Disney Stars BEST PART OF 2008

Disney Channel stars Jennifer Stone, Debby Ryan, Miley Cyrus, Nick Jonas, Dylan Sprouse, Demi Lovato, Jason Earles & Alyson Stoner reveal their best part of 2008. +1!

  • Anonymous

    loveeeeeeeeeee miley and awkward nick!

  • Anonymous

    awkward nick

  • Yup

    So did Demi. Its not a big deal.

  • Anonymous

    debby Ryan sounds exactly like selena gomez.

  • xbreakingdawn

    nick was having like a spaz attack xD.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous


  • lauren


  • Anonymous

    “He’s a verry..very… good dog.”

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Camille

    I love the jonas brothers

  • lauren

    awsome! :D

  • Anonymous

    i love nick(:

  • http://oceanup.com allison

    miley Is my favorite Disney star and jonas

  • JAMiiiE;

    Cool Vids!

    And is it just me,
    or does Debby Ryan kind of look
    bit like, Selena Gomez?

  • Bill Cosbey(not really)


  • gabbs

    Cool Vids!

    And is it just me,
    or does Debby Ryan kind of look
    bit like, Selena Gomez?

    yes. i thyink she does too. i think its bc no offense to either of them bt they both have kinda a big head, think hair and small features on thier face, you know what i mean? and they do that thing with thier mouth. like when they put the top teeth over thier bootom lip a little. lol. you’re not the only one. (:

  • Anonymous

    I thought the same thing…

  • Anonymous

    both nick & miley talked about their b-days! cute <3

  • Anonymous

    nick is so boring!!!

    but love joe and keivn
    mainly joe

  • Anonymous

    ok so did demi
    u guys need to forget about the whole nick and miley

  • Anonymous

    “i got a dog named elvis for my birthday, and he’s very… very… a good dog.”
    this is why i love him.

  • Sadiezz


    “He’s a very….uh…very good dog..?”

    Haha, I love him.

  • Sadiezz

    both nick & miley talked about their b-days! cute
    *slaps forehead*

  • Sadiezz

    I was replying to that other person’s comment with:
    *slaps forehead*

  • Miranda W.

    Lmao.. “hes *akward long pause* uhh very good dog”..
    Wow Nick…
    ahaha thats ok.. you like fine as hell in this.. ntw
    hot dayumm..
    Love him :)

  • Camila – Chile

    Aaaaww I love Nick!
    Its soooooooo cute!



  • Anonymous

    haha nick:
    i got a dog for my birthday. his name is elvis. he is very great dog.
    haha ooo nick i love you<333

  • aila.

    MILEY <3
    NICK <3
    ALYSON <3
    DEMI <3

  • Anabel

    LMFAO wtf was wrong with Nick?
    Lol he’s still cute(:

  • mee

    bold print nicks name thats right.

    i love miley.

    nick seemed awkward.
    a very…uh..good….dog ?

    ilovehim (:

  • Anonymous

    Haha Oceanup. You forgot Madison Petites

  • http://google.com haha

    is nick trying to be a hardass or something lol wow?

  • Lmao nick made me laugh!

  • Anonymous

    Debby Ryan is actually pretty, unlike Selena.

  • Anonymous

    on the first video when you really think about what each other them are saying……….
    a little spoiled

    – “i get to drive”
    -“moving to california and meeting cool people”
    -“having a huge fairytale sweet16 at disney land”
    -“getting a good dog named Elvis for my birthday”
    -“getting cool new video games”

    umm what about….president elect? getting a spot on a show? like hello!!

    btw……….i love them all. insane amounts. just thought i would point that out

  • Anonymous

    both nick & miley talked about their b-days! cute

    ha, i noticed that too<33
    niley loveeee.

  • sanna

    Omg, made me laugh. That boy is amazing!

    Miley & Jonas Brothers, my rolemodels.
    But Miley is my biggest hero though
    and she’s always so natural in these stuffs.
    Nick was the best though xD