Chelsea Staub updated her Myspace blog and pictures from her trip to Paris: [15+ photos] The first day we wandered along the Seine River, taking pictures of tour boats and beautiful little kids. I’m not going to lie, a curly headed toddler speaking French may be the most adorable thing I have ever seen.

..The 3 of us wandered into a cozy little bistro across from a row of couture shops.

We hit it off with the owner’s son who, in his best English, suggested some hip places we should check out, like Queen, where we could dance
from midnight to seven in the morning.

We figured we could sleep when we got back to the states and had the best night of disco! While waiting in line at the coat check, we befriended Philippe, Nicolas & Marco, professional tennis players who didn’t suck to look at.

Waking up the next morning may be on the top of my ‘most painful experiences’ list.

We had walked fifteen miles the day before, then danced seven hours in heels, but after a pastry and a cappuccino, I actually felt human again. It rained, then hailed, then snowed and opting not to suffer from hypothermia, we ventured into the metro station and bought three tickets, all in French! It was a defining moment.

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    god this girl is so freaking hideous! im sry i try to
    be nice but this girl just ugh no!

  • Taylor

    Shes soo prettty!!! =]



    I wanna go to paris =]

  • ha

    Yeah shes nice, and shes really preppy but then kind of stuck up so I lost my interest in being a fan;;
    and yes I know that for a fact cuz I got to chill with her for awhile at this thing; I’m not bragging or anything about it; there just normal people.

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    first !

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    that was really uncalled for. You don’t even know this girl so you shouldn’t go around calling her names.

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    she seems like a nice girl but I dont find her beautiful.. and whatis that?? a hat??? ewww its ugly

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    I love her. She ssoooo pretty. I wud love if
    she dated Joe!!!

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    she looks like hannah montana in a lot of those.

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    I love how she talks about partying. She seems like she’d be fun to hang out with.

  • Anonymous

    her hair is gorgeousssss
    wish i had hair like that!

  • adeline

    I live in Paris and i spend my new year on the champs elysées too!!! OMG i can’t believe that chelsea was there too and i didn’t meet her!!!!!!

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    who ever spammed, get a life.

  • Bonnie

    Wow. She sounds like an incredible snob from her blog.


    reallllly pretty girls. those are like, amazing pics haha!

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    jonas brothers are going to put demi and selena aside because this year is going to be about the “jonas girls”. chelsea and the other co-star who’s very pretty.

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    She is absolutely beautiful! So is Paris!

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    I dont get it Whats the point of being first its sooo annoying People You do that in every topic .. Omg i swear Shutup! ! annoying little brats >:o

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    she is pretty .

    who ever is copying and pasting these
    “jonas brothers are the most annoying people of 2008″
    better stop its annoying and they are gay .

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    i’m sorry, she seems like a nice girl and all, but what is on her head in the first two pictures and a few others? it is so weird and unstylish! it looks like a toupee on her head or something

  • Blaise

    Chelsea is the most amazing person ever!
    I love her so much, and she is truthfully the most awesome,down to earth, sweet, true person i have ever met!

    to everyone who says she is “stuck up” or “snobby” you dont even know her!

    she is also GORGEOUS!

    love you chelsea :)

  • Kivea

    I love Paris!!! It’s so beautiful! i go there every
    autumn!! The godd thing is I live in Germany right now
    so it’s not so far away!!!! She loks beautiful on the pictures!!!!!

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    paris is so beautiful..the city

  • Kivey

    I love Paris!!! It’s so beautiful! i go there every
    autumn!! The godd thing is I live in Germany right now
    so it’s not so far away!!!! She loks beautiful on the pictures!!!!!

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    I’m so jealous,I would LOVE to go to Paris,it looks amazing even in the rain.

  • Anonymous

    she is so cute and she always seems like she would be a lot of fun to be around in her pictures.

  • Kivey

    I love Paris!!! It’s so beautiful! i go there every
    autumn!! The good thing is I live in Germany right now
    so it’s not so far away!!!! She loks beautiful on the pictures!!!!! would like to know if she took the
    metro because if yes i’d like to know if they got lost
    ? There are so many ways down there!^^ I LOVe Nutella!
    I eat it every morning! It’s soooooooooo GOOD!MHM…

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    She has great hair! Kinda jealous!

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    is there a reason for y she’s always going all around the world like other than 2 see different places n stuff

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    she has lots of picss always. she always looks happy though. i wonder who takes all of theseee

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    I’m jealous! I want to go to France!

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    cute! love the third picture

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    cute! love the third picture

  • woooo

    kristy frank!!

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    why when i see her on tv/pictures sometimes she looks like BLEH! but other times she looks really pretty hmmm

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    She’s ugly.

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    love her coat and boots <3

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    she is so fake!

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    oceanup…post more interesting things on here! lets get some david archuleta, david henrie, zac efron, jonas brothers, miley cyrus, demi lovato.
    thats what we wanna seee :)

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    Im friends with you on Youtube :]

  • kristen

    how is she being fake?! she looks like she is having a blast..

  • Anonymous

    actually i could go without so much Jonas “news”. Half of what they post on JB is just rehashed crap they get from tween magazines. Their probably not posting as much because of the holidays. Hopefully soon they’ll start posting more stuff.

  • kristen

    are you serious?! you got the chance to hang out with her and you are a bitch about it then you say you used to be a fan!?! do you know how many people would love to meet chelsea?! you seem like such a brat, something chelsea totally ISN’T.

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