• Dejhana

    he’s too… typical lol
    good looking but not my type

  • andy

    hes cute but thats all

  • Anonymous


  • Annonymous

    Because I dont seem to be interested
    Now I am not saying he is ugly I am just saying he that is isnt my type /:

  • Maddie

    who is him?
    anyway.. he’s hot

  • Anonymous

    who is this guy?

  • Anonymous

    hes definately not ugllyyy but there are sooo many hotter guys out there

  • beci

    im not usually one for blondes but this dude is hot!

    while i think justin is SMEXY AS ALL HELL miley
    shouldve went out with him becuz they are closer in
    age and everyone wouldve been a little calmer

  • Anonymous

    he’s actually not THAT cute.
    the muscles are the only things
    that catch my eye. ; )

  • kristieeeee

    i’ve seen both okay & cute pictures of him before…
    but these aren’t them!

  • http://oceanup.com ari

    wow i cant believe you guys think he is ugly.
    he is sooo hot.

  • Anonymous

    he’s not drool worthy at all

  • Carey

    Blond hair
    Blue eyes
    nice smile
    great muscles
    Hot bod
    Sense of humor

  • Kat

    nothing special
    i hate blond guys, they just dont look good to me.
    The only exception may be codey linley, but thats it.

  • http://myspace Mona

    ehhh he’s ok

  • fivi

    he is very good looking. he is the actor that comes out on the hannah montana movie as hannah love interest and he not only has a great body to go with his deep voice but fantastic eyes and he seems very nice.

  • http://www.youtube.com/bellababes09 bella

    omgosh he iis totally hot! but ppl have different points
    of view and also different types as well.. but come on
    you lot look at him is so hot! blue eyes biceps and the whole package.. lol i would totally date him, it’s a definate for sure.. i think i’m in love

  • Anonymous

    he is so hot.

  • bjklhjlk

    i said no cause it seems like he thinks hes really hot. ya know? like showin off his biceps and stuff :/ i dont like those types of guys.

  • ff

    he is really hot

  • Anonymous

    hot :O

  • Anonymous

    omg! he is realli hot.
    who could not fanci him?
    ily lucas till!

    xxx =]

  • Jane

    he’s not ugly but he isn’t that special, ya know?

  • Anonymous

    He’s very average looking.
    I don’t think he’s hot…

  • Anonymous

    Er, he’s alright.
    Nothing special.

  • kk

    ehhhh, hes ok, nice biceps but thats it!

  • Anonymous

    he kinda looks like a duche.

  • Anonymous

    he looks drunk in the last one. OMG MILEY DOESNT DO THE PEACE SIGN ANYMORE:(

  • Anonymous

    Why the fuck is everyone saying “NOT?” He’s extremely hot! So that last picture with the wig is a little weird but that doesn’t matter…he looks amazing in the other pictures. If your definition of “hot” is like, Joe Jonas or something…that’s messed up. Lucas is definitely a good looking guy and I think the vote should be flipped around. He’s definitely hot.

  • Erin

    he looks like that guy from that old footbal show Two-A-days on MTV that was on all day. That kid Alex i think his name was. They have like the same hair lol

  • Erin

    he looks like that guy from that old footbal show Two-A-days on MTV that was on all day. That kid Alex i think his name was. They have like the same hair lol

  • kb

    omg he is so hot

  • me


  • Anonymous

    he is not unattractive
    not really my type though

  • Steffffff

    hot… fer sure

  • Shel

    He’s cute i guess :D

  • cynth


  • Anonymous

    ^^^Erin you’re right he does but I think Alex had brown hair. I think he’s pretty hot. Yea he looks like a normal boy but I’m so tired of these over the top pretty boys in hollywood. I like that he looks like a real guy, plus his eyes are gorgeous.

  • sara


  • altuna

    wawwwww soo godd you are soo beautifuf and you are the best actors that i ever see in my life i love you when you play too the meley cyrus muvie you are grat i love to see one time in my life because you are good gay…<33333