• kamilah

    lol it does look like nikki is drunk haha good for her. and i love her responese. who fucking cares. i drink ocassionaly, i’ve smoked, and im in college and do well. does that make me a crackhead? grow the hell up

  • hahaha

    was Kristen smoking crack in that pipe?

  • Anonymous

    don’t judge what you don’t know.

  • Anonymous

    omg i totally agree.

  • A

    she’s not saying “so!” she’s saying “so?”.. great response hahaha.

    who is that guy she’s with he’s really hot

  • stefanie

    yeah im sure it was not pot she is not stupid to do it outisde infron of people knwing how paparazzi are GO NIKKI LOVE HER TOO SHE IS SUCH A GOOD FRIEND

  • Anonymous

    haha i love it how this pic that’s become suchh a big deal is just from a movie. but whatever
    yess nikki. good response.

  • Rosie

    Um…If they are bffs, then why doesn’t she care if her friend smokes pot. Pot kills. If you were bffs with someone, wouldn’t you help stop it? It’s like letting them Kristen have eventual suicide.

  • http://www.oceanup.com/2008/12/nikki-reed-on-kristen-smoking-so.html Sel.

    shes just being a good friend.
    I love Twilight!

  • Anonymous

    this is awsome:)i love both of them:)


    fuck everone who’s fuckin bagging on
    them!!!they’re awsome at what they do…and
    who gives a damn at kristen smoking..its really
    none of anyone’s business at what she does…

    even if i hate ppl who do that shit…
    i respect kristen and nikki!!both of
    them are amazing and if you don’t like
    them,,then get ur ass out of here!!!no one needs
    to hear ur rude comments about them!!
    that’s all i have to say:) :)


  • lisa

    who cares if she smokes pot? really
    i would smoke it with her if i was her friend
    alot of ppl smoke it but not a lot of peoples lives get
    exposed to the public leave her aloneeeeeee

  • Anonymous

    loveeee herrrrrrrr<3333

    nikki reed is the sex(:

  • -

    I love nikki!!! Kristen can do whatever she wants.. ya know i think its not even pot.. whatever..i love therm both anywayss

  • brasileira.

    what a heel. WHO’S THE GUY? ¬¬’

    OH, like marijuana was the world. omfg.. you’re all so
    riduculous. _|_

  • Cami

    That’s a great response. I love her. =]

  • Anonymous

    haha i fucking love her.

    As long as Kristin enjoyed the shit, who are we to bring her down?

  • Anonymous

    You only care because she is famous.. I bet you know tons of people who smoke.. you don’t go on bashing them now do you?

  • jen


  • Anonymous

    um. first. and wow.

  • Anonymous

    Go Nikki! Just let them live their lives!

  • Anonymous

    boo yeah. i was first.

  • thais


  • jen

    dude. i was first fuck off.

  • Anonymous

    you guys are losers…for playing the first game. seriously just talk about the video.


  • Anonymous

    miley is a hottie.
    and i am nottie.

    woaaahnesss dude.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i like wannna cryyyy righttttt nowwwwww.

    oh ma gawwwwwd. thaaaat issss liiiiikeeee sooooo efffffinnnnhgggg AWESOME.


  • i hate how celebrities do drugs and they don’t get arrested even when there are pictures to prove it. drugs are illegal.

  • Maria

    Nikki is SO pretty.
    & good for her for sticking up for her bff, even though it’s not right for Kristen to be smoking weed; it’s none of our business anyways & I’m glad Nikki made that clear !

    Who’s the guy ?

  • I hate winter but I love Christmas.

    Go Nikki.
    Old men smoke pipes all the time..
    Kristin is smart.
    I highly doubt she would smoke pot out on the front porch after the huge success of the Twilight.
    Even though I don’t approve of smoking in general.
    It’s not my desicion.
    I love Kristen and I respect her.
    I’m glad Nikki and her are friends.

  • Anonymous

    miley is awesome.
    selena is a bitch.
    demi lovatoooo is like okaaayooo. she has a good voice.
    sooo. it’s all gooood.
    jobros are so effing gay. it’s not even funny.
    they should be banned from disney.

  • Ciara

    i don’t get it?!

  • Anonymous

    haha i love her that was the perfect answer for that question

  • kristen and nikki are amazing :]

    how does everyone even no what
    shes smoking in the first place?
    and so what?
    its her buisness what she does
    and doesnt do.

    kristen is amazing and awesome :]
    and go nikki ;]

  • Anonymous

    i don’t get it?!

    your DUMB.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous | December 20, 2008 1:49 PM | Reply

    i don’t get it?!

    your DUMB


  • Anonymous

    who cares if she smokes

  • Anonymous

    nikki rocks!

  • Katie.

    Nikki and Kristen are awesome.
    Girls with talent, unlike Disney morons.

  • team miley <3

    hate kristen, love nikki(:


    Good response Nikki. Anyway Ocean Up i SENT U GUYS a Tiger Beat scan that says Brenda Song and Joe Jonas are soulmates, POST IT ALREADY, JEEZ r u guys scared that Jonas lovers are going to make a huge fuss about it as usual. Oh and i also sent this article that stirs up Joe and Brenda’s relationship. SCREW CAMILLA BELLE. Brenda and Joe dated, the article proves it.
    Here is a link, that story is long, two-3 pages
    FYI Brenda HAS talent, Katie. Nikki and Kristen too.

  • Tay

    I can’t see any of the dang videos. *sigh* you may want to use a different video program or something.

  • Anonymous

    & how does this relate to the article ?

  • Samantha

    ummm is nikki drunk ?
    cause thats what it looks like

  • uaaaaa

    boyd holbrook

  • Anonymous

    Dude I love nikki. Hahah she’s so tight and down to earth. I love twilight and thirteen!

  • Anonymous

    ‘so’ is right.
    the papz should just fuck offf.
    so what if it was a marijuana pipe,
    are they gonna replace her in twilight too?
    just like taylor w/ that uglyfuck michael.

  • Anonymous

    Nikki and Kristen are awesome.
    Girls with talent, unlike Disney morons.

    Just because someone’s with disney, doesn’t mean their talentless.
    Fuck twilight, and stephanie meyers bad dialogue.

  • Anonymous

    this is why i love nikki!

  • TeamDemi

    oh pleaseeeee… they’re both crack hoes. i wanna swing kristen stewart around around by her hair and slap her till she bleeds!

  • DamnThatMotherChucker

    I feel bad for her,all the bad press all the time,she’s so talented and thats all that matters.I think she’s just shy and nervous and finding it hard to deal with fame and I like her so blah LOL

  • DamnThatMotherChucker

    yeah your a real ray sunshine LOL

  • Diana

    Yeah, “So?”
    thats totally cool, and she’s obviously a great role model for all the 12-16 year old girls watching her stupid movie. So is a great answer. Because smoking is just fine. Great job Nikki and Kristen! frecking pot-heads.

  • Anonymous

    awww wat great besties