All-American Rejects WOMANIZER

All-American Rejects
cover Britney Spears’ ‘Womanizer’.

  • Linda

    Anyone and anything is better than Britney, the whoreface.
    How can you like someone so dumb, like Britney?

  • Anonymous

    sounded like pedophiles

  • beci

    ur right… noone can top a talentless slut!!!!!

    im sry but britney sux! im not usually one to leave
    hate comments but im doing it now!!! she sux the only
    thing she knows how to do is take off her clothes

    although i will say on good thing she is very pretty

  • Katie

    lmfao AAR is fucking amazing. This is hysterical, and whoever said the guy playing guitar is hot, his name is Nick (:

  • Anonymous

    sounds like the type of covers they put on the bbc live lounge CDs in the UK. no one beats britney’s version though (:

  • Anonymous

    one word.

  • Steph

    I love AAR.

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure they did this as a joke.
    Although, it was pretty painful to listen to.
    I stopped after 30 seconds.

  • lala

    omg too funnay, i love them<333 haha i cant breathe now

  • krisii

    sounds like da HOBO verison i heard on da street the other day LOL

  • Anonymous

    loved it.
    horrible but great at the same time.
    i mean the accordian, come on, you cant beat that.
    and when he started singing happy together, i was like omg it does have the same melody.
    that was perfection.
    they are my heros.

  • http://kianalahh kianalahh

    i can not stop listening to this.
    i love it.
    the first time i heard it, i was like: whoa they sounded bad.
    i’ve listening to it like ten times today.

  • Anonymous

    i prefer lilly allens version, but thats just my opinion :]

  • bri

    haha wtfff it’s still good though

    hey linda, looks like you’re fucking jealous because britney’s like a fucking legend and nobody cares about you. fuck offf


  • MaddieMaddieMaddie

    AHHH, I love this.
    at first I was like, ew, but now I like it xD

  • megann

    in case some of you didn’t catch the drift its a joke.
    because some of the people are like you can’t top britney lollll
    they aren’t trying to, they’re just kidding.

  • zzzoeee

    wow the accordion killed it

  • hayley

    “maybe I could be your GIRL *funny face*”
    hahahah they’re hilarious
    Also I love the “WOO’s”


  • Anonymous


    It’s a fucking joke people.


  • mariann(:

    HAHA. that was great.

  • Anonymous

    just peed myself !
    was that a joke!?

  • Anonymous

    ahah that was…interesting to say the least
    but i love aar and their new cd is the bomb dot com!

  • Anonymous

    this sucked.
    no body can top britt.

    sorry, but this was like BAD.

    my ears are fucking bleading.

  • Anonymous

    britney is a fucking legend.
    she is beast as hell.

    even though shes been throguh some tough shit you have to admit that she is, and always will be, amazinggg!

  • Dee Dee

    Okay… That was scary.

  • Anonymous

    That was pretty good actually.
    But no one can top Britney. XD

  • Anonymous

    i actually really liked it.

  • hayley

    “maybe I could be your GIRL *funny face*”
    hahahah they’re hilarious
    Also I love the “WOO’s”


  • Anonymous

    hahaha this was pretty hilarious. i love it!!!
    anyone who is taking this seriously and getting angry is an idiot. lighten up!!

  • Kelsi

    hahahahha AAR is so funny I love them.
    deff better then brit

  • Anonymous

    agree the AA are good but can’t compare to britney, she rocks

  • Anonymous

    guys you rock but this sucks!!! seriously!!!

  • ….

    He looks effin creepy

  • Cristina

    Oh my goodness that accordian!

    I <3 the All-American Rejects

  • Anonymous

    i love the AA, but… ehh this wansnt so good…
    hahah w/e, i still love you guys

  • Kat

    I fuckingg loveeeeeee AAR<333
    theyre new album is awesomeee.
    but its pretty hard to top britney

  • Brunettes Get Better Grades

    Haha this is so funny.. with the recordian lmao..
    its a joke, their not trying to top Britney..

    i love these guys im so happy their making a comeback..

    My 2 favorite bands.. AAR and JB :D

  • Anonymous

    lmao, it was a joke. They had an accordian for Pete’s sake. They weren’t being serious.

