The Santa Clause 2 & 3 star Liliana Mumy hanging out with her Campbell Hall friends in North Hollywood, California. Maybe Lil is friends with fellow Viking Dakota Fanning?


    This Bitch Is Fucking Hot Dont Be Jealous You Skanks
    You Wish You Were As Pretty As Her
    And You Cant Pull Off That Eye Makeup
    So Shut The FUCK Up And Stop Wishing You Were In Cheaper By The Dozen
    And Space Buddies

  • Anonymous


    she looks so emo/scene in the 2nd pic!!!

    i never thought she would become like that!

  • Anonymous

    like oh emm geeee
    this is just such a juicyy blog!!!!!!!

    good shit!!!!!

  • emma

    She played Jessica in Cheaper by the Dozen.

  • Anonymous

    No that’s not casie

  • Anonymous

    what’s her myspace?

  • randomperson

    Check out more rare liliana pics here:

  • Anonymous

    Why are you
    homeschooled now??

    And who else went to that school?

  • lalala

    it is a rich people school
    some of my friends go there

  • Anonymous

    Shes soo gorgeous! And thank god there were only two negative comments about her.

  • Cami

    She’s really pretty!!

  • Anonymous

    her hair is so vibrant

  • Cammy <3

    I go to this school, it’s a great schoool. I’m a grade younger than her.

    and no its not for “super rich snobby ” people.

    Jansen Panettiere & Dakota Fanning also go to my schoool.

  • Anonymous

    she is really pretty now!

  • Anonymous


  • haha

    Trust me shes not friends with dakota

  • Anonymous

    Please don’t get offended, I am just wondering…
    If it costs nearly $25000 a year just to go there,
    And it is located in Hollywood ,
    How is it not for rich ppl?

    And what grades are liliana, dakota , and jensen in ?

  • Anonymous

    woah she grew up like really fast, she is soooo pretty.
    i’m jealous!

  • Anonymous

    She is SO pretty :]
    I wish I looked like her.

    you need to post more on her.
    There isn’t even a link for her.

  • christina

    omg if u see this liliana mumy ur like the best and i wish i could like be ur friend iam like older that u by like 1 number so ya ur the best ciao

  • Anonymous

    she so pretty!

  • leila

    she looks soooooo cool :]
    i love her.
    i didnt even recognize her!
    she looks sooo mature,
    the last time i saw her on tv was when she was acting in cheaper by the dozen, and she was sooo small back then.
    wooow, she grew up FAST.

  • kkffj

    she’s beautiful

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, she’s pretty,
    But she is rich and stuck up….
    The only reason she’s famous is because her dad was

  • anonymous

    wow if liliana mumy sees this wow ur the bestest
    actress every ur so kool and also i wish i could be ur friend iam like ur age i was born in 1993 so ya bye for now

  • yasmine

    She is definitely nice and more chill than Dakota. She is a freshman at CHS, Dakota is a sophomore. And yes it’s a “rich kids” school and lots have been in films or extras or met many celebrities.
    Liliana runs cross country at CHS and used to go to Laurel Hall.
    She is way pretty but could use a little less eye make-up

    how can dakota be a sophomore and liliana a freshman if they both are 14 ?

  • cachie


  • Anonymous

    my sister wants to fuck her.

  • Anonymous

    she’s gorgeous !
    ahhh, i’m so jealous.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    she’s gorgeous !
    ahhh, i’m so jealous.

  • lauren

    she’s cute!

  • maddie

    omg she is soo pretty!

  • Anonymous
  • Allie

    she’s really pretty!!!!(:

  • jenjen

    Gee has she got enough eye makeup on? It would suck if it rained on her! panda eyes much?

  • Allie

    oh, and GO VIKINGS! :)

  • Karina :]

    i remember her. shes soo pretty!

  • Yo

    so liliana and dakota go to the same school? what grade are they both in?

  • Chayne<3

    oh my god!
    she is sooo pretty!!!

  • cachie


  • lauren

    wow she is pretty
    it looks like she runs cross too

  • Alyson

    I bet oceanup thought she was pretty
    and has a crush on her that’s why they wrote about her out

  • lskdflj

    she is so fucking pretty it’s not even funny.

  • CandyGirl

    She is definitely nice and more chill than Dakota. She is a freshman at CHS, Dakota is a sophomore. And yes it’s a “rich kids” school and lots have been in films or extras or met many celebrities.
    Liliana runs cross country at CHS and used to go to Laurel Hall.
    She is way pretty but could use a little less eye make-up.

  • CandyGirl

    Also this site kind of spotted her first:


    They have more rare shots there.

    Btw. However runs this site better stop taking pics from here and saying they found it. Lame.

  • Stephyyy

    she’s so cute now
    she kind of looks like britney snow

  • Leil

    ^ Dakota skip a year remember?
    and no this is not a rich people school..

  • Anonymous

    How are the students middle class if they’re able to afford the tuition of your school, AND afford lliving in Hollywood, or nice parts of la? ……looks to me like you don’t really know what class your fellow students are….

  • Anonymous

    awww , she`s cute !

    lmfao , they`re ALWAYS CUTE until they start dating a jonas brother .

  • Ryann (Im a girl!)

