Jonas Brothers Jordin Sparks NO AIR

Jonas Brothers
and Jordin Sparks performing ‘No Air’ at their Nashville, Tennessee Sunday night. Credit: jonaslove1324. KEVIN singing under!

From Lindsey: ‘Kevin Jonas
said: ‘No one deserves as much as Music City, Nashville.’ Frankie sat in the audience with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s kids. Martina McBride performed two songs, then Joe revealed he had a crush on her.

Jordin Sparks performed Superstition and No Air with the boys. Honor Society performed and Joe said they were
gonna come on tour. Then they closed with Sweet Home Alabama. It was a
great concert. (:’

  • Jessica

    Some of this information about the concert is wrong. I was at the concert tonight and they definitely didn’t end with “Sweet Home Alabama.” The closing song was “American Pie.” Also, it was Kevin who said he had a cush on Martina McBride, and it was Steven Curtis Chapman’s kids sitting with Frankie, not Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s. :)

    Just wanted to clear that up.

  • chels

    kevin is what we should be talking about.
    because seeing him sing and then play his guitar with brad paisley is just about the cutest thing ever.
    it looks like he’s playing with someone he idolizes. :)
    oh kevin. :)

  • LovePeaceFreedom

    Nick looked so hot on drums
    and Joe sang Chris Brown’s parts so well!

  • Anonymous

    Joe is the one who said he had a crush on Martina McBride. But yes, the closing song was American Pie, NOT Sweet Home Alabama

  • Anonymous

    I so agree <3

  • Stephanie

    aw i wish taylor and joe and miley and nick were still together. it would have been so cute for both couples to do a duet. hahah i know that is random but it would have been!

    i agreeee!!!!!!!! then all my most favorite people in the world would be together!!! =]]


  • Stephanie

    iloveeeee THEM there back to who they used to be :D who cares bout kevin though lol.



  • michelle

    wow.. joe actually sounded really good! haha. i was surprised! go joe!! haha

  • Emily

    O my god. My chest is hurting because I wasn’t breathing the entire time watching this! Can’t get enough of my Jonas loves!

  • ashj

    Are you people serious? Kevin Jonas just sung a SOLO part. And everyone talks about Joe and Jordin. That’s never gonna happen.

    But on to bigger things. KEVIN SANG! LIKE WOO!

    Martina McBride and Brad Paisley are AMAZING!

    Oh, and Nick doesn’t suck live people. He’s 16 and going through ‘the change’ all young men go through. If anyone sucks it’s Joe. I love that boy and all, but he cannot sing live.

    But at least they do sing, unlike some. And that makes them amazing.

  • Anonymous

    i love jonas!!!!

  • Anonymous

    God I looooooove him!!

  • Anonymous

    you MUST be yvonne’s twin.

  • Leslie

    i was there. they didn’t finish with sweet home alabama. they finished with american pie.

  • Hermione

    I love jordin, she is amazing!
    Her and joe sing so well together, but I do also love chris brown!
    How hot does nick look when he plays the drums?
    Gawd, that boy is fine!
    Please come to England soon JB!

  • Kirrily

    Joe certainly didn’t suck, No Air is one of my all time favourite songs and he definately did it justice. Loved it, love him!

    Kevin did a fantastic job as well, more please!

    Also get that people have their favourites (Joe for me, Kevin 2nd, Nick 3rd, but I still love them all), but I wish people would openly stop hating on the others just because they’re not their fave, sorry but it’s real pet peeve of mine.

  • lola [- – -]

    wow!! jordin and joe sound really good together ….

  • Anonymous

    Everyone is saying Selena and Danielle was their but if Joe is really dateing Camilla How come she doesn’t ever come to their concerts just wondering mabey they are not dateing.

    um she has been to their concerts.

  • Anonymous

    haha. i honestly didn’t expect joe to sound so good with the song. but i am pleasantly surprised. i mean obviously chris is great, but joe didn’t do too bad himself. kudos.

