Aly & AJ Vintage Christmas Caroling

Here is the first home video we have EVER posted! It’s us when we were young singing at a Christmas service at church. Aly is 8 and AJ is 6! We figured, in the spirit of the season..

..we’d post up some old videos from when we were just starting our singing careers! Haha. There were 1,500 people at our church so it was a little nerve racking.

  • Anonymous

    hahahahaha wow.

  • tiatia


  • Anonymous

    awww that was adorable!

  • o:

    LOL her tooth, aww <3

  • bri

    lmao i hate aly’s singer in the vid and aj is awwww well soo cute for 6 and really good compared to others at the age of 6
    I agree with u lauren aj was cuter as a child wat happened now lmao :P:P

  • Anonymous

    1,500 people at their church?! woww.
    and aly looks soo scared when shes singing cuz her eyes are all wide.
    at 6 years old, aj isn’t bad of a singer at all.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    stupid retards!
    all little children have missing teeth and new ones
    cause there little!
    Now that, thats cleared up.
    AWWWWWW they are oh so cute =D

  • Talia

    I got Miley’s AIM Screen Name!
    I hate her, so bother her alot.
    if you dont believe me
    IM her

  • Stephyyy

    they look so adorable

  • Lauren

    Aly sounds bad but Aj sounded sooooo good. AJ’s tooth is totally humongous! And AJ used to be prettier than Aly but now i think Aly is prettier and AJ is kinda ugly.

  • A

    AJ sounds TERRIBLE the first time but then she sounds better. this is funny hahaha her tooth

  • anonymous

    Don’t you guys have new photos of AJ and Bennett?

  • Sara

    dang… she had a “good” voice to be 6 yrs old. What’s up with her teeth??

  • VER

    You guys go to church?

    And yet spend all days of the year trying to create controversy and scandal about people you don’t even know about?


  • VER

    Now that I actually read the heading, I think I just have to let go of the booze.

    PS:I knew these bastards would never go to church!

  • Anonymous

    lololollol one tooth