Tom Felton & Girlfriend Orlando Ridin’

Harry Potter star Tom Felton and his girlfriend enjoy a ride together at Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando, Florida. Click to enlarge. Credit: Mugglenet.

  • kristie

    awww looks like fun…. first?!

  • Anonymous

    oh dang, he looks WAY different.

  • Anonymous

    Um……What character does he play!?

  • Anonymous

    Omg, he looks SOOO ugly :|
    He used to be cute too >.>

  • kate

    oh my god he’s gotten ugly.whoa

  • Anonymous

    Poor kid’s been on crack

  • kristie

    that looks like so much fuuuuun :D

  • Zuwee

    Ugh he used to be cute…

  • Anonymous

    remind me who he played?

  • Anonymous

    he plays draco malfoy on harry potter!

  • Anonymous

    OHMYGOSH! He is like 3 miles from where I am!!

    Dang, he looks different.

  • Anonymous

    everyone always has to critizise people on their looks first.

    the world is a very sad place.

  • hellokittyx3

    haha he got kinda..ugly :/

  • chelsea

    She looks like Paula Abdul :D

  • Anonymous

    receding hairline?

  • Mememe

    Aaah!!! Malfoy!!! What a creeper!!! Aaah!!!

  • AlYsSa


  • Anonymous

    i used to think he was hot. he kinda still is. but his hairline turns me off.

  • Anonymous

    okay I don’t knwo about everyone else but I when I first looked at this picture I could not figure out what was going on with their hands. haha It looks so weird the way that they are holding each other’s hands. :)

  • Anonymous

    ewwwwwww he is really really ugly now…

  • http://Non Nicole Kayla

    I am sorry to u but someone are Rude talk so much about
    u ok Tom Felton and i just Loves you Tom felton so lots!
    I am Pretty but i really likes his so Rock movie star!

    From Nicole Kayla!

  • anon

    That’s Dueling Dragons at Universal Studios in Orlando!!!!

  • Anonymous

    He’s clearly having fun, ugly or not. There was a pic of him and his brother once, and his brother’s hair was soo receding…it must run in the family. Poor guy…but he doesn’t look unhappy.

  • Anonymous

    hes the on dueling dragons
    that ride freakin scared the crap out of me.

  • Anonymous

    shes so pretty and hes…?

  • Anonymous


    just saying/

  • Adaeze

    Whoa! I use to think he was cute.
    He did get kinda ugly :/
    Lol, makeup really does do wonders with some people

  • anonymous

    anyone else think he is going bald

  • http://Non Nicole Kayla!

    Muhahahaha WHO CARE i alway Loves You so much 2 forever of my dream life. k TOM FELTON!

    O i will call you sexy babe of my sweet amazing friend 2 forver 4 ever. k Tom Felton.
    I am Just Want be your life of my mind!

    Love Nicole Kayla!

  • Anonymous

    he he got really ugly. he used to be so cute aw miss those days. ew that girl can do better. just saying :)

  • Anonymous

    Girlfriend’s pretty, on the other hand he’s…uh?
    He has an enormous forehead though & could dress a bit better
    Lol, whatever

  • ToM FeLToN FaN #1

    hey guyz, i still think hes lookin preettyyy goood
    HOT DAMNN i want a piece of dat! his gf is a gold digging hoe who’s too ugly for him. He should pick me
    If you read this Tom, my email’s

  • Anonymous

    Whoa lovin’ the receeding harline

  • anonymous

    He looks strangely like Miley Cyrus.

  • Anonymous

    I think he went like…anorexic or something he’s super duper skinny, look at his legs
    :( aw,

  • nanda :]

    he looks very old, and ugly.

  • http://Non Nicole Kayla!

    so hey hey hey hey Tom Felton.
    just me is Nicole kayla Goldie.
    I really me still want be your friend k Tom Felton
    so yo yo yo whatsup do you so sexy amazing cool movie star so lots of sexy of you knows. Muhahaha! it TRUE.
    Like my dream.

    my dream about you and me going to your Car are so Faster moving way. k Tom Felton. so WHOA it so Amazing.
    sooooo Ohh your so Hot of me knows what you are.
    k Tom Felton.
    Love From Nicole Kayla!

  • asdfghjkl;

    HAHHA. very true.

  • http://Non Nicole Kayla!

    Ohhhhhhh oh my babe of you knows, u Tom Felton.
    I think i saw you before last summer it so Mystery.

    k Tom Felton.

    I think you so Hot sexy amazing babe boy k Tom.

    From Nicole Kayla.

  • http://Non Nicole Kayla!