  • bReOnNa

    OMG THAT CONCERT WAS AAAHHHHHMAZINGGGGG…I can from Springfield,TN,when the concert ended I wanted to meet them but but there wasn’t any meet n greet,but I don’t care the concert was AHHHHHHMAZING BY ITS SELF

    and when kevin was singing it didn’t even sound like him but it was GREAT
    And I almost couldn’t breath when saw jordin sparks
    I’m not really into country but I loved it anyway
    Honor Society were good too !!

  • DD

    hahaha joe was having fun performing with her. they did good.

  • Anonymous

    They didn’t sing Sweet Home Alabama last, they sang American Pie.
    I have proof, it wasn’t Sweet Home Alabama.

  • Anonymous

    the boys are BACK!
    to who they are. who they should be.
    and I love it.

  • peace

    joe and jordin are great as a duet!!
    joe is a hottie

  • Anonymous

    wow they totally ruined those awesome songs.

  • bjklhjlk


  • Anonymous

    demi was in cali with Miley ha she broke up with selena

  • Anonymous

    joe is better than chris brown!!

  • courtnet


  • Ashley

    I NEED a Jonas concert like NOW!
    I love my boys =)

  • mollie

    they didnt close with sweet home alabama they closed with american pie
    i was there
    i would know

  • cieraaaaa


  • <3

    soo beautiful <3

  • Anonymous

    wow. joe sounds REALLY good.
    i’m impressed =]

  • Gerty Hilton

    Oh my! I love these boys, they are each equally amazing!
    Lovely performance by all of them!
    Love love love

  • linday

    How awesome they are amazing!They better have recorded this so i can buy it!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Jonas Jonas Jonas

    I love that they are doing these small intimate shows.
    freaking amazing.

    I wish they’d do MORE! ah.

  • Veronica Jonas


  • Anonymous

    that was so cute (:

  • Anonymous



  • Anonymous


  • Steph

    Omg Joe sounded hot singing CB’s part.
    This reminds me of the HOB concert i went to.

  • Anonymous

    I had tickets to that show but lost them because of a two minute time limit on the page. ='[ I live in Nashville, and that’s all I wanted. It would of been the night of my life. And now all I can do is be sad. =/

  • Laura


  • Anonymous

    weak………joe can’t sing

  • Lucy

    Jordin is amazing as usual!!!
    Joe sang perfectly that and so HOT!!!
    Keving singing made my day!!!

    I don’t think they’re back, they have always been the same!!! :)

    P.D. Danielle, Selena and Demi were there too!!!

  • anonymous

    Who the hell were they before?

  • anonymous

    I wish it was Nick singing No Air instead of Joe.

  • punkd

    r u kidding me?? joe was fuckin amazing
    he sang better than chris

  • Anonymous

    Now he is dating Jordin Sparks.. Good Job Joe!

  • Jonas REAL fan!

    OMG!! They all sing AMAZING live!
    I can’t believe Kev sang! WOOHOO! I’ve been waiting for it for SO long!!!
    and, COME ON PEOPLE! Just because they did a duet doesn’t mean they are dating!!!
    I love this boys! (:

  • Anonymous

    shit nick couldnt sing no air…he fuckin sucks!!

    joe is way better than nick anytime
    thats why nick is always on the drums

  • anonymous

    lolz. hell no.

  • Carly

    I was thereee, and the last song was American Pie.

  • anonymous

    Nah, I disagree. I think Nick is the better singer, by far.

  • Anonymous

    demi was in cali with Miley ha she broke up with selena



  • Anonymous

    kevin jonas is the most amazing guy in the world.

  • Anonomosity

    That was an ok performance mayb its cuz i dont really jb but jordin sparks was amazing <3

  • Erin

    hey, demi lovato is single again! all the news is at

  • Yvonne

    Aw, Chels. That was sweet :)

  • kathy


  • Steph

    Nick is more of the high vocals.
    I think this fit Joe perfectly!
    It brought the best out of him.

