MySpace Fashion goes behind the scenes at Demi‘s Seventeen cover shoot!

  • Michaela

    “woah, this moves. okay.”
    bahahaa, i love this girl – too much (:
    and she is incredibly gorgeous,
    whoever says she isnt is insane !

  • Miley Fan

    Demi is very ugly and she will never be a big star because she is a prostitute

  • Anonymous

    she’s so dullll, i was stonefaced -_- the whole interview…

  • :)

    She’s so fierce in this video! I want to see the outtakes from this shoot.

  • mileydemiselena


  • Michelle

    Gosh, she makes me look obese!

  • David Henrie Fan

    shes a pathetic and ugly whore

  • Sha

    No matter what Demi does i just can’t hate her.
    Love her too much
    Just something about her is enjoyable.
    (not her smile tho…lol i admit its creepy)

  • alexa

    loveeee demiii :]

  • sugarneko

    ima be immature and say: FIRST!! :P

  • michaella


  • Anonymous


    hhahahaha sayss sarcasticalllyyyy

    you guys are soo stupid saying firstt

  • michaella


  • Anonymous

    tash first

  • demifan

    I love demi she is so pretty and has a great sense of style. I love that she always experiments with her
    clothes. And Duffy rules! You have good taste demi!



  • Anonymous

    gorgeous and flawless

  • Anonymous

    My favorite disney star no matter what. I love her
    stlye because she always tries out new things and she has great hair. Ray bans suit her well and she’s beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    i love demi haters please dont bother

  • allison

    I hate her she bugs me I just don’t like how she smiles I like mikey better

  • kirsty

    i like her but her smile is like wierd …

  • joy

    whos mikey? :P

    and if you don’t like her why do you even read this post?

  • E

    she has the best style
    i love her!

  • Anonymous

    the clothes they made her wear are not “her”.

  • Anonymous

    that looked like such a fun photoshoot!
    every picture she took was amazingg.
    im jealous(;

  • Anonymous

    whos mikey? :P

    and if you don’t like her why do you even read this post?

    miley, spelling error.

  • Anonymous

    my girl crush…she looked hot! i love her i like how shes like so not disney
    good cus i hate disney but i loveee her!!!!!!

  • jbfan

    whos mikey? :P

    and if you don’t like her why do you even read this post?

    maybe shes just expressing her opinion i read and comment peoples posts that i hate like selena gomez …

  • rafa_alex

    OMG!! Demi lovato are the best.

  • Anonymous

    wow. this is oceanup’s first post today! DO SOME POSTING! and i love demi! lol

  • Carey

    Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez ROCKS! They’re the only reason why I watch Disney Channel! They’re just so sweet, humble and talented!

  • Anonymous

    I think she’s adorable :)

  • JT/HSM123DemiLfan01

    I love Demi, she’s awesome. And I loved this photoshoot. It looked really fun, and Demi looked liked she enjoyed it. I kno I did just watching it. And I hate when Demi ‘fans’ diss Selena. I kno there’s times when people don’t like ur best friend, but there’s no reason 2 ALWAYS say something negative like a hater with no life. I kno haters, and they don’t do well in anything but hating on people, which is really no life goal.

  • Teresa

    Looove her! Hate the pic they decided to use for the cover,though. They had sooo many cuter poses! D: They always use the more plastic looking. :/

  • Anonymous

    i think she meant miley cuz when i use my ipod to go on the internet n stuff it always changes miley to mikey

  • Anonymous

    hey what was the first band she said that she listened to? I coudn’t understand what she said

  • Emily

    Those dresses are gorgeous! I would die if I got to play dress up and wear all of them!!!

  • veroo

    i lovvee her no matter whatt !
    omg shes the besttt.(:

  • joez baybie! <3

    omj i love demi and her style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amm

    Her sense of style is terrible! Almost as bad as her bffs jb/sel old style. And those were pretty disgusting!

  • Anonymous

    TEAM DEMI [screw selena]!!
    they are best friends. theyre on the same team retard

  • Jewel

    Demi looks vey pretty and I’m looking forward to “Sonny With a Chance.”

  • :)

    She is so nice. My favorite disney star ever(:
    Demi is amazing!

  • hayley

    Awww love her!
    Seriously, I don’t know what could possibly do wrong this girl to stop me liking her.
    She’s great and talented no matter what, and I see a lot of myself on her. She’s one of the people that I would love to meet, and I really hope, someday I will. (:

  • lynn

    okay so nothing in particular against this girl, but her smile is just so fucking creepy. and she is seriously awkward, totally not comfortable in her own skin.

    nice voice though.

  • Anonymous

    i love her. shes awesome :)

  • Anonymous

    she seems kinda.. dull.

  • michelle:)

    i love her so muchh.
    i dont care about any of those rumors ill be a fan alwaysss.
    and support her no matter what.
    i admire her style&talent.
    andd shes beautiful :))

  • Anonymous

    Shut up u stupid haters she is probably one of the
    most talented disney stars . and i think disney is
    also pulling her back. she would have gone so far
    if it weren’t for disney

  • I really like her dresses!

  • Anonymous

    ok no offence to demi,
    but this was SERIOUSLY boring
    like REALLY.

  • Anonymous

    I knew this post would be swarming with some hate comments. Everyone has the right to express there views but if your going to be nasty don’t bother. She is beautiful and talented and has great style. and those who comment otherwise are jealous. And i love her smile! She is a naturally smiley person and it cheers me up. If you find it creepy there’s no need to comment about it. Always pick at the good sides!

  • My Name Is Charliee :D

    i love this girl so much.
    i have a huge shoe set too :D
    her dresses were great.
    and all up to her style

    TEAM DEMI [screw selena]!!

  • Miffy.

    okay, it’s official she’s my favourite person!
    haha, I love how she isn’t completely disney,
    and Kings of Leon are amazing (:

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    “woah! this moves. ok”
    haha. i love demi :)
    she’s beautiful and i
    love her smile:D she
    has an awesome sense
    of style and awesome
    taste in music! team
    demi and selena forever!

  • Smiley

    Aww I love Demi! She’s so sweet and nice. I hope she stays ‘in’ forever!

  • My Name is Charliee :D

    well i hate selena.

    yeah yeah theyre bestfriends since childhood, love eachother, share stuff, whatnot.

    but i just hate the fact that she’s just automatically on the same team with the famewhore.
    of course demi would want that since she supports selena 100%
    but yeah i’m just saying.