Armani spotted Ashley Tisdale at the Americana where she shopped at Kitson and ate at KATSUYA: ‘Ashley had a Fendi bag with her and bought like 3 pairs of boots. She was very nice considering I saw her like 3 times.’

  • Kimmmeeeeeeeeeee

    no it’s the americana in glendale, los angeles.
    i live near there so I’m pretty sure the video is from americana:)

  • kathy

    hahah i saw her we saw all theese paparazi outside
    of kitson so we like went in, we didnt wanna be
    rude and ask for a pic, and plus i dont think
    your aloud to take pictures like inside of stores,
    but we walked past her like three times and never
    noticed her but then finally we did

  • Anonymous

    the americana is in glendale california

  • yoyoyoo

    ^^^^ THNK YOU!

  • Sam

    OMG! she SHOPS!!??
    who cares?

  • chelsea

    i really like her new hair :p

  • luigi


  • Armani

    Hahahha! thats right i saw her!



    she looks gorgeous!


  • hayley

    Wow, being famous really has its perks.
    Everybody carries your shopping bags! and there’s always security guards with you, Awesomeee lol
    I wish I was famous or something hah

  • anna

    omj i love americana!
    when was this?

  • Easter

    first? she nice:)

  • polly

    her hair colour looks nice!

  • Anonymous

    aww i like her hair color & outfit!

  • Anonymous

    is the americana in long island new york? someone help a brothaaaa out and tell me

  • yoyooo

    is the americana in long island new york? someone help a brothaaa out and tell me

  • The Dew.

    What the hell is up with her nose?