Jennette, ‘
I made this little ‘Happy Holidays’ video on the iCarly set.’

  • Anonymous

    aw shes cute

  • Anonymous

    That girl has the prettiest hair

  • Anonymous

    she says her ‘s’ wierd

    like stacey from zoey 101
    its really annoying

  • TwilightFan

    I luv icarly shes so funny in it!


  • jonasbrothers

    im not really a fan of hers, but she looks a lot prettier in this video then usual. :) and she seems really nice.

  • Allyson

    1 comment so far??? Any more???
    Am I 2nd then??? hmmm…

  • Anonymous

    i LOVEEEEEEEEEE her hair

  • Anonymous


  • stef

    aww she’s so cute!

  • Anonymous

    aww she is pretty and has pretty hair.
    Stop picking on her people.
    if you dont like her fine,
    but dont be so harsh,
    you wouldnt like that someone said that about you. :|

  • oliviviviva

    ahahah awwww! i love her :D

  • sarahhhhhhh

    shes ugly as fuck.
    no one likes her.
    she needs to get outta the acting career and needs to go fuck someone.
    shes a bitch, go get a life!
    who in the wrold likes her.