Cody Linley New Year’s Mystery Girl

Cody Linley celebrated New Year’s Eve in Aruba with a mystery girl. +5!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I think that she is really pretty and that they make a really cute couple! everyone talking shit about her is just jealous and pissed that its not themself with cody linley

  • Anonymous

    julia is a stupid skank who can only get with drunk guys cause noons else would touch her

  • dont worry about my name

    i do go to school with her so dont be saying shit like you guys are so mean u dont even no her. cause we do and she brags about it in school and no one gives a shit. th we juss think its really funny how she thinks its sooo cool now. WOW CONGRATS! DISNEY CHANNEL! WOOOOO. great job! no one cares, so shut up and carry on with your lives

  • Anonymous

    shes ugly. julia. i hate her. she’s so mean. ew.
    ex bff. please. cody, you can do better, mini jmac;]

  • Anonymous

    Want a cookie?!

  • anonymous

    Congrats! Want a cookie?!

  • Kyle




  • Anonymous

    I prefer Cody with Demi *-*

  • Anonymous

    THATS SICKKK. i was in aruba and didnt see him=[
    youre so lucky you met him!
    You guys are all so rude for talking shit about someone you dont even know
    no one would ever want people talking shit about them online so why do this if you wouldnt want it done to yourself?
    its one thing to be jealous-everyone should be. but its another thing to be rude and
    immature about it to someone you dont even know

  • Anonymous

    i frickin LOVE this girl, she deserves cody and that boy is lucky to have her, she is GORGEOUS

  • fjkdjjsadkjf

    hey this girl is really a very nice girl, so stop saying mean things and stop being jelous of her.. it was one night.. and these rude comments are ruining that night for her, its not like anyone should be jelous or envious or mean to her about it.. im sure you have all seen people post pictures on facebook with “celebrities”.. it doesnt mean they want it oon a webstie liek this one.. please just stop saying mean things about her and putting her down.. shes a nice girl.. hes a nice boy… it was one night and the chances of it happening again… just let her be and dont give her shit for it.. you wouldn’t like it if you were put in this positions with these pictures for the world too see, and then to make it worse these commets

    julia, just forget about what these people are saying and will say and live your life as you want.. make yourself happy.. as long as you can make yourself happy everything works out well

  • Anonymous

    I’ve known that girl since the day she was born. A guy like him isn’t even close to deserving her. Back off– she’s a sweetie.

  • ejkw

    That girl goes to my school, her name is Julia odle
    most people in the school hate her, shes pretty gross and is a wannabe whore. pretty much considered scum.dumb ugly girl who wishes she was a slut

  • jdjkfj

    He’s gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    belie u me

  • gjhkijkj

    1. this girl is gorgeous and you’re all just jealous bitches
    2. this was at the HYATT in Aruba not the Marriott idiot
    3. get a life
    4. my friend took the picture with the creeper in the background there was not a mirror
    5. she’s soo pretty and who ever is saying mean things about her is ridiculous cause you dont even know her ass holes

  • Anonymous

    i was JUST in aruba.
    damn i wish i was still there

  • Anonymous

    your wrong actually. my friend took this picture. and that was not a mirror…thts a creeper so dont try to act all smart when your wrong.

  • Anonymous

    shes gorgeous. everyone saying shes ugly is super jealous.

  • asdfghjkl;

    the first thing i thought when i saw this photo was
    “wow. he could do so much better.”

  • Anonymous

    yes thats her

  • Angel

    Cody Linley is so handsome and so hot

  • Anonymous

    A. This girl is amazing and gorgeous
    B. She is definitely far from being a whore
    C. Julia deserves him and you guys are just jealous
    D. Whoever posted these pictures in the first place does’t have a life
    E. Julia I love you!

  • nbg618

    just to let you all know he was texting demi miley and selena when they were together…
    heheh i love getting news straight from this girl herself..!

