Jackson Rathbone DREAD

Jackson Rathbone interview about Dread and Twilight.

  • Savannah

    dksndkasdkasnd i love him soo much and 100 monkeys is absolutly amazing

  • Dergi


    this blog is good

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  • 29nisan
  • Kaitlin

    I am in love with Jackson! He is so amazing! I love his band! They are sooooo good!

  • Anonymous

    i love you, jackson! he is so hot!!!

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    First :)

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    ughh i hate when people go first or second but i felt the need to:)
    anyways jacksons lamee. sorry

  • My last name is rathbone :)

    Lol. X

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  • Anonymous

    sooooooooooooo hot!!!

  • Anabel

    Aw, I like him. He seems like a cool guy. It’s amazing how all the actors and actresses who have worked on Twilight are so grounded and down to earth. It’s refreshing(:

  • …..

    is not! hes awesome

  • Anonymous

    now i know why i love him

    he looks like Raviv Ullman aka Ricky Ullman aka Phil of the Future aka Flex Master.

    gotta LOVE those Breakaway Disney Stars!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kristen

    OMG!! (:
    i luvvvvvvvv jackson rathbone
    hes like so amazing!!
    and hes like the perfect guy 2 play jasper!!!
    cant wait 4 new moon

  • crazy nice girl

    omg i love 100 monkeys my fav song is ugly girl and

  • Anonymous

    when i first read it i thought i said jackson rathbone dead and i was like WHAT!!

  • crazy nice girl

    omg i love him i remember him on close to home and war at home he is hot

  • E.

    ahw in the beginning he is like stuttering

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  • Amy

    Jackson’s an absolute legend :]
    He’s awesome.

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    cant wait 4 new moon

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  • Libi

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