attention.

  • yeayeawatever

    OMG!!! its miley’s bff omg! big deal!! those girls were so excited to see miley’s bff..how lame i was like stfu

  • Anonymous

    I was there she was pissed

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    wow…who cares

  • Anonymous

    who cares?!

  • Anonymous


  • f

    a little fun and mean,

  • Anonymous

    Don’t care about Lesley.

  • hohum

    what a great friend miley is just ignoring lesley now just because she is so famous

  • Ashley

    I was there, and NO she wasn’t happy at all actually.
    I overheard her talking to her friends, not becuase she wasn’t friends with Miley but she hated the publicity because she loves cheering for cheering, and didn’t want the extra attention and it ended up ruining her time because no one left her alone and she wanted to meet new people as Lesley, not as “Miley’s best friend”.

    It really pissed her off!!
    She was steaming the ENTIRE time.

  • allie


  • chole

    yea thats what i thought she looked kinda aggravated, not happy.
    i kind of feel sorry for her since she’s not famous but i guess its what you have to go through being a famous person’s friend just like Mandy.

  • Anonymous

    miley isn’t ignoring lesley, they were recently seen shopping together. and by recent i mean like before miley’s party. but they can’ always be together. they live separate states. and don’t think i’m defending miley because i love her. i actually can’t stand her guts. just stop being stupid people. and stop making up fibs. like.. oh miley doesn’t wanna be friends with lesley anymore because she’s famous. shut up!

    and btw. i watched that vid. it seems kinda embarrassing. no?

  • Marjorie

    Lesley and Miley aren’t “former” friends. They may not be best friends like before, but Lesley was at Miley’s party AND there’s pictures of them hanging out when Miley went to Nashville about a month ago.

  • ahhh! (:

    shes not Miley’s bestfriend anymore if anyone has even noticed! Mandy is now Miley’s best friend. theres even proof of that. Miley replaced Lesleys name for Mandy’s. so yeah…

    and i don’t concider Lesley to be famous at all!!!!!!

  • wow

    thas was crazy lesley was super embrassed ..madd people was screaming damnn

  • liz

    if she was upset or annoyed by this, then why did she willingly walk up to the front so the announcer could introduce her, what a loser, she seemed pretty happy to me!

  • aly

    I bet she was like mobbed after that, after people realized she was there. I’m sure that must have been really embarrassing and awkward for her.

  • Anonymous

    wow if i were her i’d be pissed.
    you could obviously tell she did not want the attention.

    but it’s nice to see that she doesn’t want the attention from being ‘miley’s bff’ unlike someone else we know.
    cough mandy cough.

  • Anonymous

    This is old, I’ve seen it along time ago

  • DamnThatMotherChucker

    That would of been embarrasing LOL

  • sar

    oh! miley is a great friends she still hangs out with miley but they leave in different states she did smile but it must of been embarrasing because then she wont know who wants to be her friend or what to be her friend to know miley instead. i bet she became the most popular girl on there!

  • Anonymous

    i feel so bad for her becasue she must of been so embaressed and that guy wouldn’t shut up miley best friend, your a superstar now really i wish someone would of said to cool it down.

  • Makenna

    All i have to say is that that guy seems fucking retarded.
    “THIS IS MILEYS BEST FRIEND!!!!” Like, seriously? who gives a shit you stupid fuck? i’d be so pissed. What, does he think he’s hot shit that a friend of a star is at his thing? damn, i’d be so wigged out. Like, what a douche… I’d shoot him. I got pissed off just watching the video & listening to him, lmao.

    But I feel bad, i’d be reallly upset. =/

  • Rachael

    i feel really bad for her .

  • Emily Ford

    i think Lesley handled it well though. when she started to walk back someone like stopped to take a picture of her or something. not gonna lie, i would have probably recognized her before she went up. and stop saying her and Miley aren’t friends. Lesley lives in TN, and Miley in LA, they can’t hang out a ton like her and Mandy do. Miley is probably super grateful for having Mandy because she can’t see all of her bests from TN. and she has way more than just Lesley, there is Tory, Madi, i mean, there is more, it’s just the song that makes people think they aren’t friends. gaahh. i feel bad for both Lesley and Miley. rawr.