  • kaitlyn

    looks like a mini MANDY.

  • Anonymous

    she looks bad in these pictures because shes drunk. in person shes gorgeous. i wish you all could actually see her in person

  • Anonymous

    i stayed there when he was there! and i saw him=))

  • Maddi

    Shes ugly.
    And a whore.

    But seriously, hes Cody Linley…what do you exspect?

  • Psssshhh

    damn, wtf?
    stop spamming.
    there’s this girl on this thread who keeps spamming
    ok, we get it you’re obsessed over that julia girl.
    you trying to be anonymous & shit
    but it’s pretty obvious its the same person.
    go kiss her ass or something!

  • anonymouslyyyy

    your 15 minutes of fame is up.
    idiots that probably just paparazzi.
    congrats you go with a famous guy.
    your cute together.
    cute pictures.

  • anonymous

    my friend is friends with that girl!

  • Anonymous

    well considering were from jersey and california is on the other side of the country?
    i highly doubt that…… we would know. thanks.

  • Anonymous


  • h

    no actually i wldnt cuz im not tht kind of person

  • Anonymous

    theyre both ugly

  • gkono

    he got wiht my two camp frineds

  • Anonymous


  • adf


  • Anonymous

    lol boy looks wasted
    can’t say i blame him
    it was new year’s after all

  • ella

    who cares? cody linleys a manwhore!!

  • Anonymous

    wow. ugly.

  • Anonymous


  • vanessa

    I love Cody! I think his new girl is really pretty and looks really nice! Are they dating? Will we see more of her? DO tell.

  • Anonymous

    wow…shes absolutley gorgeous. its not a big deal. so they hooked up? i dont get why everyones freaking out

  • demi is gonna win a emmy!

    i guess he’s over demi.

  • Smiley


  • sara

    he looks happy

  • Anonymous

    love her.

  • Mimzz

    she got that dress from American Apparel

    I freaking love that store<3
    shes ugly, and so is he.
    Who caresss?

  • Anonymous

    um…you dont even know where she is from. you probably dont know her at all. and i have proof so fuck you all.


  • Teresa

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww,He could do better than that! Gosh. She is gross. >.<

  • Anonymous

    He’s soo full of himself.
    He seems like a complete conceited asshole.
    Glad him and Dem aren’t together…

  • doomi


  • Anonymous

    you call her a whore? thats so funny. shes really far from it actually. and i was there and i saw what had happened. he dragged her away from the people she was with and they were together for 5 hours..alone. nobody knows what they did..but who cares. it was new years eve and they were both really drunk. who wouldnt do that? he was actually all over her if you can believe it. shes not like that and he was all over her.

  • Anonymous

    u guys are so mean! i know her and she is supper nice and prettty! so the rest of u r just jealous beacsue she gets to hook up with himm

  • Stefanie

    I hate him, but she’s kinda pretty so.
    oh and i like her dress

  • ………ME!

    There was a mirror, yuo can even see where they cut the mirror to fir it in, liarrrrrrrrr.

  • Anonymous

    he looks way too tired. Poor thing , and she…well whatever!

  • kirst

    We’re saying she’s ugly because she IS.
    I mean, opennn your eyes next time.


  • Anonymous

    just to inform you,
    he was at the mariot in aruba…
    my friend kimi was there too

    she partied with him..
    apparently he got with like 5 girls in an hour
    and be “got with” i mean made out with….

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck… yeah i do fucking know her.
    your just a creep who obviously thinks their the shit cuz they think they know something.
    sucks that you know ZERO

  • Anonymous

    you people can’t honestly say if u were in her position u wouldnt do the same thing….shes so pretty

  • person

    Okay no she isn’t pretty.

  • Anonymous

    he kinda looks drunk too :)

  • Anonymous

    shes so pretty! who is she?!

  • Anonymous

    apparently they were already friends and went to aruba together. why are people buggin. isnt he allowed to have friends? or girl friends?

