Jonas Brothers JOYFUL KINGS DISNEY Christmas Day Parade

  • Anonymous

    love these boys!!!


  • new girl

    get a life bitch

    i do have a life if i didnt i wouldnt be on this site or this earth durrrrr

  • zanessa rox ur sox!

    omg they rocket at the parade! go jb! lol

  • Victoria


  • Muirne

    Umm.. They Were LypSynching. And I Am Not Hating on them because I LOVE THEM. But they Were!

  • Anonymous

    i was there! and you cxan see him grab my hand. haha :)

  • sdf

    OMGG I LOVE NICK JONAS! heee is amazing, they r all greatt! is it just me tho, they look sooo happy on stgae and stuff but then hen they r walking the streets they seem so leike depressed or something. like look at pictures before their burningup tour they even look some what happy during hwen u look me int he eyes tour. is it just me?

  • many

    i like their music but sometimes i cant understand nick singing his dialic is kind odd you dont understand what his saying. but i like when he actually understand what is that his saying he sing good. but he needs to work on his speech. i like when he sang look me in the eyes oh wonderful song he should do another one like that!

  • andreaa :)

    second! :)


  • ***Rachel***


  • talia

    I got Miley’s AIM Screen Name!
    I hate her, so bother her alot.

  • zac

    yeah i agreed sometimes i dont understand nick when he talk under his breath but he did ok some of them i didnt understand what he said!
    i saw it on television and i liked miley performance better than all the performance it was fun i understood everything she sand and they had a big show with mickey mouse loved it. colbin bleu what pretty awesome as well the guy can sing he need to sing more often love his voice! miley performance by far was the best! i love jb and miley and colbin but i have to give credit were credit is due!

  • alexis

    i thought they did really good, it was a good performance :]

  • Anonymous

    they were live! i was there :D

  • Veronica Jonas

    They did well. :)

  • JBAN

    WOW the JB rocks !

    Check the Jonas at the Wedding party of their uncle !
    Never seen pix :

    They’re sooooooooooooooooo H.O.T !

  • Carolinaajobrosfan(:

    Awesome! :)
    I love themm,

  • Anonymous

    im glad they got lots of shots of kevin :)
    usually they don’t do tht..

  • new girl to the site

    omg they suck so much and on the cds the stole the the tune from black parade they always steal songs they need to go crawl in a hole and stay there forever and they are so ugly look at nick he looks like a fucking rat and joe looks like a girl and who the fuck is kevin suppose to be Elvis they are such wanna bes and they are so fake we are good guys cuz we wear purity rings oh pls they probably got fucked already

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE that song.
    It is my ringtone<3

  • Anonymous

    Yes you are her,

  • KevinMiley

    YOU CAN HEAR KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mileyluver

    get a life bitch

  • Anonymous

    Umm.. They Were LypSynching. And I Am Not Hating on them because I LOVE THEM. But they Were!


    At first I thought that too.
    But they sound different than they do on the CD,
    so I think they were performing it live.
    That’s just my opinion.

  • caroline


  • Yvonne

    Kevin was just flatout hot in this. I am overjoyed that he got a lot of screen time

  • new girl to the site

    if you look at the selena post that was up for days
    crazy girl said she stopped hating and i just found thtis site today when somebody fucking spammed it on another blog site but all they post is fucking homo brothers they suck they cant sing for shit its pathetic

  • Anonymous

    i love jonas!1!!!!

  • <3

    awesome i love them!!!!!!!! who gives a fuk about the haters i know what they say is true and comes from the heart i can tell when ppl are nice or just putting on an act!!!!!!! and the jonas brothers are nice ppl and mean what they say and who ever marrys any of them are gonna be lucky girls because they are great guys!!!!!!!

  • amanda

    yeah you can tell it was live!!