    Hey Tom Felton. No Worry about that. Your so Amazing movie Star. I hope u Don’t be feel hurt. I hope u likes me if you can be muh best friend of me. Let you knows. Ok Tom Felton.
    I hope i not likes you so talk so much! You GUYs.
    I loves you so cute face Tom Felton like my dream it coming true.
    From Nicole Kayla! =]

  • http://Non Nicole Kayla!

    K see to ya babe Tom Felton.

  • A

    ew he’s mad skinny what happened

  • Anonymous

    ew ): he was hotter.. what happened to him? ):
    they look good together tho. even tho hes hotter then Daniel.. anyways im SO in love with Rupert <333333 o.O! i love him hes the hottest (x

  • Joanna

    awww, they look cute together and sh
    e’s really pretty :)

  • Jane

    um, no offense, but ew. he looks sick in these pictures, and hes balding. not cool

  • rai

    umm he looks kinda odd……
    his hair is odd also his face

  • Anonymous

    you could definately tell that that girl is using him for fame because i dont see anything good looking bout him and sges gorgeous!
    he looks like an old man the dies his hair….wtf happened!?

  • Anonymous

    course it is ive been there about 6 times(its great by the way) :)

  • paola

    he used to be very cute
    idk what happened but he looks UGLY

  • Anonymous

    whats up with everybody on harry potter becoming all.. ugly?!
    that sounds mean. and it is. but i think daniel r. and tom felton are like blehhh now. they used to be so cute.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Don’t he look like a not burnt up freddy krueger to y’all? I don’t know but he remind me freddy krueger to me.

  • it’s me.

    OMG :O
    what happened to him?!
    seriously, he waqs so cute!*KrCy7RKnnASVwAc3tcBsp2jiVTUkKJSy4k9T2LnLqJZUwZ8-2lSkBGmLlcLB4XbW8TFJi-bGRuhQHhHCvIc/TomFelton5.jpg
    it doesn’t even look like the same person!

  • it’s me.

    He looks strangely like Miley Cyrus.
    you’re so stupid, seriously.

  • Anonymous

    This is on Dueling Dragons there at IOA!! Ive been on that, its hella fun. Theyre building a harry potter part in this park, so thats why hes probably there

  • Anonymous

    1. ewww what happened to him

    2. why are they the only ones on the ride.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know him that well ..
    but he’s suppperrr skinny.

    His head shape is like a ..
    heart? O_o

  • Christina

    that is my favorite ride in universal studios!

    w/e he is ugly.

  • Sophia

    Ha xD
    Who cares ?!
    He’s ugly.

  • Anonymous



  • alexa marieeee

    Errr, why are they the only ones on the ride?


    hahahahaha, i know right? it wasn’t this weekend because i was theree :D

  • Anonymous

    omg draco malfoy.
    when did he get so hideous?



  • SmileySupport TEAM JACOB BLACK

    i used to like him as malfoy.

  • Anonymous

    wtf you guys?
    ‘he is sooooooo ugly’
    is that ALL you guys can say?
    it’s so stupid that all you guys care about is looks.

    who fuckin caresssssss.


    y does he look so weird

  • natalieee

    Thats Draco Malfoy??!!??!!
    EW! He lost alot of weight!

  • yo

    lmaoooooooooooooooooooooo werd hahahahhaha

  • sarah

    what happened to him!? he used to be so hot

  • Alyssa

    what happened to tom?:(

    he used to be really attractive but he’s gotten like super skinny and his hairline is soo far back.

  • zzzoeee

    he used to be SOOOOOO gorgeous!!!
    what hapoened?!!!

  • Anonymous

    His face reminds me of Jason Dolley.

    that was scary to look at.

  • Youve got Maillll <3

    If he put on weight, muscled up hed look ‘hotter’

    he just looks plain freaky there tho.

  • Anonymous

    aww man draco used 2 be sexy and now hes…BLEAHHH!!

  • Anonymous

    wtf??? he looks like he’s 40!

  • nessa

    eeewwwwwwwwwwwww he is hella ugly he was cute in the other harry potters movies ewww his grl frnd knows she doent like him ewwwwwwwwwww blah blah blah

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • anonymous

    im not gonna say hes ugly
    cause he is still kinda cute in a way
    i just think hes seen better days :p
    & he could dress better xD

    i wonder when he was there
    i was just there last week
    & i rode that too xD
    but i wasnt in the front
    & im not famous, so there were other people on the ride c[:

  • Diana

    I love him, he jsut needs to gain some weight, and ready.

    p.s. what happened to his face?!?!?!
    anyone know a spell to make someone good looking???

    you mean like a Galmour charm?

    and he and his GF have been dating for years now

  • -S-

    he’s ugly but his girlfriend is pretty!( dating him just for fame or money!