  • Anonymous

    wow I know her! they are def not going out but i do go to her school and shes def much more attractive in real life than in these pictures. I’m not friends with her but I will admit that. Good for her. I can see why he would want to hook up with her

  • leah

    i have that dress… : )

  • kate

    i saw shes using him

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    oh really? i heard theyre dating now…? which is fine with me. theyre both hot.

  • Anonymous

    Shes one of my best friends.. I obviously know they are not dating.

  • rachel

    i love her.

  • lauren

    eww haha
    this girl looks like she’s totally throwing herself all over him

  • Anonymous

    ahhh wtf! shes so pretty! and shes like living my dream life!!

    im so jealous.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone notice the creeper in the fourth picture down?

  • Anonymous

    i hate the haircut,how long has it been like that?

    she looks like kevin jonas’s danielle

  • Anonymous

    So I also know Julia and she is an amazing person. She may be crazy but that gives you no reason to hate her. I can see why he would want to be with her on New Years because there is nobody out there more fun.

    And as for you people who think she’s ugly, get over yourselves. She is one of the cutest girls ever and there is no denying it.

    Love you Julia!!

  • Mimzz
  • Anonymous

    JULIA IS FUCKING HOTT!!! shes amazing and shes so fucking hot and she looks a thousand times hotter in person and he made an amazing decision to chose her

  • Mimzz

    hes not a creeper, hes the guy taking the photo, theres a mirror behind them, duhh.

  • dont worryyyyyyyy

    dontttt be obnoxious your all jealousss
    including me

  • katarinaaa (:

    she’s pretty! :)
    why are you guys bullshiting saying shes not?
    and also her dress is gorgeous i love it!
    cody does look abit drunk, but whatever
    it was new years, your supposed to celebrate!
    so yeah! love you cody! can’t wait to see you on hannah montana season 3 :D

    btw, does anyone even know when the new episode of hannah montana is coming out?!:O

  • Haha he looks pissed in a few pictures! ahh wel its new years eve ur meant to get drunk!

  • kevin

    god he’s ugly

  • Anonymous

    there’s one on january 11

  • jkdserahs

    that my one of my camp friends really good friends and i happen to know that shes insanley nice and that she did NOT make a move on ody he made a move on ehr adn hes in like legit the nicest guy ever because he came to our camp for our color war break out and answered a bunch of questions and rapped for us. he was just being a normal 19 year old guy who saw a girl he thought was hot and nice and made a move on her. so u guys need to chill out

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha yes I noticed the creeper too!

  • Anonymous

    So I also know Julia and she is an amazing person. She may be crazy but that gives you no reason to hate her. I can see why he would want to be with her on New Years because there is nobody out there more fun.

    And as for you people who think she’s ugly, get over yourselves. She is one of the cutest girls ever and there is no denying it.

    Love you Julia!!

  • Anonymous

    First of all, who gives a fuck if this guy got with a girl. Who even cares, he is on a gay DISNEY CHANNEL SHOW! Second, I was in Aruba at the time and saw this kid the whole night. Props to him, I literally saw him point his finger at 7 girls and hook up with all of them. In my opinion, that is very impressive. I just got to this website because i met the girl in this picture down in Aruba, and other then that, I have not even heard of this website. Seriously, you guys have no life commenting on a photo about a gay guy on a 10 year old television show.

  • jdkslaj

    OH MY GOD!!!!! I KNOW HER!!!

  • LALA




  • Anonymous

    so pretty. she looks famous..and familiar though?

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  • Anonymous

    OMG seriously, whoever sent in these pictures obviously doesn’t understand boundaries..
    Julia posted these on her facebook so whoever sent them in is friends with her..dick move…honestly do you know nothing??
    And for all of you bitching out Julia because you’re jealous…GET A LIFE! I’m friends with her and she’s really one of the nicest girls I know. She’s hilarious and so pretty so who do you think you are calling her UGLY?!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i guess he’s over demi.

