Taylor Swift E! True Hollywood Story

Taylor Swift on E! True Hollywood Story. Part 2 under. Thx Rachael!

  • Smiley

    Awww! I love her. She’s so nice and down to earth.

  • victoria

    dude i loooove her

  • Anonymous

    Theres my girl Taylor!
    if i could pick anyone to be my big sister it would be her. (hey tay my brother and you are the same age and hes super sweet ill get rid of his girlfriend for you if you wanna date him :))

  • Anonymous

    miley = taylor > demi > selena.

  • alexis

    i don’t really like her personality. some of her songs are good, but i think she is overrated.

  • monika

    aww ii cried with her at the cmt awards :(

    iloveeetaylor :)

  • Peyton

    dude chill out.

  • Anonymous

    what makes her overrated. some people like her music, some don’t. no ones blowing up her name like the plague or anything.

  • Sammy

    Taylor rocks
    she is so sweet and nice

  • Anonymous

    have to say her story is amazing and so is she for trying so hard but SHE IS IMMATURE for the fact that she needs to have the last words in relationships and she has to call guys out by name i find it very IMMATURE.

    not immature; just bold. regardless, i’m pretty sure every teen on this earth is immature.

  • Anonymous

    i love her!

  • Mafe

    i love her and her musicc..
    shes awesomeee..

  • Cheril

    her story really gets my eyes teary, because its just so amazing. I admire her so much for being persistent, and its just wow, incredible. Like it teaches everyone to keep going to the top. There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but only one view.

  • Carine

    Love her :D She’s so awesome!


    shes amazing and that stupid troll keeps posting about how they hate taylor or other stupid shit get over it love every one lifes to short for hate

  • http://myspace.com/kaylaanicolee Kayla.

    i love it.
    i love her.
    i love the album.
    i love her music.
    (: (: (: (: (: (: (:

  • Anonymous

    I love taylor so much.
    and you can clearly see that she does the music thing because she LOVES it, not because people say she’s good at it. After watching this, I really love taylor WAAAY more now. she’s just amazing.
    and her LIFE is amazing. she doesnt let …
    like at school when she was young, she didnt let the girls in her school to tell her who she was and she faced the challenge.

    she’s just amazing.
    she’s definitely a ROLEMODEL to me now <3

  • biel.

    ^ forgot to type my name on my comment.
    i forgot to add.

    like I said, she’s an amazing person.
    with an amazing personality (:

  • Anonymous

    its really nice of her to really be intouch with her fans too. she’s so down to earth.
    I hope she stays this way for a loooooooong time :]

    (I hope taylor reads this)

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  • Shes cool

    she doesnt have that many haters
    im cool with her
    great music
    she does have talent
    your crazy if you dont think
    shes not good at writing music>

  • Mel

    lol i loved the part with Drew with the perfect ending only two years late ;D

  • kayla


  • La la la la la

    her part was the BEST!!!!!!

  • valleygirlxoxo


  • Anonymous
  • MISSES Pattinson

    aaah i sooo love this chick

  • Anonymous

    Its about time that you put this up! though I already watched it =)
    Taylor’s was obviously the best, no doubts there
    she is soo talented and her story is inspirational.
    “Because these things will change”

    Way to go Tay!

  • http://www.myspace.com/demiukstreetteam Rono

    wooooooooow love herr!

    this is a ROLE MODLE! :)


  • MISSES Pattinson

    && shes so pretty i mean come on guys
    we werent all pretty faces when we were kids
    just because theyre celebrities there supposed to be pretty since they were born
    theyre human just like you and me

  • Anonymous

    i have to say her story is amazing and so is she for trying so hard but SHE IS IMMATURE for the fact that she needs to have the last words in relationships and she has to call guys out by name i find it very IMMATURE.

  • Anonymous

    wow she is just amazing!!!
    everytime i watch a video, or
    i listen to a song of her, is like i love taylor sooooooooooo much more <3
    n she is not so famous where i live (argentina) but i think she totally deserve be more popular cause she has the best songs of the entire world :)

  • Anonymous

    they taped over your mouth and scribbled out the truth with their lies, you little spies

  • http://www.myspace.com/demiukstreetteam Rono

    wooow she is amazing! :)

    now she is a ROLE MODEL!!!!!! XD

    you see she is getting a message across “follow your dreams, no matter how far they are!” thats what i think, what do you lot think? :)


  • Anonymous

    man i almost started tearing up :’)
    she’s come so far!

  • Yvonne

    You know RCA Records is like “Why the fuck didn’t we sign her”. haha

  • http://www.myspace.com/chrissysavers shania

    Obvious troll is obvious.

  • Carolinaajobrosfan(:

    I hate this bitch with a passion.
    Remember when all was love peace jonas?
    She changed it,she turned this into hell.
    Monday I go to the tv and BAAMM “Joe blabla”
    Tuesday I go to oceanup and BAAMM “Joe blabla”
    and the story goes on and on, I miss when she was just a random country singer Why did Joe had to get involved with her she made my life became THE HELL.
    Now just because of her everything is wrong,everyone hates joey and I bet this bitch is the one to blame she wanted freaking attention and drama.
    Too bad so sad this ain’t gonna last forever beacuse she will end drowned in her own lies.
    I’m sick of her and why did she broght a fucking perfect victim role?
    It was all perfect without her in the media.
    Everyone loved jonas brothers but then she did this.
    She is the BIGGEST fiasco I have ever seen and every one and each of her fans will realize the role model they think she is, is a BIG FAT LIAR.
    She destroyed jonas brothers reputation she was totally out of line and everything she did was uncalled for.
    “Look what you’ve done,You’ve made a fool of everyone,Well It’s seems like such fun until you loose what you have won”.
    Her game is comming to and end but she needs to stop bitching she’s the BIGGEST bitch I have ever seen,she just talks about how boys break her heart.
    She deserves it because she’s the moste bitchy person walking the planet earth,so now taylor do you feel good?
    It’s great seeing you have acommplished in just one month!!
    Yeah enjoy the fame darling,enjoy the fame.

  • valleygirlxoxo


  • Anonymous

    She’s just weird.

  • jonaslove

    ehh idk how i feel about her

  • jackieeee



  • Anonymous


  • Ashley


  • camille

    like her or not, you have to admit this girl is creative. really creative.

  • Anonymous

    ehh idk how i feel about her

    yea me too
    Feel bad for Drew, thought.
    If you mess up and she makes a song about you…little 10 year olds will be attacking ya.

  • christina

    so i was watching part 2, my mom called me and my taylor swift ringtone started playing :)

    hmm just saying, but they dont have much people as the other stars explain her life.
    its mostly herself and her mom in this.
    they shouldve at least had like abigail be in this.

  • Anonymous

    she’s the only person i want to die.

  • bojo

    “Ew ew, country music? Why you like country music? Youre so weird.”

  • Melissa C

    yay taylor!

  • Anonymous

    hell yeah lolszzz they was like damn smhhh

  • Anonymous

    im a huge taylor fan but on 1:38 she looks like little
    einstein lolszzzzzzzz

  • it’s me.

    I love taylor :)
    she’s so awesome !