Jennette McCurdy Nathan Kress KISS

Sam & Freddie
kiss on iCarly.

  • Anonymous

    He is a cutie! <3

  • hayley

    you can tell that she had never kissed a guy before, or she was really, really nervous.

  • Sarah

    lol…..uhhh akward? and he kissed her for like a longgggg time. gosh

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    why are her eyes open…freak

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s adorable.


    And bitch, please, you know Nathan’s fucking gorgeous now that he’s actually a teenager, with puberty and all that jazz.

  • Anonymous

    umm welll he looked like he knew what she was doing but shee looked liek she had no friggin idea. her eyes were open? weirdd…

  • Anonymous

    that was realllyy awkwarrdd! haha

    but why did they kiss ?

    because in the show they both didn’t have their first kiss so they wanted to get it over with

  • Alexa

    He’s not that cute.. but he looks kinda like he’d be a good kisser, haha. And she looks lost.

  • mebesol

    wow..a lot of you oceanup readers don’t watch this show…..sooo i HIGHLY recommend you start because the writing is hilarious.

  • thatgalnamedlauren

    just so you guys aren’t confused, this was supposed to be both of the character’s first kisses. so maybe she acted that way on purpose, to be in character? Also, they
    did it because neither character’s had had their first kisses, and wanted to get it over with. :]

  • sophieeee

    that looked heaps awkward

  • Anonymous

    very…. uhh.. awkward!
    they like hate each other so much, then BAM! they kissed.
    never knew this was coming. :)

  • Anonymous

    ahhh! i saw this on TV.

    kinda awkward.
    but I thought it was cute.

  • NaTiShA

    haha i was watching this episode with my friends last night..
    It was akward….
    But Nathan Kress is really hot now, hes hit puberty =]

  • Anonymous


  • cc

    he’s Soooo cute ^_^

  • Anonymous

    The on screen kiss was her actual first kiss ever lol.

  • Anonymous

    that was awkward

  • me

    omj really?( that that was her first kiss) well she is one lucky duck to share it with hottie nathen kress lol

  • Jerah


  • megaan

    haha i was watching this episode with my friends last night..
    It was akward….
    But Nathan Kress is really hot now, hes hit puberty =]
    ew hes not hott.. he just has a deeper voice

  • Anonymous

    uhm fags.
    and thats not even a kiss wtf!

  • Anonymous

    ewwwwww he isnt hott are you blind?! hahah jk.

  • Nicole


  • Anonymous

    they don’t have a category for her because nobody gives a fuck about her. she looks like big bird with her big beak nose and fake feather hair.

  • =D

    lol i saw that last night, and it was sooo cute. since it was her first kiss in real life and in TV. it was so awkward it was cute

  • :)

    um i don’t watch this show.
    but good for them?


  • Anonymous

    Yummmmmm. Nathan looks like a really good kisser, lol.

  • Saaaami

    First? probably not.
    he’s cute.

  • Anonymous

    1st!!! i saw it =]


  • jess

    omg i love it

  • Lena

    wow.. I´ve never seen this :P

  • Michelle

    why is it all weird? – different color, freaky music.
    i dont know, maybe first?

  • Anonymous

    first? probably not…

  • Anonymous

    she didnt really do anything she just sat there while he kissed her

  • Anonymous


  • llllll



  • Cami

    I thought even though it was kind of awkward, it was kind of cute too…

  • Mileyfan7

    That was REALLY awkward! lol

  • valleygirlxoxo




  • oliviviviva

    aw awaw awa awaw aw aw aw

  • (: me!

    iLove this episode! :)
    they look so cute !
    seddie baby!

    OceanUp… please add a nathan kress category! and also a jennette mccurdy category.. i mean you guys have a category for maddie delagarza and you dont have one for this 2 funny and good actors!!

  • Anonymous

    that was realllyy awkwarrdd! haha

    but why did they kiss ?

  • Anonymous

    she was an ackward kisser

  • Claire

    haha that was awkward
    kinda cute tho
    she just sat there… and kept her eyes open… lol

  • Anonymous

    r i cant beilieve fredie and sam actually kiss you wouldnt think them 2 would u

  • cattiiee

    damn hes so hot now, like seriously puberty was pretty good to him, and yeah that was so awkward but im guessing that in real life that wasnt either of theres actual first kiss, it was just the characters on the show.

  • Anonymous

    ikr! he was an ugly kid , but DAMN i hes sexy!! Lol jk but he is prety hott.;)

  • Naya


  • hope5

    omg i love that they kissed but i wish they would make more new episodes n they could go out on the show or sumthingg!!!! that would be awesomeee!HOPE THEY KISS AGAIN! :-P

  • Anonymous

    Does Sam really have a beak nose? I don’t think so, they’re both pretty good looking.