Demi Lovato Kissing Boyfriend In Bed

Demi Lovato kissing old boyfriend Keith in bed. +3 pictures under!

  • mariel

    demi lovatos boy friend is wered joe jonas is cute bagay sila ni joe jonas mas gusto ko si joe jonas kaysa sa boy friend niya mas gwapo pa nga dyan si joe jonas kaysa sa boy friend niya. siguro kaya nagustohan ni demi lovato ang boy friend niya ay siguro mabait siguro ang kanyang boy friend
    “the song of this is me is beautiful”

  • sara hhollaway

    who is that . that can’t be demi I thought that demi was the good girl for young girl’s and to be there rollmotel just like miley cyrus we thought she was going to be a good girl but nonono she took the wrong way just like madona;(

  • Amanda

    .__. No comments

  • elina

    how is he ???????????

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  • Anonymous

    BAHAHA her (ex) boyfriend looks WIERD lol!

  • Anonymous

    i dont think thats her! being with disney and all…..

  • Anonymous

    uhmm..she doesnt look like demi altho u guys says its her..

  • sara hhollaway

    me to that makes me so sad. they just need the lord to help them

  • Anonymous

    uhmm..she doesnt look like demi altho u guys says its her..

  • Anonymous

    demi u are nastyyy!

  • Anonymous

    demi u are nastyyy!

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  • Anonymous

    umm. wow.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Well I think it is kind of weird. Has anyone noticed where this Keith guy’s eyes are going in the last picture. I’m not saying there that bad,but really who does that?

  • raewrrr


  • JemiForLife

    Y’all DO know he is gay… Right?

  • Hannah

    The last one isn’t bad at all, probaly just having fun she fun and she was so not kissing him in the bed they were on the bed these photos are not worse than the miley cyrus photos there is one of her stripping behind scnes of her new movie ‘ the last song ‘

  • Ellie

    Damn. Demi used to be a lot hotter. I approve of this.

  • Anonymous

    Joe should see this
    you’re just like Miley
    i really like Taylor Swift for Joe
    and the way she dates with guy
    she always includes her mom
    and never KISSES IN PUBLIC!!!!!

  • ahaha

    lmao virgin my ass.

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  • Anonymous

    yeah it is her from before she was famous and so
    no one cared
    and Miley had a few pics like this that
    her “friends” leaked and everyone went mental and
    called her a slut!!

  • Anonymous

    i don’t really think it’s her though….
    She KIND OF looks like her, but then there are so many ppl in this world that KIND of look like each other. And I don’t think she looked like that before she was famous. I mean, I don’t think she would look like that before Camp Rock days….

  • Anonymous

    That’s her gay friend guys!!
    hahahahhahhaa it’s funny!!
    I take this kind of pics with my gay friends too! They’re like girls to me, so I know exactly how she fells about Keith… It means nothing, they’re friends!

  • SarahLovesDemi

    Hahaha ur really funny :p:p.. just look at her.. how old do u think she was ?? cuz i know that foto when she started to be famous and that was like 1 or 2 years agoo.. soo dont worry guys .. shes not gonna be britney or madonna or miley xD

  • Anonymous

    OMG, yes, it’s Demi, no it’s not her boyfriend! it’s her GAYFRIEND <3 !

  • kaleena

    It is her it’s just this is when she was 12 or somehting like that,WAY before she did camp rock,you know?

    Now if you don’t mind…*sticks your toungue into moi’s sexy vagina and humps it while you finger me and tickle my vagina*Mmm baby so sexy i had sex and made 9999999999 babbie s with dmei you know

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  • Anonymous

    it’s not her boyfriend, it’s her friend Keith Carlisle

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  • Olivia

    It is her gay friend, they were just messing around. Because, you know, taking fake ‘kiss’ pics is immoral and should automatically make you a sl*t, yup, thats how it totally is.

    wow. just wow.

  • Anonymousgirl

    Yes, it is Demi before she was famous. this pics are not nasty at all.Have you seen Miley? she is showing of her boobs and bra. but this is just cute, nothing bad at all.

  • Anonymous

    i hope its not her?

  • Sammy

    I think this was from before she was famous. it does kinda look like demi. she doesnt look like this now but i dont know what she looked like two years ago when these pics were prob taken. just dont judge her. they broke up anyway

  • sara hhollaway

    yuck it making me so sick just talking about her;(

  • sara hhollaway

    her gay friend but thats just not right she used to be a good girl and how do you now thats her gay friend

  • WOW

    WOW i think your great i don’t know why they are saying that u suck because u rule i hope you stay like a star for as long as you can last up too. bye

    U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DEMI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vicky DemiFan

    I love demi, but i think she had a hot night that day! Lol!, and ahe’s not a virgin be sure of that!

  • Selena

    Demi Sucks

  • SarahLovesDemi

    gosh guys thats a picture when she was 14 15.. and she isnt kissing him at all.. and if she was making out with him.. isnt it weird that somebody took a pic of it.. i think it was just a friend thing for a pic when she was 14 or 15.. soo dont panic..

    Demi i loveee uu xx

  • SarahLovesDemi

    ow she took the pic herself xD haha.. wel i still think she didnt do anything wrong,, i have also pics like that with a friend (a boy) soo it doesnt mean im a whore or slut or that im not virgin anymoree …. am i right ?? yes im right !! xD

  • zoee

    thats keith carlisle.

  • Anonymouskk

    that guy was her gay friend. they were just playing around.