    Poll: How high do you guys think Tyson was during that performance? He’s seems like he’s always so strung out lately.

  • chanell


    4 words:

    How. Awesome. Are. They?

  • sarah

    haha i know right. these people are taking it way serious

  • Anonymous

    i loved it! haha

  • Anonymous

    hahahahahaha, I thought it was hilarious.
    …it was a joke guys, don’t take it so seriously.

  • Brunettes Get Better Grades

    haha i dont know why i said recordian…

  • mona

    lmaooo that was hilariouss
    but no one could top britneyy!!

  • Anonymous

    wow! seems like everybody wants to sing Joe’s song.


    best comment ever.

  • Makenna

    britney’s amazing. no one can top her.

  • cristina

    omg that sucked
    hope this was a joke

  • eileen

    this was hilarious and i loved it

  • Shania


  • Alexa

    Lmao, it’s a joke. Chill out guys.
    But how can you say britney is better? You mean, she performs it better? Because she has no singing talent.
    Now before you start calling me names, I have nothing against her, and it’s awesome that she got through all that tough stuff. Seriously, though, as far as her actual voice, it’s not great or anything.

  • lalaland

    I want this on my ipod. no joke. haha.
    I loved how they seemed to fit “Happy Together” in this song, that was amazing :)

  • Anonymous


  • Nicole


  • Lena

    okay. I like the theme and everything, but it wasn’t better than Britney.

  • Edivic


  • demi is gonna win a emmy!

    ahhh that sucked.

  • Kate

    i love AAR but this isn’t good

  • cyn

    this was supposed to be a jokeee
    calm down hxc brit fans.
    i love her and im sure she thought this was funny too..
    they sound cool..the little accordion was hilarious
    love it

  • Anonymous

    they sucked

  • Anonymous

    the lead singer needs to take a bath then eat a burger. he looks like a hobo. -.-

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry but NOONE can top Britney!

  • Anonymous

    Pretty fucking Epic.

  • Anonymous

    wow! seems like everybody wants to sing Joe’s song.

  • :) ahley

    HAHAH! wayyy bettttter than britt!! hahhahah. i love it! LD

  • Emily F <3

    omg tyson is so hott <3
    im not liking the outfit though

  • stef

    uhmm.. EWW?

  • Anonymous

    that is just sad

  • Anonymous

    i love it!
    that was incredible

  • Anonymous

    it sucked.
    haha i have that accordin or whatever he was playing in the beginning. :p

  • Anonymous

    haha! that was hilarious! awesomeeee

  • KeepItCrazy

    THAT WINS! Hahahahaha.

    AAR WINS AT LIFE. True story.

    AAR <3

  • Eve Cullen

    That was soooo gay!

  • Anonymous

    hahah great!!

  • mileyfan

    wow! seems like everybody wants to sing Joe’s song.

    hahah best comment ever
    i love joe jonas but that was funny!

  • anonymous

    i like AAR
    buuut NOONE can top Britney
    it just makes it worse that he said they can sing it better
    that made me kinda mad :p
    sorry boys, but you have nothing on Britney

  • Anonymous

    guy playing the guitar is HOT!

  • Anonymous

    i love them but wtf was that?! brit all the wayyy

  • Massie

    People stop doing covers of this song.
    First Lilly Allen

  • Jonas&Cyrus!

    its all about britney!

  • jill


  • Chelsea

    bahaha this sucked.

  • tash

    Are they for real? I don’t actually know..

  • Skyllar

    That was stellar. :P

  • Taiane

    Horrible !
    Waiting to Jonas in Brazil ;*

  • kelsey

    ha, its hilarious how your all like “omg, no one can top britney!!”

    uh, durr, they were JOKING.

  • Tayler

    this sucked, britney did it WAY beter.!

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    eww they sucked xD
    no offence..

  • Anabel

    I loved it, I don’t really like Womanizer, Britney’s version. It’s quite redundant. I like this version better though.

  • marcela


    i mean pleasee they could do it without effects!!!!!
    (and without changing HER voice)

  • marcela


    i mean pleasee they could do it without effects!!!!!
    (and without changing HER voice)

  • madison. (:

    i love the comment that said
    “wow seems like everyone wants to sing joes song”
    thats funny :] i love joejonas but he is a womanizerr.