  • what up

    wow people lets start rumors
    on her myspace there is pictures of him and her only from the concert

    people please don’t start rumors because of duet im
    pretty sure there just friends

  • Anonymous


    MY FAV

  • Anonymous

    haha! 1:13 – 1:17 of the last vid posted, joe does like a chest pump then jordin does it, then joe does it again. its so cute.

    but yea not gonna lie, joe did reeaaallyy well with this song. maybe my favorite jonas duet yet. his voice actually sounds rich in this.

    i love that he has his little papers on the side to check to make sure he has the lyrics right. haa. so cute.

  • Anonymous

    wohooooo , go joe i reckon all of them have special vocals, they have a different pitch of voice. but joe is definetly my fav

  • :)

    JB & Jordin mesh well together. [:

  • Anonymous

    shit nick couldnt sing no air…he fuckin sucks!!

    joe is way better than nick anytime
    thats why nick is always on the drums


    thats funny because nick only plays the drums for like 3 songs and they dont even play all of the songs when they do a concert and even when nick is on drums he is still singing so yea…

  • Anonymous

    Joe did a pretty good job at singing Chris Brown’s parts, but I still think Chris sings them better.

    Sorry JB fans

  • hehe

    thank u..joe’s voice is breath taking and i love him!!
    p.s. joe’s my fav too

  • Anonymous

    wtf the last song wasn’t sweet home alabama

  • ash

    Nick sounds bad live i think joe sounds better. but i think nick is the better singer when they do acoustic sets.

  • Kayla.

    lemme guess, jordin and joe are dating.
    like, ohmygahhh.

    that wouldnt surprise me.
    but honestly if they are, she’s the rebound girl and i think she’s better than that.

  • Anonymous

    JOE!!!!!! L<3VE!!!!!

  • anonymous

    Joe sounds bad live.

  • ::::

    Kevin is sexy.

  • Ashleen Marie

    They sooooo shouldnt do country……..

  • Shelby

    soooooo wish i could’ve been here. looks like it was an amazing concert. jordin sparks is love, a jordin;;jonas tour would be ftw.

  • Anonymous


  • OHMYGOD;**

    JOE JONAS IS AMAAAAZING !! they both rocked i think they have a little crushy crush on each other juust saying there so cute ! ;p

  • aw

    Joe’s dancing was cute. I’m obsessed with Jordin’s voice. But Chris sings this song better than Joe, although he sounded good. Guess JB finally go to do that “rocked up” version of No Air like they wanted haha.

  • Yvonne


  • K

    wow.amazing.loveit. Jonas all the way and jordin too.
    Joe and Jordin aren’t dating btw. They are just friends.

  • Ti-Elle

    Since when was Joe dating Jordin? No-one ever let me no this!

  • Anonymous

    uh hello people the real standout was BRAD PAISLEY ON THE GUITARRRRR! he rocked it! and it’s so cool that he took the time out to do this with JB, they need to learn from Brad…he’s such a stud:)

  • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

    1:17 LMFAOOOO! ooh joee <3

  • Liz

    No, Danielle, Demi & Selena weren’t there. We could see everybody in the wings and audience (it’s a small auditorium with barely any backstage) and they were definitely not there. Sorry!

  • ali

    aw i wish taylor and joe and miley and nick were still together. it would have been so cute for both couples to do a duet. hahah i know that is random but it would have been!

  • uhhh

    wtf is this? i love jb & jordin sparks, but please joe do not sing chris brown’s parts. i’m sorry, it just doesn’t work.

  • Anonymous

    i love this song and Joe didn’t disappoint me though I can’t here him clearly.. I love Jordin <3

    P.D. Danielle, Selena and Demi were there too!!!

    oh really? that’s cute JEMI, NELENA, and whats for danielle and kevin? hehehe

  • Anonymous


  • Stephanie

    kevin jonas is the most gorgeous man alive!!!!!! ;]

  • Sofas07

    Grrr!!! Some of you lot!
    You have no repect for kevin some of you and I cant stand it!
    Sorry Its Just That Im soooooo glad that I can Hear Kevin sing! and you lot only go on about Joe
    Listen Guys I no ppl have their favourites but please like all the Jonas Brothers?
    Im not saying every single one of u doesnt its just some should respect kevin more =]

  • Anonymous

    what is the song when kevin is singing?

