Very HAPPY 18th Birthday JOJO!

Buxom beauty Joanna Levesque turned 18 yesterday. Photo: Fame.

  • Anonymous

    shes a great singer.
    i wish she would have became more popularr, ya know?
    hopefulyl shes coming out with more music :D

    happy bdayyy jojo(:

  • Anonymous

    woah i thought she was like 22 or something…. O_O but happy b-day to her!

  • Anonymous

    i really like her but i dont think anyone actually remembers her

  • Anonymous

    she’s just turning 18…wow…i thought she was older. yikes!!

  • Anonymous

    ugly your face!

  • TM10*

    i love jojo she is awsome!!
    and pretty;;

  • Mimmy

    awww shes so cuteee

  • bojo

    stick it in her

  • =]

    Is that her natural eye color?

    I remember when she first came out.
    Why is she not more popular? She has a great
    voice. Hopefully she’s working on more music.

  • …..


  • Evelyn Rocks!!!!

    i thought she was older… oh well. Happy Belated 18th B-Day Jojo!!!!!!!!!!! I love her music i saw her in a concert! She was awsome and still is! :)

  • someone

    what !? she is just 18 !!! omg i thought she is older !

  • ew shes so ugly!

  • Anonymous

    1st maybe happy BDAY JOJO! ur gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    1st maybe happy bday jojo!

  • Anonymous

    happy birthday.,
    she’s got MASSSIVEEE cheeks.. ?

  • d

    happy bday jojo!

  • Anonymous

    happy bday jojo!

  • Lola

    Happy B-Day! Keep up the great work

  • MuZzo aka Ste

    Happy init (Y)

  • anonymous

    my sister met her cousin, not that any1 cares

  • mileyfan7

    Happy Belated Birthday, Jojo!! :)


    I remember when she was much younger :)
    Happy birthday!

  • DamnThatMotherChucker

    Happy Birthday :)
    Still not old to drink..hate that LOL

  • Anna

    wow…I’m in love with her green eyes *.*
    happy belated birthdaii^^

  • Anonymous

    Happy nirthdayy

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday girl!!

  • kirsten

    Happy Birthday JOJO! :)

  • Veselka

    Happy 18th Birthday JOJO.

  • emilia

    ew…..shes hideous !!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday.

  • Veselka

    Happy 18th Birthday JOJO

  • Anonymous

    yesterday was my bday too =]

  • Anonymous

    this whole time she was only 17? wow. i thought she was older.