    Like Demi is over him?
    Their relationship was nothing.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    that’s Julia Odle.

  • Anonymous

    iif you dont like him or if you think some kind of shit about him
    why are you bothering wasting your time on this.
    its really pathetic of you guys. to talk shit about people
    atless he is happy

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHAHAH, she goes to my school!!!!!! OMG, thats so funny…..shes rude, cya.

  • Anonymous

    that’s julia. omg! hahaha. hmmmm.

  • frozen14

    i think she looks beautiful…

  • Kayla.

    they are fucking wasted.

  • Anonymous

    who emailed these in??

    i think this girl is soo gorgeous, cody picked a pretty girl :)

  • Anonymous
  • anonymous

    i love codddyyy
    id love to get drunk with him

  • sumy

    ew. i think shes ugly.
    shes like all over him

  • danielle :D

    hes cute. and he has very nice teeth.
    thats a plus. this girl loooks kinda slutty…
    but idk her so who really cares anyway
    if its codys “MYSTERY GIRL” leave him alone.

  • melissa

    hahahhaha that girl is my friend’s camp friend they hooked up haha

  • Anonymous

    are you kidding me? this girl is so nice and pretty. half of you don’t even know her so don’t judge her because you’re jealous it isn’t you, cody knows good girls (demi anyone?) so don’t be worried about that, this girl is amazing.

  • avery!

    sounds to me like this girl is a slutbaag by the way everyones talking about herr

  • Anonymous

    seriously. ilove this girl. she’s gorgeous and for all you saying she’s all over him? umm, hes hot, who wouldnt do this same thing? this girl is awsome give her a break.

  • Kenya

    dont bash my friend like that shes not ugly

  • Anonymous

    Guys there were in aruba. and she is someone i know
    its no one special
    they hooked up. and whoever got these pics are ovbiously friends with here cuz they are on her facebook.

  • Anonymous

    if u have proof then send it in

  • khfsdjfksdjflksdjfl

    this is soo stupidd …
    i dont see the point in how this is sooo cooll
    theyre not going out
    it was just a hook up…
    it doesnt even fricken mattterr
    like WOW he hooked up with a girl a lot on new years. CONGRATS FOR HIM.
    it doesnt make her an angel or a bitch. people who dont know her just shouldnt say anything about her because theres no point and you will probably never see this girl with him again… its not like hes gunna talk to her all the time cause they hooked up.

  • Anonymous

    ok whatever u can call me a hypocrite for posting this comment but i feel the need to defend my friend. guys just leave her alone. shes such a nice girl and really funny. this isnt even that big of a deal. shes not a whore at all. you people who dont even know her or anything about her should end this and stop being mean, because she deserves him.

  • Yeah

    Guys there were in aruba. and she is someone i know
    its no one special
    they hooked up. and whoever got these pics are ovbiously friends with here cuz they are on her facebook.

  • Annonymous

    THIS GIRL IS GORGEOUS I LOVE HER TO DEATH SHES MY BEST FRIEND.. you all are just jealous becuase you didnt hook up with Cody Linley.. so yea GO JODLEEEE

  • Anonymous

    are you kidding me? a majority of you people dont even know her.
    shes the shit and you cant judge her at all. shes so nice and pretty and is rediculously funny.
    you are all obviously just jealous so you can just all go and suck it.
    julia is my fav.

  • kenya

    dont call her a hoe becasue shes not… u most definatly dont no her

  • Anonymous

    you don’t even know her!

  • Emily

    whoever said Julia is their cousin is lying

    whoever said they have proof of Julia and this kid hooking up/holding hands/whispering – today – i’d like to see THAT

    whoever said they are “officially” dating is lying

  • Ten<3

    umm incase u didnt notice ur talkin shit bout ur so called friendd too so relax. btw two face much?

  • Anonymous

    whos the hoe?

