Vanessa & Stella GET BEAUTIFUL

Ugg booted Vanessa and sister Stella Hudgens were spotted shopping with her sister at Frends Beauty Supply Company in LA on Christmas Eve. Photo: INF. More under!

  • mel

    whats up with her boots!? lol
    idk y but lately she looks like a racoon!
    just look at her, she looks different.

  • Anonymous

    Uggs aren’t meant to be worn in the snow.
    They were made by surfers in Australia who wanted to keep
    their feet warm after surfing. You’re not suppose to wear them
    in the rain either.
    So what if she’s lazy I’m pretty sure she doesn’t do things just to
    please people who read online gossip blogs she doesn’t even like
    the paparrazi.

  • zanessa rox ur sox!

    omg nessa looks so pretty! i love her so much!!!!

  • Anonymous

    the boots ugh!
    get it uggs – ugh
    but the sweatsuit
    kaute ;)

  • Slut

    could she be uglier!

  • Nikki

    sick i would NEVER go out looking like that.

    a little effort next time bbv.

  • isa

    vanessa gets beautiful? lmfao, good look with that x)

  • Anonymous

    is that the same sister that took the myspace pics?
    o well shes cute. nessas boots are ugly tho

  • _______________________

    they both look gorgeous.
    but i also agree that vanessa shouldnt and cant be considered as a true role model cause she has such a bad reputation on hold right now with her fans.. i guess.

  • Anonymous

    There’s nothing wrong with the way she’s dressed.
    I’m pretty sure she just wants to be comfortable
    I know I would get dressed up for 40 year old
    papparazi guys.

  • Anonymous

    Vanessa is gorgeous.
    And her sister is really conceited.
    She takes so many pictures of herself in these retarded poses.
    She’s on myspace. ;l

  • beea

    vanessa is sooooo gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    I think she’s pretty but why is everyone so into UGG boots? they’re so chunky and UGGly. Not to mention extremely overpriced. she probably spent $300 on those things.

  • fjdklas;

    her sister is heinous.
    why does she have to dress like that
    jfkdlsfjsd eesh.

  • katie

    they r cute and pretty i like V’s style

  • Lenieexo

    I love how Vanessa can go out looking like that and still be wicked pretty(:

  • kay

    They look cute. But those ugg boots are weird.

  • aila.

    get beautiful ? they look gross.

  • Anonymous

    weird boots.

  • ceci

    she looks good, but idk it’s looks like it’s too much the ‘celebrity gets out of his house to get a coffe style’ , i mean, it fits her well but the sweatpants, and the jacket like ‘in anymoment it’s going to fall’ the messy hair, the boots… dirty boots, is like too much. Maybe if she use those things like in diff. days with others more casual and stylish clothes, thay would look nice.

  • blahhh

    they are both annoying
    both stupid for taking retarded pictures
    that’s why their both sluts
    and vanessa isn’t a good role model
    her little sister wants to follow her footsteps
    their both whores
    ughhh I would never cosider them as friends if I had the chance to >:|

  • vivie

    i love vanessa,
    but I prefer her hair like before.

  • emma

    I think she needs new ugg boots.

  • katarina

    i love vanessa
    but her ugg boots are ugly :/
    her sister is cute too.

  • Anonymous

    first :)

  • Anonymous

    It’s not about being comfortable.. it just shows that
    she’s being lazy. It doesn’t take much to put on a
    simple t-shirt and some jeans. Plus, those ugg boots
    are hideous and are meant for winter weather only. It’s
    not snowing in LA and that’s really the only reason
    those boots were made.


  • it’s me.

    vanessa’s gorgeous, love her :)

  • http://unknown unknown

    she looks like a pig

  • Alexa

    cute sweatpants :) I love the peace sign.. but I never wear my boots with my sweatpants. I don’t think they look okay with baggy pants but that’s just my opinion.

  • claudia

    why is it that celebs think they can go out looking an absolute DUMP and get away with it? i would never go out looking like thst- like i just crawled out of bed!
    whos with me?

  • caitlyn

    love nessa.

  • shei!!

    las 2 putas.. jaja
    q pateticas
    q cagada
    x diossss
    las odio
    son horribles las 2
    tienen esa nariz mas grande
    son feassss


  • shei!!

    las 2 putas.. jaja
    q pateticas
    q cagada
    x diossss
    las odio
    son horribles las 2
    tienen esa nariz mas grande
    son feassss