  • Anabel

    Aw, honestly he’s a good actor. It doesn’t really look like his health is doing very well though. Poor baby.

  • Anonymous

    no offence, but how can someone as ugly as him get a girlfriend thats pretty?


    Ever heard of gold digging?

  • Anonymous

    if you wouldnt of put that he is that kid in harry potter i would have no idea who he was

  • Anonymous

    uh.. okay.

  • _______________

    his head/brain looks pretty big for his body..
    its really out of proportion.
    he looked hotter before…

  • wackyjacky

    eww he is sooo ugly wow i always thought he was cute and now wwow no

  • Sasha

    what happened to his face?!?!?!
    anyone know a spell to make someone good looking???

  • Anonymous

    what happened to him. gross

  • ilovejoejonas

    he looks a little scary. it’s ok, i still love him, and his music! love youuuuuuuuuu!!!!

  • M<M

    it’s me. | January 4, 2009 3:17 PM | Reply

    OMG :O
    what happened to him?!
    seriously, he waqs so cute!*KrCy7RKnnASVwAc3tcBsp2jiVTUkKJSy4k9T2LnLqJZUwZ8-2lSkBGmLlcLB4XbW8TFJi-bGRuhQHhHCvIc/TomFelton5.jpg
    it doesn’t even look like the same person![/quote]

    That Picture is a Manipulation… he probably never looked like that. He’s naturally a skinny person.

  • sheilla

    is he getting bald?

    but wtf, he changed so much. in harry potter and the stone I was in love with him

    now he looks like an cancer patient

    i really hope he will not read this

  • mileyfan7

    Malfoy!!! hahaha.

    Love him lol.

  • Anonymous


  • ilovejoejonas

    he looks a little scary. it’s ok, i still love him, and his music! love youuuuuuuuuu!!!!

  • Anonymous

    if his hair was different im sure people would think he’s more attractive that’s just how it works….and he needs to gain a little weight. but i think he’s a great actor.

  • Anonymous

    no offence, but how can someone as ugly as him get a girlfriend thats pretty?

  • jasmyne

    lol, i live like 5 minutes away from there.

    he has gotten was uglier.

  • Anonymous

    awwww his gf’s a cutie…!
    but him not so much

  • Joon

    chicken legs

  • ally

    i found a group on facebook called “Tom Felton is BALDING! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” i thought i was hilarious and should give everyone else an opportunity to join. (the group is hilarious, not the fact that tom seems to be balding.)

  • ally

    not sure my last comment went thru, but join the facebook group “Tom Felton is BALDING! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”

  • Anonymous

    who’s legs are skinnier?
    his or his girls?


  • Anonymous

    he looks sick.
    awe, that sad, :l
    but if he’s not sick,
    he’s just straight up ugly.
    he use to be kinda cute i harry potter..

  • fafa

    onmfg he is haneous!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Errr, why are they the only ones on the ride?

  • meagan


  • abbi

    first .

    he is ulgy

  • TruthSpeaker

    Ok first off he plays soccer so it’s not surprising that hes skinny. Second him and his girlfriend look extremely happy together and I’m pretty sure that shes not in it for the fame considering she works in the movie too as a stunt coordinator. And third whats with you guys saying that he’s ugly id that all anyone really cares about anymore? I’m pretty sure he’s a fantastic guy and a great boyfriend so you need to stop feeling crappy about yourselves so that youll stop criticizing wonderful talented people. He is a great actor and a great person. Get over it.

  • Anonymous

    going bald huh, that’s what you get for bleaching too much

  • Anonymous

    I’m so jealous of her. :(

  • AstoriaMalfoy

    He is soo goodlooking when he is in the movie with his Draco clothes on. In real life, he isnt ugly, but he isn’t the Draco we know from the movies.
    Still love Tom and Draco.

  • Tara Lee

    omg, that makes me want to cry, now im TOTALLY over him, cos i have a problem with obsessing over celebrities, but i get over it quickly, and guys, maybe his gf actually LIKES him? good lookn people can go out with..less good lookn people, its not ilegal

  • Anonymous

    I agree that this isn’t the best picture, but he’s pretty hot!!
    And he has great music (feltbeats) and he is very kind!! In interviews; all other celebrities always gossip eachothers heads of, but he’s ALWAYS kind about EVERYONE!!


  • Anonymous

    They’re BOTH ugly!

  • Anonymous

    aw poor darling hes changed tho
    hes hotter now and i cant get ova him
    stupind money loving whor (his gf)
    dont be so mean 2 him!he could be havin hrd time sad’os ;