Taylor Swift LOVE STORY Pop Remix

Taylor Swift‘s hit song ‘Love Story‘ has a fun & new pop remix.

  • Anonymous

    i love jonas&demi!
    and archiiiee<3
    the only thing missing
    is miley and that video
    would be perfect for me hahaha
    i lovee alll themmmmmm :)

  • kirs.

    I liked it.
    They didn’t kill it.
    There IS still the original out there I don’t know why you guys are saying they ruined it.

  • Anonymous

    original version is better

    q102 plays this alott

  • Sammy

    the original is better, i think .
    this one the words/singing doesnt match very well with the music

  • Laila

    why do they have to ruin the song i mean seriously!!
    this sucks ASS

  • Anonymous

    ew lol.

  • joy

    Ok i dont like this version.dont redo a perfectly good country song.just because most kids are obsessed with rock/hip hop and hate country doesnt mean they should re do it.country is awesome, dont mess with it

  • Anonymous

    i hate this version its the only one they play on y100

  • ashley

    The drum beat doesnt fit into the song, the orginal is much better, they shouldnt have to remix her songs to make them better they are already awesome

  • Miley4Eva

    this has ruined the song unfortunutly though in the u.k there relesing her 1st album untill march and in americia they have both her albums i downloaded her albums onto my ipod but there bad quilaty (can’t spell soz) so i cant wait till they come out hope fully fearless will come out soon after

  • Miley4Eva

    this has ruined the song unfortunutly though in the u.k there relesing her 1st album untill march and in americia they have both her albums i downloaded her albums onto my ipod but there bad quilaty (can’t spell soz) so i cant wait till they come out hope fully fearless will come out soon after

  • leo

    i love jonas&demi!
    and archiiiee the only thing missing
    is miley and that video
    would be perfect for me hahaha
    i lovee alll themmmmmm :)
    haha! i definately which miley would do a video like this with justin it will definatley look so romantic! they are sooo cute together i like to see them do normal couple stuff am glad taylor says he is a very nice guy too. everyone that knows him even his ex-girlfriend said in an article he is definately going to last a long time with miley because he really nice even his ex talks good about him unlike joe he broke up with taylor in 27 min to go date camille bell and nick broke up with miley to sel a months later they both did this to two great goergeous girls umm what that tell you! they sweep you off your feet say thing that girl want to her and when they are done getting a fan boost from miley and joe finish with taylor they throw them in the worst way possible take some lessons from justin he is sensitive enought to stay friends with an ex because he is so nice!

  • Anonymous

    omg! is that justin gaston in the video?

  • http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=446572 lauren

    this is the version that they play on my radio station

  • annie

    i like the original better but they always play this version on the radio.

  • Anonymous

    Piece of shit.

  • Anonymous


  • Mary

    I think it totalyl ruins the way the song should sound.
    I hated when they did that to tear drops on my guitar!

  • olivia

    They’ve been playing it on my radio stations for like ever now,
    I like the original better.

  • Anonymous


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  • Niceli(:

    Ew. The original is sooo much better!

  • Niceli(:

    They seriously killed it.

  • Anonymous

    I like it :D
    Team Cyrus-Swift 09!

  • alexis

    loveee it!
    & her!

  • Anonymous

    This is the version they always play on the radio.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like Taylor ughh. But I don’t understand why you guys say “oh we’re not watching their New Years Eve special, too much drama” Uhm…there’s not gonna be any drama and even if there is nobody’s gonna show it on Live TV, nobody would know about it.

    I’ll be watching Dick Clark’s New Years Eve cause it’s the classic one, there’ll be many diff. artists and then I’ll either record Miley’s thing or watch it on youtube. I didn’t even know she was doing anything, there haven’t been any publicities or anything here.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i love taylor but i don’t think i’ll be watching her new year’s thing. waaay too much drama for me, just like the niley situation last year… i’m watching the mtv special instead.

    oh and this remix kinda sucks, no offense

  • tayfannn

    they always play this on the radio
    it’s definitely not oldddd
    in NY, putnam county, on 104.7, 98.3, 99.9, and 100.3
    they always always always play it

  • Anonymous

    i hate this version, they always play it on the radio where i live :(

  • katee.

    this is the only version they play on my radio stations. but i definitely like the original better than this one.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, me too. I’ll be watching the Miley thing on MTV… I think it starts at 8:30? :D

    Love Taylor, don’t love the song!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but the original “Love Story” is the way to go!!