    I like Joe and his tambourine <3

  • gabby

    joe is just amazing. whoever says he isnt, is deaf. i think he sings beautifully. and i love jordin sparks. their duet was great. i love it much better than the chris brown one. i dislike him, no offense. the only thing, in my opinion, that he can do is dance. his songs are too repetitive for me. nick, kevin, and joe rock.

    and i agree. kevin freakin needs some respect. and so does nick. when i saw the video i was like, yea nick! bang those drums! XD theyre all so talented. stop hating on them. you all call yourselves a fan of the jonas brothers, yet you dont even like one of them?! thats not being a fan! thats more of a fake. k? if you want to call yourself a freakin fan, like all of them. you can have favorites, but dont be all. oh im such a big fan i love nick and joe but kevin sucks. or vice versa. theyre all amazing (i use that word on them too much but its true) and they dont need that kind of crap from you people who think youre fans when youre not.


  • Anonymous

    iloveeeee THEM there back to who they used to be :D who cares bout kevin though lol.

  • Anonymous

    They’ve never changed. They’ve matured. People have just been over-analyzing everything they do, wear, and say…so everyone has just been freaking out that they’re all into themselves and don’t care anymore. People just need to have more faith :]

  • what up

    is joe still dating camille or did they break up because its been awhile since anything has been heard of those two

  • Yvonne

    TY Sofas! Kevin cant do anything to make an impact on these “fans” anymore unless it deals with Danielle. When, he does quit this band all too soon, it will be all thses little bitches fault

  • Chrystal

    Lol, I’m not trying to start anything but I think its funny how jordin and joe always flirt on stage.

  • JbForever<33

    if yu were a real fan you would NOT say that
    about Nick! and if Joe found out he would not
    like you at all for insulting his little
    brother! personally i think their ALL amazing
    and incredibly talented! thats what you call
    a TRUE fan instead of some fake ass “fan” whos like

  • Anonymous

    Joe singing no air was FUCKING AWESOME!!!

  • Yvonne

    Kevin is FUCKING singing and again all MOST of you can talk about is Joe. I dont know why Kevin even trys

  • kristyn

    the song is called “Easy Money” by Brad Paisley- that’s the one kevin sings the solo on!

  • JB is LUV

    OMG I love it I hope Jordan and Honor Society go on tour with JB this summer. I love Brad Paisley I saw him in concert over the summer he was awsome I think the boys are really getting into country lol it’s fine with me I love it. i hope they record Superstition Im obssesed with it they better sing it during the world tour I think this was their best concert yet i would have given anything to be their. Joe your hot and you all did an amazing jb. Luv ya Boys

  • Anonymous

    wow kevin sang, mark it down!! Haha

  • JB is amazing

    Everyone is saying Selena and Danielle was their but if Joe is really dateing Camilla How come she doesn’t ever come to their concerts just wondering mabey they are not dateing.

  • Molly

    DFGKFJG :) :) :)
    and i love jordin! i wanna see her in concert like with or with out jonas haha.
    but wow.. i really wish they would do one of these concerts near meeE!

  • Anonymous

    yeah I thought that to… Ps. I want to be jordan rite now!!!

  • Anonymous

    i hope joe & jordin goes out .. hahaha..

  • Mundii

    you dont know how happy I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG Jordin Sparks and Jonas Brothers NEED to go on tour together, they just perform so well together!

  • Stephanie

    joe jonas actually sing no air good! PROPS TO HIM!!
    KEVIN JONAS IS A SEXY BEAST!!!!!! he is a beautiful singer and he should sing more oftennn!!!! =]]]

  • Speechless!

    OMG! Respect to Jordin!
    She fucking rocks!

    oh and JB are alright!