  • sup betchz

    hahahahahah way to go julia. hahahaha way to be. and
    as for everyone else.. julia isnt ugly…? you’re
    retarded. and if you had the chance to hook up with
    him wouldnt you? dont be stupid

  • fjadsooooo

    HAHAHAHAH 1. i know this girl shes awesome
    2. dont call her ugly cause your jeal give her her 15 minutes of fame. seriously
    3. this is absolutely hilarioussssss

  • Anonymous

    she probably sent in these pictures herself since they’re supposedly on her facebook according to some of you

  • marie

    she’s ugly… he’s cute but i prefer his previous hair

  • Anonymous

    She’s way hotter than than all of you guys! You bitches are obvi just jealous. If you were in her position you probably wouldn’t appreciate all the rude comments.
    Way to go Julia! Everyone else can suck it!!!

  • kristan

    he has gorgeous eyes.

  • Anonymous

    seriously? you people are ridiculous. they hooked up and had fun whatever. stop creepin on her myspace andcalling her a ho. you don’t even know her. she’s crazy fun and just likes to have a good time. so seriously? it’s not a big deal. stop ruining the moment for her? obvi you people are just jealous. maybe if you got up from your computer and stopped stalking celebrities for like 2 minutes you would have more to do with your lives than shit on soem random girl you don’t know.


  • brittany

    haha shes all over him… who wouldnt be??! ;]
    shes alright, hes sucha cutie (:
    they both look wasted, but its new years, && i’d get drunk with him anytimeee!

  • nika

    omg you guys are like shes so ugly he could do better – well did you ever think that she could be the most nicest girl in the world? didnt think so

  • Anonymous

    she isnt a hoe. so shut up you dont even know her

  • BrendanJP


  • Anonymous

    luckyy bitch!

    i lovee himm.

  • Emily

    whoever said they have PROOF of Julia and this kid kissing/holding hands/whispering – today – i can assure you that it does not exist

    whoever said they are Julia’s cousin is a liar

    seriously, these two are not dating. ever hear of drunk nights on new years eve? celebrities experience them as well. they were on vacation together. it’s called a fling. move on.

  • Anonymous

    no way! i was in aruba at the same time!!!

  • othgurly23

    DUDEE,,thats my cousin.
    she told me she meet him and she was going to go to a party with him..but i didnt believe herr,,
    i cant believe it was true..

  • Anonymous

    for real guys..
    i would totally be like her if i was in that position

    i would so love to get drunk with him on any night haha.

    everyones just jealous.

    hell yeah!! speak the truth!
    she looks nice and he’s hot as hell.
    i’d be the same way

  • Anonymous

    everyone can stop dissing her now thanks…
    all you jealous skanks would do the same thing too if you were in her position.
    unlike most of you im actually friends with her and shes an awesome person.
    shes so pretty and smart and so much fun so you can all shut your mouths.

  • Anonymous

    they arent going out and they didnt know eachother before aruba so stop making things up!!!
    and all they did was hook up thats it

    yeah, she isnt the nicest person in the world but she isnt ugly, or a hoe
    if any of you were in that situation u would be going crazy so dont judge what you dont know

  • Anonymous

    she’s ugly

  • Anonymous

    dude. stop calling her ugly. and cody made the right choice.

  • Emily

    props to Samantha Hordes, the photographer

    my little sister rules the worllldddd, so stop being jealous!!!

  • h

    ew shes all over him

  • HOVA

    I saw this guy take a guy in the bathroom with him into a stall. Maybe he’s bi?

  • Anonymous

    like you wouldn’t be if that was you?

  • ugba dfhga

    if you think that this girl is a slut bag then you should see her sister she is even worse

  • ajsdlajsdilj!

    oh wow, thats my best friend. shes amazing, you suck. and your all just jealous. deal with it.