    I really wish i had red hair like hers.. its so beautiful!
    o well im still a proud brunette =]

  • Anonymous

    she got so pretty its insane.


  • LOL

    she’s so pretty!

  • check it out

    CEO’s new location!

  • jordynn

    she is really pretty
    especially the 2nd pic!

  • anonymous

    shee is reallllyyyyyyyyyy pretty !!

  • 101girl

    I think I kind of look like her!!!
    I have red hair just like hers!!!
    WOW she is very pretty!!!

  • Anonymous

    so basically , her hair is AMAZING (:

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    she turned very pretty.
    wow it’s amazing how much these kids change.

  • Sarah!

    Hayden Panettiere’s brother Jansen goes to Campbell Hall 2!

  • Bayleesayshi

    she is soooooo pretty! im terribly jealous now

  • L

    wasnt she also in cheaper by the dozen 1 & 2??

    and she’s gorgeous!!!!

    i’m so jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    WOW she’s gorgeous….
    her hair is sooo pretty.

  • mel

    she is so pretty and i want her hair!

    i wonder if thats like a super rich ppl school?

  • bunny

    the 2nd picture was really pretty. WOw she’s so gorgeous

  • alainna

    dude im totally jealous she gourgouse!!

    and 9i heard shes supper nice and shes not a skank your just jealous ohkay ;d
    and the jonas brothers are awesome so if you think they turn ugly after they date JB then you should die of jealousy ;D

  • ashley

    haha. i used to go there! but now im homeschooled, haha.

    but , the thing is mostly everyone there is REALLY down to earth. whoever said that lili is stuck up, is just jealous, she’s the NICEST person ever. and no her and dakota hang out with totally different people. haha

  • me

    everyone s calling it a rich kids snob school! lol its just a private school! people call my school a snob school too!…though it sort of is…

  • marrrrrry

    shes soo skanky!

  • Anonymous

    What is Dakota like?

  • Anonymous

    emo/scene? you have no idea what your talking about
    she looks FAR FROM emo.
    very. far. from.

    i know some people with “emo/scene” stylee.
    thats not it..
    you probably just think of that because her nail polish is black, and shes wearing somthing grey.

  • Anonymous

    she’s so pretty
    and i’m so jealous

    i totally wish that i could look like her… then again, i bet like, everyone who looks at this does. :) haha

  • Anonymous

    i wonder if she knows that she’s on here…
    wouldnt that be wierd?
    to be like… normal, and have your pictures posted on a celebrity gossip website for the world to seee?

    i sure think it would…

  • Anonymous

    okay, I go to this school and can you guys stop saying it’s a “rich ppls school”
    most ppl there are middle class okay?
    everyone has their own opinions and xpriences with these ‘celebrities’ who go there, so these rumors are completely redundant. its like any other situation where one person can be friends with someone and another person cant stand them
    simple as that.

  • Anonymous

    is she the weird looking “twin” on Cheaper by a Dozen?

  • anonymous

    Okay, all of you saying it’s a rich people school are idiots and are most likely
    uneducated because 1. It does cost a lot of money but that doesn’t mean your
    rich there are things called scolarships. I know people who can barely afford to
    live in a house and go there. Get a life! and you kids don’t even know Dakota or
    Liliana so if your going to mention something rude, I suggest you keep it to

  • CandyGirl

    Dakota is nice but kind of into her circle only kind of deal. Liliana is awesome.

    Also, CHS is a “rich” kids school only people don’t realise it because you get used to everyone being the same way. The school costs about the same as going to a good college every year. If your parents are paying about college tuition for a little kid to go to school then you know you are wealthy. Plus many of the kids live right in the area, which is a very nice area and that costs as well. So yeah it is and ppl can get over it.

    Since Dakota was homeschooled she got to go at her own pace. There is a small difference between K and 1st grade so she just moved up. Plenty of ppl do that. In fact the panabaker sisters were done high school by 14/15 because of it.

  • Anonymous

    She’s so pretty!
    I loved her in Santa Claus.
    She was adorable in them with her ‘warm hugs.’

  • marrrrrry

    ummmm i went to middle school with her.
    she is suchhh a skank.

  • gabby

    i didnt even recognize her. yea shes from cheaper by the dozen. you guys are right she grew. and she really is pretty. lol to whoever said yea theyre cute until they start to date a jonas because that is so true. not for me, but for every other girl.

  • Bonnie

    Ohh she’s ADORABLE. I just re-watched those movies earlier this month and she is soo cute in those, and she grew up to pretty AND cute! Please post more pictures of her, oceanup. (:

  • Kayla.

    she’s really pretty.

  • weinermcphil


  • Anonymous

    yea shes beautiful post more of her oceanup

  • Anonymous

    in the 1st pic, the girl next to her, is that cassey from life with derrick?

  • wow

    wow she grew !!!

  • Anonymous

    isnt she in cheaper by the dozon???

  • Anonymousy!!

    she is soo pretty i have just watched santabuddies ( its my b-day, i’m 12) YAY!!

  • maddy

    she doesnt go to campbell hall anymore thoughh. i know her !!! she goes to my new school not saying because thats kinda stalkerish + her boyfriend is good friends with dakota fanning so they are friends but not great friends !1 as her boyfriend is in the same grade as dakota at chs !