‘It’s Fun To Dress UP Jonas Brothers’

JONAS star Chelsea Staub spilled to BOP! about the upcoming season. Tell us about your character: ‘I play Stella. She’s always been fashion forward, so she becomes a stylist for the boys. It’s fun to dress up the Jonas Brothers.’

Are the boys like their characters? ‘They’re exaggerated versions of themselves. Nick plays a very intense writer, always working. Joe’s goofy and Kevin’s hysterical.’

Typical day on set? ‘My typical day is waking up at 4 AM, snooze button;
4:15, snooze button. 4:30, get up, panic, get dressed, rush to set, do hair and makeup. I guess no one else needs as much air and makeup as I do, because I’m always the first one there! Usually I come home after a workday and eat a good dinner, work on the next day’s lines and go to bed early.’

Any behind the scenes secrets? ‘The fans are going to love the sets. There’s so much detail. Each of the boys’ rooms really reflects their personality. We loves to hang out at the craft service area and talk. There’s music in the makeup and hair room in the morning. It’s fun!