  • Anonymous

    1. this girl is gorgeous nd you are all just jealous bitches
    2. this was at the hyatt in aruba
    3. there was not a fuckin mirrir my friend took the picture with the creeper in the background
    4. get a life
    5. i love this girl and who ever is saying mean things about her is ridiculous cause you dont even know here ass holes

  • nastassia


  • Anonymous

    julia is amazing and if you knew her personally you wouldnt be saying all this shit. they say dont judge a book by its cover but i mean seriously just because she hooks up with a guy on new years does not mean she’s a slut! crazy bitches

    i love you girl way to go!

  • Anonymous

    He is a very nice girl and pretty to you guys are all just enving her because you wish you were her to hu with cody

  • mallary

    julzieeee your gorgeous loveeee youuuu!

  • anonymously

    hahaha o man this is too priceless. i love how there is only one person defending Julia, meaning its prob her. Big fuckin whoop that she hooked up wit some random guy whos on tv. O man! how crazy! no its stupid and i love how she is a attention whore and tried to get ppl to be enviouse of her. No one gives a shit. find something better to do with your life. your a whore, no one cares if you got with him. your not nice, your a bitch to everyone. THIS GIRL IS FAKE

  • um


    he fucked that niqht ..oceanup post sum good news we could care less about cody

  • Anonymous

    for real guys..
    i would totally be like her if i was in that position

    i would so love to get drunk with him on any night haha.

    everyones just jealous.

  • Anonymous

    girl seems CLINGY. & cody’s not that great

  • Anonymous

    That girl goes to my school, and she’s highly annoying.
    And he looks not so happy to be with her, probably cause she doesn’t shut up >.>

  • michelle reisman

    ok so… my name is michelle and let me just say this.. i spent a month with this girl and she is AMAZING she is hilarious and sweet. it just seems a little lame that there are so many people trashig her without even getting to know her. get a fucking life. seriously you guys must be ashamed of yourselves. half of you are just jealous i mean lets face it hes gorgeous. so bitches stop hating and shut up

  • friend of julias

    I go to the same HIgh School as Julia Odle and I can tell you for certain that MOST people DONT HATE her! In
    fact she is really well liked! Obvious there are a FEW
    ugly,(clearly jealous) bitches who are obsessed with talking shit about her but thats all it is. They have nothing better to do and they know they cant compete with her sincerity, humor or kindness. Good for you Julia! You deserved a fairy tale night and know that MOST everyone at school thinks it’s great!!

  • Anonymous


  • this is stupid

    disney channel sucks, no one gives a shit, o yea btw she did submit them herself i no her

  • Anonymous

    guys it wasnt even a fling, she heard Cody was at our hotel and went up to get a picture with just like everyone else somehow he liked her so yes he dragged her to be a lone i know what they did but im not gonn tell you idiots what happened cause you all you all are just nosy

  • annie

    wow. shes really pretty. he made a good choice. and yea, apparently theyre officailly going out?

  • Anonymous

    not for long

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  • ten<3

    first off people RELAX u guys say he made the right choice as if the boy is getting married. and u guys r sayin we dont kno the girl as if we want to get to nko her in case u havent noticed her name in title is MYSTERY girl shes unknown and by the looks of how drunk he is she shall remain UNKNOWN n she isnt the pretty wit his status and how he easily he gets girls he could find someone WAYY prettier n her dress aint tht great LOTS of ppl hhav it so it aint wow -.-

    ten<3 out pcee!

  • Anonymous

    oh n i forgot to mention cody drunk + girl who thinks shes the shit when shes clearly not throws her self all over him lookin lik a hoe = relationship n him actully liking you for who you are? NO u just looking like a dumbshit tryna get a celeb golddriger whore, dont get me wrong im not saying you are but it sure as hell does look lik it, sorry ur fault :)

  • Ten <3

    btw tht anonymous person above talkin bout her throwing her self all over cody was me lol sry bout tht n i meant to say golddigger not golddriger LOL sry <3