  • Anonymous

    yeah i heard this on the radio.
    sounds blegh.
    i like the original.

  • Anonymous

    wow i thought this was the original ive nver heard the orignal then

  • rt

    ewwww. liek the original WAY bettter!
    and wtf?? is that mileys lil pedaphilee in the vid??

  • Natalyi

    omg, he looks like justin gaston ! :O

  • Anonymous

    eh, it’s okay.
    still like her.

  • xoWelcomeToMyLifeox

    remixes suck ass

  • Alexis

    The original is WAY better, but this is okay

  • http://www.bopmag.com Kay

    This song reminds me a lot of the movie William Shakespeare’s romeo and juliet(1996) with Leo DiCaprio and Claire Danes.

  • Anonymous

    the originals r usually better.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    they play this all the time on the radio
    they definatly killed the song

  • mileyluver

    h8 taylor

  • Anonymous

    i guess this version is good for radio but the original definitely owns.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urSdKy2fap0&feature=channel_page I <3 JEMI

    Hey please
    watch this video:

    is the cutest Jemi video ever :]

  • tom


    nope! i wont stop talking about it because they havent stop talking about miley pic that was already a year ago when haters who are jonas fans stop talking trash about miley i would stop talking about joe mistake ok. if they dont let miley forget i wont let joe forget period and stop the cursing is not necessary ok. get a dictionary if you dont know how to talk without cursing!!!

  • Anonymous

    only the beg is a remix?

  • fiv

    omg! is that justin gaston in the video?
    yeap! thats miley hot looking boyfriend that did the video with taylor but he didnt know miley when he did the video according to taylor! who said they are dating on a radio show!

  • Someone

    I haven’t heard this version before. It doesn’t sound too bad, but the original is SO MUCH BETTER! The original has more feeling in it than this little boppy dance tune. I live in California and I listen to 102.7 KIIS FM and they have NEVER played this before. They play the original always!

  • Anonymous

    Ew. The original is sooo much better!


  • madison

    they play this one on the radio all the time where i live

  • duh hayley

    Guys My bff just called me from madison square to tell me the place was loaded and crowded and there were jonas fans everywhere,
    she said “There is full of police men because jonas fans are totally out of control”,she said there are barely fall out boy fans or taylor fans,she said It was full of jonas brothers obsessors and that they kept singing their songs the whole afternoon.

  • Anonymous

    I usually don’t like country but I’ve got to admit, the country version is A LOT better. The pop just doesn’t fit in with this kinda video & everything

  • stepherzz

    thats what im thinking im like heyy :S doeasnt that dude look like justin lmaoo :P

  • Anonymous

    LYK3 0MG ! L!K3 T0T@LLY H8 H3R LYK3 $0 FUKK!NG MUCH!
    $H3 L!K3 T0T@LLY RU!N3D MY FUTUR3 HU$B@ND!!!!!
    LYK3 FUKK H3R!

  • Cami

    I’m glad my radio station never plays this version. I’m sorry, but the orignal is wayyyy better than this.

  • Laura

    the guy sitting by the tree looks a bit like joe jonas
    i know its not,
    but she must like that kind of hair/hair color
    etc.. :D

    i love taylor

  • Anonymous

    They only play this version on my radio station.
    I like it though and the original is good too.

  • Anonymous

    WHY. why? why do they have to make “pop remixes” of her songs?
    it makes them bad.
    they did this with teardrops on my guitar too.
    the country, original verson is sooo much better

    no. the whole thing is a remix
    the instruments are different, and all mixed up and bad.

  • Cassiebabe

    Remix killed it
    This is on radio stations that don’t play country
    And this is OLD OLD news

  • celeste

    they remixed it cuz the original is sooooooo boring

  • kelly

    this sounds no different than the original

  • fiva

    i love this song either way the video is one of my favorites! man miley man looks so hot here! taylor must it been really in love with joe not to have notice this good looking guy! i mean he way taller than joe and to me a lot more handsome and has a bigger chest and is 6ft tall as well, and everyone says he is a really nice gentleman type of guy!

  • Brooke

    EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW they sooooo ruined it. and btw this is wayyyy old!

  • Anonymous

    i still love this songg!
    i love all of taylors songs

    but i hate her as a person!
    shes a bitchh :)