Hairspray 2 WHITE LIPSTICK Zac Efron

Hairspray director Adam Shankman dished to MTV sequel details [The film hits theaters in July 2010].
Shankman will likely remove the possible plot line of Zac Efron to taking acid [‘or something like that’]: ‘I think that’s probably part of the treatment that won’t get used. In the treatment, [Zac’s drug use] is an accident.’

He’ll likely keep John Travolta‘s weight-loss storyline. ‘It has Edna getting hooked on diet pills.’ On a suggested title: ‘Let’s put it this way: It’s called ‘Hairspray 2: White Lipstick.’ [That’s a] butch title. That’s what the
treatment was called!’

The original title for 1998’s ‘Hairspray’ was ‘White Lipstic named after the Sixties fashion fad. On returning characters: ‘Yeah, probably [no Michelle Pfeiffer]. Not because we didn’t love her, but because we just thought different adversaries [would be necessary]. There’ll be a change in villains.’

The film will use the Vietnam War as a backdrop, but it’s not Zac’s Link Larkin who’ll be drafted. Shankman, ‘No, it wasn’t Zac. Wow, you’re getting a lot out of me for something I said I wouldn’t talk about.’ Photo: Fame.

  • Anonymous

    he looks like michael jackson.

    and he is gay.
    my friend made out with him who is a boy when they
    were in high school.
    he said that disney just won’t let him come out to the
    public until his contract with them is up.

  • Anonymous

    the only reason nikki blonsky is wanting to do another one is because we’re not keeping her in the spotlight.
    but actually she was never in the spotlight.
    the only time was when she had a 15 minutes of fame.
    lets cut it down too 5minutes

  • it’s me.

    he looks hot :)
    zac always looks hot !
    I love you zac, and hairspray is an awesome movie!

  • Anonymous

    and I’m barney :D

  • ashley.

    WTF guys, are we looking at the same picture?
    ok, it’s not the best picture of zac, but he doesn’t look ugly!
    wanna see something ugly?
    look at joe jonas, seriously, he’s fugly, i mean, c’mon, the guy looks like a fucking monkey!

  • hsmpones

    I know man! thank you :)

  • Anonymous

    “no Michelle Pfeiffer”

  • nmsjkza

    Its 1988, not 1998

  • Anonymous

    he looks like hes weaarinng mascara. he probss is lol

  • jonas4ever


    TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • DamnThatMotherChucker

    I don’t think there should be a second one,can’t they just leave a good film alone……ever? LOL

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    that picture is hideous! he looks a little like michael jackson in that

  • Sally

    eww this pic is disgusting! it looks like he had plastic surgery..

  • David Henrie Fan

    Zac efron really got a plastic sugery. He got nose

    job and liposuction for his face

  • David Henrie Fan

    Zac Efron really got plastic surgry he got a nose job

    and facial liposuction

  • Anonymous

    zefron looks terrible in the pic. he looks fugly.

  • Anonymous

    he so ugly

  • Anonymous

    OMG, I just saw a bad picture of Zac Efron!

  • Emily

    No more!

  • Anonymous

    haha i love how oceanup always puts terrible pictures up as the main one.

  • Emily

    HOLY SHIT! he looks like michael jackson here :|

  • Anonymous

    don’t worry this isn’t scary or anything
    this is how it works…
    1.hold your breath
    2.copy and paste to 1 video
    if you can do that without taking one brethe CONGRATS IT MEANS YOUR A GREAT KISSER

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    and eyeliner and bronzer

    lol so pretty. and it looks like he has a gap in his teeth

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t get any of this article. lol.
    they’re making hairspray 2 but not using zac or something ?
    dang, i feel stupid. :/

  • Cathe

    haha i love how oceanup always puts terrible pictures up as the main one.

    Yeeeeeees, hahahahaha, and that’s so funny haha xD

  • zanessa rox ur sox!

    omg zac looks SO hott!!!! i want to see this sooo bad!

  • gross.

    he’s so ugly..

  • laaa

    0 o

  • Anonymous

    He looks like a ZOMBIE

  • Leslie

    you’re just kidding, right?

  • Mishelle

    I do gotta say, it seems like the second movie has nothing to do with the first one. And that’s kind of on the queer side, but on the other hand, it does kind of seem good.

    BTW, Zac Efron is really bad looking.

  • Anonymous

    are you looking at the same picture the rest of us are looking at?

  • Youve got Maillll <3

    What the f*ck did Zac do to his face..
    Things he should have never done:

    - Got rhinoplasty (his nose slimmed down) he looks too feminine now and just weird
    – Te gap in his teeth sorted, it looked cute and made him different now hes just so plain
    – Wear foundation… i mean wtf your a guy
    – Look at those eyes, i spy MASCARA feminine feminine yuck

  • Jackie

    omg I think one movies fine and I probably think that Zac will defenitly not do this movie

  • Anonymous

    tjis is such a hideous pic..he wears wayyy too much make up!!

  • Anonymous

    if you havent seen the new movie then you can’t say its a bad idea

  • Anonymous

    How can Hairspray 2 be due out in July 2010 when they havent even started filming it yet lol ????

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    he looks stoned

  • Anonymous

    sequel to a remake? when has that every worked?

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    AAAWEAWWW what a super cute doll although it looks nothing like him sucks for this little hottie!

  • Steve

    he looks like he needs tofind drug treatment ROFL